What Time Will iOS 5 Be Ready to Download?

Apple has promised that iOS 5 will be released today, October 12th.

UPDATE: iOS 5 is out, get downloading.

If you are on the East Coast, you are probably finishing up lunch, wondering where iOS 5 is. We are also getting a lot of questions from readers who want to know why other people have iOS 5, but they haven’t received a notification yet.

Good news, iOS 5 is almost here, and there’s nothing wrong with your computer.

When will iOS 5 Be Available?

Apple typically releases iOS updates at 10 AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). This timing is never a sure thing though. We have seen updates like iOS 5 come later in the day, around Noon Pacific  (3 PM Eastern) and on the rare occasion later in the day.


We expect that iOS 5 will be here sooner rather than later, so calm down. The users you see posting iOS 5 screenshots and videos are part of eveloper programs, or paid to be a part of an early release of iOS 5. You will get iOS 5 shortly.

In the meantime, why not get ready for iOS 5 be reading up on Apple’s newest iPhone and iPad software.

Once you get iOS 5 installed, take a look at how to use Notifications in iOS 5, and check out the Find My Friends App.


  1. Hiphopsince1987 says

    it needs to hurry up already. Apple loves the hype their products create but this is getting annoying 

    • Pietsnot says

      it should not matter about what timezone it is? regardless, the update is available across the globe at the same time, it is not like its something like Einsteins relativity theories!

  2. Gobinathan Subramaniam says

    Restart your iTunes, that made the flick to get the update otherwise it will still be in 4.3.5

  3. Manny Gonzalez says

    I just got my notice… iPhone 3Gs upgrading now… iPod Touch still saying 4.3.5 is current version :-(

  4. Mohammed Ismail says

    harsh dude. It’s not any better here….It was expected though, everyone downloading the update at the same time, bound to be a server overload, or an uneven download speed distribution. It’s a waiting game I’m afraid. :(

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