Sprint Media Event Scheduled for October 7th Amidst iPhone 5 Rumors

Sprint just announced that the company will hold a media event on October 7th to update journalists on Sprint’s strategy for the future.

If the event timing seems familiar, it’s because October 7th is the date we expect for an iPhone 5 release. This date isn’t a set in stone iPhone 5 release date, but the Sprint timing gives more credibility to the data and to the fact that the company will carry the iPhone 5.

According to Boy Genius Report, Sprint is holding the event on October 7th in New York with presentations from Sprint’s senior management.

Sprint Strategy iPhone 5
Sprint's Strategy Meeting May Coincide With an iPhone 5 Release.

Sprint has been mum on the arrival of a Sprint iPhone 5, going so far as to tell employees to say no comment. But the way they tell employees tobe quiet leads us to believe that Sprint is saying as much as they can about the iPhone 5 launch as possible.

It wouldn’t make sense to hold a press event about the strategy of the company before they could talk about the iPhone 5’s arrival, so an October 7th event makes sense.

Along with Sprint, we expect that the iPhone 5 will arrive on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. For now Sprint and T-Mobile are up in the air, but the closer we get, the more they look like a possibility.

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  1. All this secretive bs from all carriers and apple as well. To me it would make sense to give customers a heads up so they can prepare to upgrade or switch carriers or whatever the case may be. Its business not the gd cia or kgb…I’m tired of it all.

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