iPhone 5 Concept Shows Laser Keyboard and Holographic Display [Video]

When it comes to the iPhone 5, there are a number of potential leaks that add to the excitement and anticipation of waiting for Apple to share their vision for the next iPhone.

While we have a rough idea of what to expect, including a slimmer body and better camera, we still have to wait for Apple to show off the goods.

Until then, I invite you to drool over the features that San Francisco design shop Aatma envisions on a future iPhone. For the record, I doubt we will see a laser keyboard or holographic display on the next iPhone, but if Apple were able to deliver such a feature packed device, it would be enough to make me say goodbye to Android.

iPhone 5 Concept with Laser Keyboard And Holographic Display:


The killer feature for me is the laser keyboard. If Apple were able to put such a feature in the iPhone 5, we wouldn’t need bluetooth iPhone keyboards, and could jump into productivity mode anywhere there was a flat surface. You have to admit the swipe out gesture to turn the laser keyboard on is pretty sweet.

While a holographic display would be amazing, I’d prefer a built-in projector that can display an HD video on whatever wall is closest. You can already purchase pico projectors that do this, and Apple has filed patents showing that the company is investigating integrated projectors. We saw pico projectors in smartphones at CES 2010, so it is possible, but not in such a slim package — yet.

If you could pick one way out there feature to add to the next iPhone, what would it be?

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    • Nando Lopez says

      On that note… My concept would be hydrogen fuel cells. Preferably one that converts to pure H2O so that I can drink from my iPhone too

    • Pablo says

      Falken, people in china and japan have already developed such an item at bars where you can sit down and watch holograms just like TV’s, aswell as laser keyboards

      • Kordell says

        yes it very true they haven’t quite made 3D holograms(unless its from all sides they have prototype shots for other inventions with it but not from light imaging from one side at least 5) (odd isn’t it) but they have had 2d for about 20 years (look it up they’re much more simpler than you would think) but thats a stationary photo not a video

      • Dfs says

         Holograms need a glass surface to be projected on to. If you ever see a 3D or projected hologram you will see this.

        You can’t make light just stop at a pre-dermined location to create an image in mid air

        • sigma says

          in holograms light doesn’t stops in mid air rather it interfere  with the another beam of light thereby forming hologram!

      • Yk says

        Not China. Their standard of tech is really at ground level. Even their prime minister or whatever admitted it.
        Japan, yes. I went to an exhibition where this almost human machine walks in two feet, climbs stairs, talks, plays tennis, etc.

      • Yk says

        Not China. Their standard of tech is really at ground level. Even their prime minister or whatever admitted it.
        Japan, yes. I went to an exhibition where this almost human machine walks in two feet, climbs stairs, talks, plays tennis, etc. So I’d reckon Japan might have done that.

      • Dfs says

         they are without out a surface to be projected on.
        Go look at a real hologram and you will see this

  1. YOUMADBRO? says

    Lazier keyboard hands down because u need the keyboard for almost everything on an iPhone like texting emails and Internet but the projector would only be used for movies because you wouldn’t be able to do facet face because your iPhone camera wouldn’t Be able to See you if it’s sitting on a table projecting an image, but yea lazer keyboard is awesome

  2. Not Impressed says

    What good is a lazer keyboard when I’m standing or don’t have a desk to type at?  Just give me a slide out keyboard so it’s practical and can be used in the places I actually carry my iPhone!

  3. Jacobs_Brice says

    As a business professional with the iPhone 4 a laser keyboard would be amazing for flights, at work,and on the go. I vote keyboard all the way!

  4. Raksasom says

    I would like to see the next generation of iphone, ipad, mac and ipod. I love to find out information about of these new technologies. I hope iphone 5 will be come out and successfull. I hope the next iphone touch on holographic light and that must be very awsome.
    From Raksa Som

    • Sarah Kaye says

      I think in the next year or so it would have a holographic person say on skype so u can see then in person standing up like on movies!

    • Kordell says

      its in flight prototype or what ever you want to call it mode its said to come out in the next 3 years i think or they will be screwed by the other companies Apple all the way but its just going through the test of time.

  5. Admxr says

    hi guys i just wanna know if this iphone 5 is i phone 4s ot this is the next version after iphone 4 s?

  6. Ikramkhan11692 says

    hai……it is really mind blowing

                laser keyboard is not a matter with the present technology …….but the hologram unbelievable!!!

    because why im wondering is…. we can not see the light with out making it to fall on some matter(small partials( like smoke) or a surface,wall) …………

    but in air only gas and very few  dust partials……it is impossible(i cont say that word but with present tech now)to use the dust matter in air for this hologram not possible….

        the way what i can think off is gas …in atmosphere (78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.969  other ) ……hear it look like the are making use of NITROGEN scattering effect  for this because it only more in atmosphere to get scattered and produce HD picture  
    ……can any one help me on this……..my mail-id:   [email protected]   ………thank u..

