Motorola Droid Bionic Appears in New Photos, Screen Size Confirmed

Last week we saw a ton of Motorola Droid Bionic photos leak to the surface showing us the design of the upcoming 4G LTE smartphone as well as the look at the inside and the Droid Bionic’s battery. Prior to that, we had a pretty extensive specification leak via Motorola’s website that seemed to confirm just about everything that we thought we knew about the elusive handset.

Droid Bionic

Still, we’ve been waiting for some more reliable evidence to surface before we can be sure that what we saw was the real deal and today, the FCC filing of the Droid Bionic became public and now we have a solid look at the phone that is rumored to be launching on or around September 8th.

Along with some new pictures, we also have confirmation that this device will be arriving with a 4.3-inch qHD display and not the 4.5-inch monstrosity that was rumored. Many of you were hoping that the Droid Bionic would be coming with a 4.5-inch screen and this has to be a devastating blow for those that had held out hope. It also apparently has a microHDMI slot.

Droid Bionic

Android Central, after some digging, was able to find something peculiar buried in there. The user manual includes a section on World Phone GSM capabilities. Might this mean that the Droid Bionic is as CDMA/LTE/GSM world phone? First we’ve heard of it and as they point out, there appears to be information listed in the guide that is pulled from the guides of other devices.

A 4G LTE, dual-core, world phone? Sounds pretty good to us but we wouldn’t count on it. What we would count on is a September release of a 4G LTE dual-core smartphone that has taken far too long to get here.


  1. ahhh I thought for sure from the first few pics that was gonna be a 4.5 inch screen, was hoping to watch NFL games with a bigger screen but the world phone feature more than makes up for it, just hope its true. If I didn’t know any better I would think you went on a covert operation to Motorola to dig that up Adam.

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    • It still is a 4.5 inch display. The owners manual is for an older version and parts of the DX… Look on droid life and you can see the phone sitting next to the new charge, which is 4.3 inch screen.. The Bionic is noticeably bigger.

      • Don’t count on that. That has been dubunked by using 2 phones of the same size at the same camera angle as this charge/bionic picture. The math showed the same result that it would be 4.3 and 4.5 even though the phones were the same. Expect a 4.3 size screen

  2. This was a really nice phone to dream about and long for… Back in January! Now it is already out of date, and is one upped by the new round of phones coming at the same time. Way to be cutting edge Moto.

  3. Sort of a boring disappointment.  No kickstand like the Photon, no fingerprint scan like the Atrix, no 4.5″ screen…. it’s not even very attractive… I think Motorola is betting everything on it being Dual Core… but I don”t think the PEOPLE are that dumb.  This phone will fall into the shadows quickly.  IMO

  4. Thats funny at least IOS dosnt force quite apps…. I rather it be limited than crapy battery crappy apps and something new every 2 weeks and what… no updates… plz iPhone is better with out really trying a lot of good that dual core 1.2 ghz will do if its not used right and the phone is dead…

    • Barring your murder of the English language, I can tell you that iOS has more than its fair share of issues as does the iphone. If you choose to ignore it because of the shiny, chewed up apple logo on the back, that’s up to you.

    • Whose dual core Android phone is “dead”?  This article and discussion are not about whether iOS or Android is better…. that’s an OLD debate.  Come up with something new to talk about, or get off the panel.

    • kinda funny how apple playing catchup to android. adding notification bar/ bigger screen/ big processor. stuff that android had for sometime.  and instead of force closing, my buddies ipods and iphone just shut down. apple and android both great products, just up to you if you wanna be steve jobs b*t*h!

  5. “Many of you were hoping that the Droid Bionic would be coming with a 4.5-inch screen and this has to be a devastating blow for those that had held out hope.”  Really, a “devastating blow”, really?  Get a life.

  6. I WAITED MONTHS FOR THIS TO COME OUT!!!!!… I now have the HTC Incredible 2…HTC Sense out preforms MOTO anything anytime. I never thought I would leave Motorola but they have dropped the ball on this one. Dont get me wrong MOTO rocks in all areas of mobile devices. But after switching and enjoying the HTC world even on 3G I couldnt be happier….. “F” MOTO and APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • yeah..   well, give it time.  everyone I know that has an HTC have had phone stupid time…   my neice is on her 4th (fourth) phone…   not because she drops it, drowns it, sat on it, or lost it, becuase the @#$ phones keep failing and Verizon techs simply give her another refurb…

    • Ya but moto users can enjoy dual core and lte. Thunderbolt only has lte, not even dual core and ur lucky if u get 6 hours of battle life. THERE ARE LAPTOPS W. BETTER BATTERY. Put launcher pro on anything and its up to par w. Htc sense.

