Motorola Droid Bionic Needs to Launch in August to Beat Competition

There have been rumors swirling around about an August 4th release date for the Motorola Droid Bionic much to the excitement of the Android community. However, in addition to the early August date, there have also been whispers about a release at some point in September. Over the weekend some physical evidence surfaced indicating that Sam’s Club wouldn’t get the phone until September.

Then, yesterday, it became apparent that the Motorola Xoom’s 4G LTE upgrade would not be launching until September. If you recall, Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha had stated that the upgrade and the Droid Bionic would launch at the same time, at some point this summer.

Motorola Droid Bionic

Now, I realize that Motorola has been touting a summer release for the Droid Bionic since it announced it was delayed, and early September is still considered summer. However, it’s my opinion that waiting beyond an early August launch date would be disastrous. As I’ve said before, the Motorola Droid Bionic has an uphill climb ahead of it and Motorola and Verizon are only going to make the climb that much steeper if they decide to wait to release the Droid Bionic. Here is why.

The Main Threats

It is extremely important that the Droid Bionic gets out before the launch of the next iPhone in September and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S II next month. Big Red and Motorola would be playing with fire if they released this phone sandwiched in between the two. If made to wait until September, I’ve already talked to numerous people who are going to opt for the Samsung Galaxy S II and that sentiment is surely more widespread than just a few people.


Sprint’s going to be offering a WiMax 4G version of the Galaxy S II and paired with true unlimited data (Sprint is the last major carrier to offer this), it’s going to appeal to new and upgrading customers. If you recall, Verizon only has tiered data options available for new customers.

Verizon is likely also going to have a Samsung Galaxy S II model as well. In fact, it might even be a 4G LTE device. And the carrier is going to want to market it. That, in addition to the marketing blitz for the other Galaxy S II models and come September, ads for the new iPhone, make it a smart to get the Droid Bionic out in early August when things are quiet.

And while it’s certainly possible we could see another LTE device launch in August, there is no official evidence and that means that this is an absolutely crucial time for Motorola. They have the opportunity to launch a dual-core LTE smartphone before their competitors can get one out to the market, which again, makes the timing of the Droid Bionic’s release so important.

As I’ve said before, the features that the Droid Bionic has – processor and high speed network – make it the best choice for those looking to get a phone with great longevity. And that should be a high priority for those signing up for new contracts.

In addition, the Galaxy II and iPhone 5 are also going to appeal to those that have read the horror stories of the HTC ThunderBolt and don’t want to deal with 4G LTE early adoption. I can only imagine some of the issues that the first dual-core 4G LTE smartphone will encounter. It would be wise for Verizon to get out into the media and start touting the benefits and the increasing expansion of its 4G LTE network when the airwaves aren’t cluttered.


Oh, and Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is coming out soon. Microsoft has to be loving all of this.

…And A Few More


Those that aren’t intrigued by the Galaxy S II devices or the iPhone 5 might also start thinking about some other options as well. The longer Verizon and Motorola wait and the closer we get to a potentially amazing Nexus handset. Both the Nexus S and Nexus One have been stellar devices and both have been the first devices to get major Android updates.

I can only imagine the issues that Motorola might have updating a dual-core 4G LTE smartphone if it couldn’t even get Gingerbread on the Droid X right. That being said, the new Nexus will launch with Android Ice Cream Sandwich on board. The HTC ThunderBolt, another 4G LTE device, has been out since March and still doesn’t have Gingerbread, despite promises to speed up Android updates. Who knows how long it will take the Droid Bionic to get Ice Cream Sandwich?

And let’s not forget about the other mysterious high-end Motorola device on the horizon, the Motorola Dinara, which sounds like a dream come true. And those are just a few of the phones that are coming up.

And there are already some high quality Android smartphones on the market right now (HTC EVO 3D, HTC Sensation 4G) which might be tempting enough to those that can’t, or don’t want to, wait another month. Sprint should have a pretty easy sell. “We don’t have tiered data. We have true, unlimited data.” Verizon’s going to have to try and convince people that the Droid Bionic paired with tiered data is going to be OK. Not easy.

AT&T Would Love to Rain on Verizon’s Parade

AT&T’s about to launch its 4G LTE network. It’s supposed to take place this summer and August is definitely a part of summer. You better believe that Ma Bell is going to promise some amazing devices for its new network and if that roll out takes place before the launch of the Droid Bionic, you’d have to imagine some people will be intrigued enough to wait, especially those on AT&T with an upgrade coming up.

A Mass Exodus?

