Are Facebook iPhone 5 Giveaways a Scam?

Head over to Facebook or pay attention to the pop up ads on some websites and you’d think that Apple is forgoing a marketing campaign for the iPhone 5 in favor of giving it away to “iPhone testers” who only need top share their personal information and sign up for 5 special offers.

Why am I talking about free iPhone 5’s on Facebook? Because I care, and I don’t want you to waste your time on a scam that could take your personal information or tricks you into doing work for free.

free iphone 5
I Don't Like Free iPhone 5 'Offers'

You don’t have to take my word for it, Graham Cluley on the well-known Naked Security blog has the following to say about iPhone 5 giveaways on Facebook and other sites,

Repeat after me :-)


* There is no free iPhone

* There is no free iPad

These pages will try to convince you that clicking a bunch of links and or signing up for online trials will result in a free iPhone, but in reality, you’re just padding the pockets of whoever set up the page.

Yes, occasionally you will be able to get a free device, but it will come from a legit giveaway like the one we ran with Vonage last week, not from an unknown source on Facebook that asks you to jump through hoops.

Unless you already have a relationship with a legit website, I suggest you take Cluley’s advice and just say no to free iPhone 5 or free iPad offers.

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