iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Now Beginning to Ship to Sprint Customers

If you’ve struggled through the chaos of pre-ordering your iPhone 4S at midnight Pacific Time on October 7, 2011, you must be wondering when your order was shipping, and if it would ship in time for when the flagship Apple smartphone launches to retail channels on October 14. Well, if you’re a Sprint customer, you may begin to see some shipping notifications that the iPhone 4S has started to ship.

According to Sprint’s shipping notification that 9to5 Mac obtained, the sold out iPhone 4S has shipped effective on midnight of October 9, 2011 and is scheduled to be delivered overnight, suggesting that the device may arrive on customers’ doorsteps starting Monday or Tuesday.


Additionally, AT&T customers are noting that the devices are now leaving warehouses.

For those who didn’t pre-order the iPhone 4S and enjoy the tradition and ritual of lining up outside an Apple store or any one of Apple’s partners’ storefronts, the iPhone 4S will start going on sale starting at 8 AM on October 14.


  1. The Sprint email clearly says the shipment will arrive Friday or Saturday. Just because the tracking number has been created doesn’t mean the shipment will actually enter their system until Wednesday or Thursday. We shall see…

  2. Anyone who has sprint, once your phone is connected and you can log into your sprint account online and see the features, call them back and say to have them drop the $10 premium charge.  This applied to 4G users at first and now they are trying to make everyone pay this even though the Iphone 4S is a 3G phone. Premium Data mean higher speed like 4G. I currently pay $69.00 for a palm pre its a 3g Phone, why should the Iphone 4S be anymore?

  3. has anyone one else received a shipping notification from sprint? I havent seen anyone post anything anywhere but this 9to5mac

      • I got my tracking number today.
        but the weird thing is this.
        on the email from Sprint, the estimated delivery date is 10/11/2011, which is tomorrow.
        so, we get the iphone before the 14th?

      • Update……
        (btw: this is through Sprint) So much for the UPS app on the iPhone. Went to the “real” site: ” A shipping label has been created – 2 day air. So nothing on the way.
        Hence, if it ships today it could be here on Thursday. Don’t know if Sprint shipments come from Sprint or Apple.

    • My order shows a shipping label has been created but not shipped yet. It also shows ups 2 day air service. I’m thinking they will ship it out on wed. And I’ll receive it on Friday.

  4. Can’t wait! Got my notice from Sprint today that the phone is being shipped overnight.  As someone else mentioned, I still don’t expect to see it until  Friday (Thursday at the earliest!) since my guess is they made the ticket but won’t release the product until later.

  5. My order status says “submitted”. I called today and they said that the iphones will ship after launch date and expect 3-8 days for shipping. I pre ordered on oct 7th.

  6. I received the notice from Sprint; however, with my tracking number at UPS, it says: “>>> UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please
    verify your information and try again later. “.

  7. Great now that 400kbs down and 700kbs 3G speeds in NYC will go down further. These idiots at Sprint knew that they had this phone coming several months ago, but didn’t do anything about improving their network. 

  8. my iPhone 4S was shipped this morning,,wednesday according to verizon notification,,l have the tracking number,so  hopefully late thursday or early friday l will have the device,,,,very niceee

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