Yet, if we’re left with another month of waiting, I have a feeling that Motorola enthusiasts, who have already had to deal with the Xoom’s woes, will become fed up and jump ship to another company if they haven’t already. Motorola can’t afford to have its most loyal customers leaving at a critical point like this. They’ll survive, but it’s going to look really bad.

If the phone’s not done, they obviously can’t release it, but after all this time, you’d think that Motorola would have gotten it together especially after this long delay and the issues with the Xoom.

Again, Motorola has said that this would be coming out this summer and they haven’t broken their word. But if this phone comes out in September, sales aren’t going to be nearly as good as they would be if it launched in August. Add in a loss of confidence from consumers and their fans and you have a lose-lose situation, folks. I am pulling for a smash hit here but I don’t think that can happen without an August release. I am also pulling for Moto. I love its phones but they have had the ability to do something special here and they haven’t seized the opportunity and it’s disheartening.

If the Bionic launches in September are you going to wait around for it? Or are you already going to have a Samsung Galaxy S II in your hands?


    • I think the author, Adam, is right on the money.

      I am letting the launch determine the phone I buy. I’m up for a new Verizon phone right now. If the Bionic launches 1st I’ll buy that, if the Galaxy S II launches first, I’ll buy that.

      My last 4 phones have been Moto. I currently have the Droid 1. I bought it the week it launched in 2009. 

      I favor Moto, but I have been waiting too long. There’s nothing decent on the market, that appeals to me, so the first one to the punch gets my business. 

      My daughter has a Samsung these last 2 years and it has been a tough, reliable phone with great battery life. Those are the same features I like about Motos.

      I agree with Adam, way too much competition in the pipeline to delay the launch into the Sept launch frenzy.

      • Totally agree. I’ve been waiting too long and need a phone. I plan to but the Bionic or Galaxy II;  which ever arrives first. 

  1. Dont you guys get it?? They are revving the phone up by telling us we cant have it. Dangling it in front of us which is infuriatingly making us want it more. All these morons on here flaming Moto and crying “Waaaahhhhh! I’m not waiting 4 more weeks! I’ll never buy Moto again!!” will be same morons in line for it on launch day.

    It’s science.

    •   Not likely.  There is too much competition.  With the announcement that the S2 variant will be out in August, if Motorola doesn’t release until September, there’s going to be many more Samsung owners out there. 

        It’s marketing, it is not science.  I know a lot of people in marketing.  They are pretty far from scientists…

        From a marketing standpoint it is damage control.  They redesigned the phone, it is 7 months past the original announcement and they have competitors swarming over head.  They are trying to preserve potential customers while trying to make their device more competitive.  I have some sympathy for the problems that would be encountered by making such a bold decision “redesign after announcement.”  However, consumers are losing patience.  Trying to create buzz and interest in a product is not accomplished by just withholding a device.  It is actually damaging to a reputation they are desperately trying to preserve.  

      • lol. apparently I wasnt being sarcastic enough. I dont actually think that pissing off a bunch of customers by delaying and withholding the next big phone for nearly a year is a good marketing strategy, or science. But thanks for the lengthy response to my satire.

        Ever seen the movie Anchorman?

        • I Read through it again.  Nope… Still doesn’t come off as satire.  Written satire requires cues.  Why do you expect people to get your reference to a mediocre comedy?…

      • There are already going to be a lot of new Samsung owners out there, unless Samsung is dumb enough to lock the boot loader on their phones.

        Love my Droid-1, running Android 2.3.4 at 1Ghz, but there is no way I’m going to replace it or my daughter’s with another Motorola device with their current policy, nor will I be recommending any Motorola phones to my customers.

      • Cues? lol wtf are you talking about?? Go look up “satire” and educate yourself. And no, we dont share the same perspective on “wtf motorola”. I was just pointing out that idiots like you flaming them online and saying you’re not gonna buy the phone because it’s taking so long…….are still gonna buy the phone even though it’s taking so long. Followed by a reference to a popular movie where a character incorrectly cites “science” as a reasoning behind something silly.

        Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time.

        • Please, taunt away.  Satire needs a reference point.  What you claim as the satirical portion is not satire.  it’s mockery.  Your post is befuddled and communicates your flawed perspective poorly and you lack the subtlety necessary for satire.

      • lol mockery huh. I didnt mock motorola retard, I pretended to agree with them dragging their feet in a sarcastic sense when I actually dont. Thats satire, no reference point needed. And you lack the intelligence to have a decent argument.

