Windows Phone Mango Release Date Pegged for September 1st

Windows Phone Mango Before today, all we had heard about a Windows Phone 7.5 Mango release date was ‘fall’. That seasonal window of course was given to use by Microsoft itself so we’ve been waiting and digging for some kind of specific release date for Redmond’s latest and greatest software.

Well, according to Pocket-lint, Microsoft is going to be rolling out Windows Phone Mango on September 1st. That launch date has apparently been selected because of how close it is to the IFA Conference in Berlin that will be taking place from September 2nd to September 7th.

Word is, Microsoft wants manufacturers like Acer, Samsung, ZTE, and LG to be able to show off their Mango devices at the conference. Other than the date though, the sources who confirmed this date didn’t confirm much else.

We know that current Windows Phone 7 devices will see Mango so it’s possible that some devices will see the update on September 1st with other devices seeing the software arrive at later dates.

So, by no means is this official, but September 1st is certainly a day to circle and the IFA Conference is certainly one to keep your eyes on if you’re interested in Microsoft’s new and exciting software.



    • cipherprime says

      you actually believe that it is going to be happening on the stroke of midnight. do you know nothing of last minute problems and telecoms providers wanting their part of the pie.Call me a none believer but i believe most of what I see and very little of what I hear.

  1. Rollinonahole says

    Maybe we could print from our wp7 to network wireless printers?
    Any news of this on the update?

  2. Random Junk says

    #M7jos – it’s still the 1st…. Not wrong until midnight has passed in all time zones…

  3. Mauro_le says

    it´s september 8th and still no “mango” update. I hate using messenger by someone called Miyowa or simething like that and multitasking features are not less than necessary… I change my iphone 3gs… and it´s really nice but lacking this 2 features really sucks….

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