  7. i was really hoping it to be not bigger than 4.3 in. Guys guys.. we’re talking about a phone here.. lets not forget.. not a tablet.. 4.5 in my opinion is venturing into min-tablet territory.. This thing has to fit in some of our pockets..dont want it to be so big that I have to wear it in a garland

    • Yes, but there are already PLENTY of 4.3 inch screens out there.  It would have nice to have a 4.5 inch option on Verizon, for some of us.  It’s not JUST a phone anymore.  People are using it for so much more, many people don’t even use their’s as a phone as much as a portable computer.  It’s not as though 4.3 inches screens are bad or suck, but the potential of a 4.5 inch screen was something to anticipate and be excited about.  The fact that it is revealed to be another 4.3 inch, just kinda let some of the steam out of the balloon.

      • I was looking forward to the 4.5 inch screen. It wiuld have been nice for Big Red to give ATT’s Samsung Infuse some competition. That 4.5 inch screen is awesome, but ATT’s network stinks. Oh well If the Bionic is not that great, I’ll just upgrade to the Thunderbolt. :-(

        • I too was hoping for 4.5″, but I got tired of waiting and stressing myself out over the Bionic so I got a Charge a couple weeks ago.  I think I’m going to stick with Samsung for awhile.  They seem to be more straight forward and you know what you’re going to get with them most of the time.  The Bionic is a nice phone, but I don’t see it as game changing or life altering.

  8. The only thing that will matter to people is that it’s the latest flagship “droid’ phone from verizon.  Most of the people buying it will probably not even know it took the better part of a year to release – only us geeks will.  Why do you think Verizon never gave any credible information until now?  They don’t care that a few of the underground customers are ticked because it’s just a small part of the customer base.

    At this point I’m just waiting for the best phone for me.  But the geek in me kind of hopes it’s the Vigor or the  GSII  because of all the waiting I had to do.  But I somehow doubt that, because the others aren’t marketed as “droids” and Verizon won’t let that happen I imagine.

  9. The pics of the open back had what looked like a sim card in it next to the camera u only need a sim card for gsm not cdma so I think it’s definitely going to be global

    • All LTE phones have a SIM card.  Both of our 2 Droid Charges have SIM cards and they are not global, just LTE/CDMA.

  10. Apple should stick to what they’re good at. MAKING COMPUTERS! Oh wait, I forgot the suck at that too.

  11. You guys have heard of the Dinara?  Moto’s CEO has already announced another handset to arrive this Winter.  (Surely) We all realize that in this day and age, electronic devices are “outdated” (almost literally) upon their release.  But as a consumer, this is really annoying the piss out of me in this instance.  I guess I should be glad my OG Droid was replaced under warranty with a D2.  Speaking of outdated….

    • I heard this is going to have a permanent battery (no replacement, no upgrade options).  If this is the case, this phone is not for me.  If I wanted this, I would look at apple products. LOL

  12. I will not claim that my comment’s are real and have been confirmed but I have followed this phone for quite some time (since before it was publicly announced).  The screen size and processor are not the only things that make this phone a monster. 

    This phone has desktop based ram running DDR.  This means much faster transfer of data from it’s memory to it’s processor.  This will mean apps will launch faster and you are able to run more app at once without the lag.  This will also greatly improve the reaction to touch events.

    In regards to the 4.5 screen size, a screen that large while still thin will bring durability issues to the phone.  The larger/thinner the phone is the more likely the screen can crack from abuse in your pocket.  There is also battery life to keep in mind.  The majority of battery life used in smart phones is GPS/LTE usage and screen lights.

    The ‘GSM’ is only a rumor.  LTE like stated above uses a card slot that is shaped like a SIM.  This is also true in all newer verizon black berries.

    The only thing that is going to be holding me back is the amount of bloat ware on the phone.  This is a powerhouse of a phone so it can be loaded till it bursts with bloatware demeaning the power down to something like the droid 3 or Droid X2.


  13. Whew!  Thank god!  If these phones get any bigger we are going to need backpacks to carry them around.  If you insist on watching movies on a mobile device, get a tablet.

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