        You’re probably really ugly too, I bet you’ve never even seen a chick naked. TAKE THAT

    • There’s always an element to marketing involving hype. But you can only do that for so long before people start waving goodbye with their middle finger. Eight months of one release date after another and delay delay delay is way too long to begin with and has past that hype threshold. Now yet another month with still no confirmed release date? That’s beyond rediculous and unforgivable. What’s to say it won’t be released til Oct, Nov, or Dec? WTF. All those people hating on Moto/Verizon have very good reason to. Enough is enough already.

  2. I signed up for the updates on this phone from Verizon but have not recieved anything.  It it is going to launch August 4th, it would seem they would be streaming bits of info. to keep me interested, wouldn’t they?

    • My brother signed up on verizon for updates on the thunderbolt before it was released and he didn’t get an email until a week after it was out.

    • I agree with one condition. The only thing that will keep me from getting a Galaxy S II (even if it is released after the Bionic) is if it isn’t LTE compatible on Verizon. If it is 3G only I will most likely get a Bionic since I’ve already burned up my patience and can’t take waiting until the holiday season for something better. I’m certain I would have already bought a Bionic had it come out before now and know others that feel the same.

  3. If it doesn’t ship until September I will not only take a look at the iPhone 5 and Galaxy II. But I will also wait and take a look at the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango phones. I have been waiting for the Bionic since I first heard rumors of it and I am tired of waiting.

  4. This was extremely tough to write. In fact, I am still tinkering with some stuff but the point is, I really wanted to believe in Motorola again after the Xoom fiasco and they just aren’t letting me. They have had the opportunity to launch two firsts – a dual core LTE smartphone and a LTE tablet – and they have failed at the latter and might fail in the former.

    I really like the Droid series of phones but I honestly don’t see how Motorola recovers if they completely blunder the Droid Bionic’s launch and in my opinion, a September launch would be a blunder.

    Just my two cents, thanks for reading everyone.

    • Agreed..if you look at the timeline, all the early adopters of the Droid 1 (myself included) are sitting here, foaming at the mouth, looking to upgrade asap. If motorola drops the ball on this on I really think it will be their death knell.

    • Agreed..if you look at the timeline, all the early adopters of the Droid 1 (myself included) are sitting here, foaming at the mouth, looking to upgrade asap. If motorola drops the ball on this on I really think it will be their death knell.

  5. If Bionic does not launch on Aug 04 then I will go for next phone in line coz Bionic would probably be considered old for it’s age then. :(

  6. I have been patiently waiting for this as have many since it was announced.  The combo of LTE and dual-processor is the key for me.   If it doesn’t launch early August, I will turn attention to the Galaxy S2 assuming it has LTE.   The Bionic is the best long-term solution announced: if it doesn’t launch soon, its window will close.

  7. Getting tired of Moto’s crap. To top it off they released what is basically a Bionic to Sprint called the Photon. Now that’s just wrong. They must not like Verizon because i’m really close to switching and getting the 3d phone they have

  8. If the Samsung Galaxy S2 on Verizon is 4G LTE and released before the Motorola Droid Bionic I’ll get the Galaxy even though I’ve been waiting for the Bionic for ever. I have the Droid 1 and really wanted another Droid phone. I caved once and got the LG Revolution, for 6 days, even though that phone was really fast I couldn’t stand Bing or the keyboard. Then I almost got the Samsung Droid Charge, but the lack of notification lights changed my mind.

  9. What if it turns out to be an awesome phone.  Just wait and let it come out first.  No one said it was coming out next month sept, oct, nov. 

    Personally ive been waiting and will wait but have to say the Samsung GS2 is looking tempting only because i got a galaxy tab 10.1 and love it.  So hoping it does come out after gs2 so i can compare the two first. 

    Nothing wrong with options…..dont like options then buy an iphone and let moto do what it does..

  10. And to make matters worse for Moto, Google will be releasing the Nexus Prime around Thanksgiving sporting LTE, dual core, NFC, and all the usual uber-phone goodies, *with* Ice Cream Sammich, reportedly on all the carriers including VZW.

    Best part: PURE ANDROID. NO VZW/ATT bloatware, no mfr. skins, soonest OS updates.

    I’d love to stick with Mot; my DX, D1 and E815 all have been pretty good phones but the bar is being relentlessly raised.

    The heat is on Sanjay, old buddy!

  11. Funny to read the comments.  So much passion involved.  I don’t really care about Moto and what they are doing wrong.  For me, my purchase will evaluate what phone I’m looking at, what is out there, and what will be released within a month.  Beyond that you have to remember that technology moves to quickly to “time” an entry point.  The only thing that saddens me with Moto is they may have waited to long and lost too many customers to foreign companies.  I would still rather buy American but they aren’t helping the cause.