    • Kordell says

      i think that if two lasers of high enough power overlap they make a solid dot so it could be as I’m trying to prototype this as we speak 

      • Csatrad says

         Don’t even try. Light travels as a wave, and wave can be stacked in the same “dot” infinitelly (thats how microwave heat levels work) So they won’t collide, they would only stack. Am I the only one who been in a lazershow before???

  7. Ikramkhan11692 says

    It is really a great cool…………………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!

     Made me to think about the future………made me to think how it is possible…..finaliy i got a solution for it………….with in few hours !!!!!!!  I found it to be fake video………………. How ever thank u for great teasty mind blowing lunch………..

  8. Ikramkhan11692 says


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  15. Jasonbaisley says

    Built in fm transmitter so you can listen to music/videos on any stereo, and I know that would be a reasonable possibility for apple.

  16. Andrew M says

    That is amazing, Holographic display ! =D im excited for when it comes out ina few months

  17. Sierraman says

    Doubt we will see such features in the foreseeable future…far fitched imagination…I will give it about 40-50 years before we see phones with holographic display abilities, again, far far fetched imagination!!!!

    • N Kowasic says

      40-50 years!!! You are ridiculous! Technology capability doubles itself every 2 years And I say this by Moore’s Law!!! All you are doing is altering light to produce an image, if we can use crystal to alter light an produce images (tv’s) then why would this technology be unattainable in the very near future. Think X-box Kinnect and the virtual keyboards already in use we can already track movement and produce a display… this technology is right around the corner! In 50 years we will have space stations on other planets with hologram telecommunications to and from earth!!! LOL

      • Haha says

        The last thing your saying about having space stations on other planets, no that will take about i bet 2 to 3 hundred years for that to happen, we have only been going up to space for just 60 sum odd years!1

    • Haybon says

      Your wrong we have that tec today. There just waiting for the right time to put it out on the market.

  18. Csatrad says

    They could try making holograms that would look like the plazma TV-s. Loads of dynamic flashes. But it would be black and white i think. By using protons and elektrons shot in an angle to collide in mid air. Since one is antimatter the other is matter the flash of energie produced on impact could form the pixels of a picture. They only have to take account the quantum movement of both matter. If they can control it or even use it as an advantage to work with less and make more. (like 1 elektron divide into soo much it practicly form the picture). Yeah if they use 1 beam emmitter and use nano or less sized scale slit still inside the mobile controled by kwartz crystals or whatever and force the elektron to spread in a pattern.

    Altho the only weakness of this theory (what i can see that is), that  matter (electron) and anti-matter (proton) may not collide whlie they are in wave form.

    I heard that they could make an elektron weaker by some method and then directed it over a processor on a computer and the electrons absorbed the heat to regain theire energy levels thus clooling the processor. If it’s true, then they could use it to shot reducced energy particles so they might lose theire ablity to travel in waveform and turn into a form where collide is possible and it could control the place in a 3D eninvoriment where they happens to do so.

  19. Nashenas_naive says

    if the apple really going to make lase keyboard , then every one will through away their iphon4s , and buy or make a contract with new iphon5

  20. . says

    That penis comment was great. I was dieing after reading Sheldon cooper’s response with tons of mispellings

  21. philip says

    I don’t think Apple can make it cheap enough for the mainstream market.
    To incorporate laser keyboard and holigraph This would be at least $500 more on top of $500. A $1000+ plus iphone ?

    If they did this would be a iphone 5+ phone. Not the mainstream iphone 5.

  22. Pete says

    Good Lord Csatrad, that is some imagination you have! But seriously, it was all wrong… Oh, and laser keyboards rock.

  23. haleemgad says

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  24. haleemgad says

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  25. Jameshk says

    Holograph because just imagine if you talking to some one on who’s on their iPhone while your on your iPhone just imagine if you could see them and they could see you as in like a video using the camera to stream look at Google I’m sure every one would have said the idea of Google glasses would be impossible so you know what they did THEY MADE they showed every one just because something is far fetched doesn’t make it impossible some simply can’t see outside the box to the future.

  26. hify says

    jeeeez this is awesome… holographic tech, laser keyboard… dont let dos guys here of impossible… cos dey would bring out its possibility

  27. Jon says

    Disney will have a better chance at a holographic phone than Apple. Disney has had the lead in technology since 1940’s

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