Motorola Droid Bionic Appears in Another Best Buy Ad

Yesterday, we were bombarded with a couple of Motorola Droid Bionic goodies. First, we were treated to a full leak of the Droid Bionic’s features. We’re talking screen size, processor, amount of RAM, and more. If you’re thinking about getting this phone, you should check that out. Then, another bombshell. A new rumored release date in late August and a possible full retail price.

There are exciting times for those that are hoping to get this phone and today, we have another leak that will probably drum up the excitement even further. Droid-Life has snagged a very familiar advertisement from Best Buy that shows off the handset in all of its glory. If this looks familiar, you’re not going crazy.

Droid Bionic

We saw this very same ad pop up all the way back at the beginning of July. Only this time, the ad is in the wild and isn’t just an image.

Now why am I so excited about an ad? Well, this means that the Droid Bionic we’ve seen and heard about is very likely going to be the same Bionic that launches at some point in the next few weeks and not only that, the fact that it’s in September’s Best Buy Buyers guide means that it’s on track for launch.


Still, with the Nexus Prime possibly coming in October and with the Droid HD looming off in the distance, Motorola and Verizon would be wise to get this thing out sooner rather than later.

August perhaps?

We’ve got our fingers crossed.


  1. Bionic is dead on arrival now. There are just too many better phones releasing within the next month. Even Motorola has a better phone waiting in the wings…..too little, too late.

  2. LOL, “dead on arrival”.  There is always a better phone waiting in the wings, are you new to technology or something Dwight?

    • What a cliche statement. I m well aware there is always something better around the corner dude. But, I was referring to the immediate future, like weeks and even days will see new and better phones releasing. Naive much?

  3. Checking the news everyday ,Heart rate racing, Don’t know if I can take much more ,I’m pretty sure I know I “need” this phone

  4. Upgrade date is today. 4 different Verizon folks swore Bionic would be out by now. I am so ready to kill my phone now and the nice email I got from Verizon reminding me I could upgrade today is not helping my mood. Get the freaking thing out already!!

  5. So what do you think it took motorola six months to switch duel core processors and add 512 of rom??? Some inhancements

  6. First dual core 4G LTE phone… I’d say that’s pretty sweet.  I’ve got the early specs on it since I will be selling this phone at retailer so I have to say I’m impressed with it.

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