Latest Droid Bionic Photos Show Off Potential Battery Life

Earlier today we showed you the first real video of the Motorola Droid Bionic, a video that showed off the upcoming phone’s 4G LTE speeds, its boot animation and a glimpse at its MotoBlur software. And now, just a short time after that leak, we have some more photos that have leaked out courtesy of Droid-Life.

I realize there has been an avalanche of photos of the Droid Bionic lately, but these, well these are pretty awesome because they show off something that I think most of you thinking about getting the phone are concerned about.

The phone’s battery life.

Droid Bionic

Now, we had heard that it was great but we really had no proof to back it up. And these photos give us a little glimpse at what to expect. In three hours, the phone has dropped down to 90% life. It looks like the phone was barely used but at the very least, this is proof that the phone is not going to arrive with catastrophic battery issues.


Droid Bionic

We also can see that the phone is running Android 2.3.4 and we also get a quick little glimpse at the phone’s mobile hotspot application. Still, the battery life is the main thing here and I’m excited to see that it’s likely going to hold up.

Droid Bionic

An announcement has got to be coming soon, right?


  1. ya I’m still skeptical about the battery life…  My Motorola Droid X has been on for 8 hours 58 min 11 sec. I’m only down to 80%.  Here’s the list on my Battery Usage screen.

    Display 44%
    phone idle 25%
    Cell Standby 20%
    voice calls 3%
    Android OS 3%
    Browser 3%

    little more usage than the bionic and I’ve only used 10% more battery.  We shall see in the near future about this “battery life” they proclaim. haha

  2. Sitting in your pocket doing nothing it’ll drop 10% every 3 hours?? So even if you never use your phone, not even turning on the display, you’ll be at 20% battery at the end of the day???

    Sorry that doesn’t impress me… all.  Especially not for a phone they want me to pay $300 for.

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