  12. Still have my Droid 1 which I love and do not plan on upgrading until I see a premium phone worth changing to. Since I live in an LTE city, it will have to be a 4G phone and I can’t say I am impressed with the current offerings. The Bionic sounds like what I am looking for but time will tell. I will not be first in line so others can the beta testers. Samsung phones may be a possibility but I hope they look and feel more premium than the Charge which just screams Cheap to me

  13. Motorola has taken so long its not worth considering any longer. Even if it comes out in August, I will not get one. I’ll hold out a little longer to see what other phones are available. I have lost respect for motorola and most likely will not buy there products again.

  14. I still support Motorola… but I just couldn’t wait any longer for the Bionic. So I got the X2 instead! LOL… oh and BTW… I am sooo loving this phone! I’ve had it for 7 weeks now and I’m very pleased with the results so far.

  15. Well I’m still waiting for the Bionic…no one knows a thing about the Samsung S2 on Verizon or the iPhone 5. Everything on the net is speculation and people take it too serious. Neither Motorola or VZ said the phone was coming out in August. People are getting frustrated because they thought it was coming on the 4th and now are hearing it isn’t coming until Sep. Would you still be waiting if the rumors weren’t all over the net? As far as the iPhone 5 goes it will probably be the same as the iPhone 4. So what happens if you wait for the 5 because you got tired of waiting on the Bionic and the only difference is the name?

  16. I hope this article is correct.   What amazes me is Moto released the premium Atrix 7 months ago for AT&T and the only thing the Bionic will have a tad better is a dual core TI.  The Atrix can now be got for $49!

    I not paying $299 for a phone that is only a tad better than that.  I’ll get a charge or something when they drop then.

    • Im sure the bionic’s specs are going to be more than a “Tad” bit better than the atrix. Consider the specs of moto photon, they’re better than atrix so why didn’t Motorola just release that phone as the bionic? There must be something special in store for us! I’m waiting!

  17. I will certainly by the Galaxy S II if the Bionic is not released before it. Here is my thinking, the Galaxy seems like a very solid phone and unless I have access to the Bionic’s phone reviews that will come out when it is released, I am just going to go with the phone that I already know is great. But, if the Galaxy is not on Verizon’s 4G LTE, I will most likely not get it and wait it out for the Bionic or possibly switch to a different carrier if the Bionic turns out not to be what it has been made up to be. Crossing my fingers for an amazing phone to be released on August 4th!

  18. One reason I want the Bionic over the other possible options is the web top feature…if this was available on the S2 I might go for it!

  19. One reason I want the Bionic over the other possible options is the web top feature…if this was available on the S2 I might go for it!

  20. I’ve pretty much always done an early upgrade but I’ve had my OG Droid so long that I’m due for my new every 2 (or new every 20 months as it would seem) on August 19.  I’ve waited long enough for the Bionic.  At this point, I’ll wait for the Galaxy SII.  As long as it’s LTE, it will be my next phone.  If it’s not, I’ll probably go with the Bionic.  Motorola has managed to thoroughly frustrate me and I’m not certain that I’m ready to give them my business.  People talking about the Dinera coming later this year really should think about how long we’ve been anticipating the Bionic…and that was officially presented at CES.  Dinera is a pipe dream at this point.

  21. I am not going to wait. i have purchased a Samsung S2 in Asia and this is a great phone. thin, great battery life and no issues at all. moto better get off their a.. and do something. very disappointed in them.

  22. I don’t care how many people don’t have the patience to wait for the Bionic.  I will choose between the Bionic, SGSII and as a last resort, the iPhone 5 but the latter two devices have to be 4G LTE or I will take the Bionic.  Then I will wait until next year to check out the quad core phones and the higher resolution screens.  If they are that much better, I will sell the Bionic and get one.

  23. There’s always an element to marketing involving hype. But you can only do that for so long before people start waving goodbye with their middle finger. Eight months of one release date after another and delay delay delay is way too long to begin with and has past that hype threshold. Now yet another month with still no confirmed release date? That’s beyond rediculous and unforgivable. What’s to say it won’t be released til Oct, Nov, or Dec? WTF. All those people hating on Moto/Verizon have very good reason to. Enough is enough already.

  24. I was at My Sams Club Wednesday july 27th  and the  Verizon rep. there said Droid Bionic was coming August 14th.. so ask your local Sams Club and See. I hope Its sooner at Verizon Stores..

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