iPhone 4S Jailbreak Successful, Not Ready For Public

The iPhone 4S has finally been jailbroken. The news comes today via @MuscleNerd, a well respected iPhone hacker, who has been hard at work on an iPhone 4S Jailbreak.

While iOS 5 has been jailbroken since it was released, the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 use Apple’s new A5 processor, which has prevented us from jailbreaking these devices.

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According to MuscleNerd, the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken. Unfortunately, it is not ready for public release just yet.

VERY preliminary 4S JB:http://twitpic.com/76vcp4http://twitpic.com/76vct2 (Huge missing pieces prevent public release. LOTS of work left) – @MuscleNerd


You can see visual proof of the iPhone 4S jailbreak below.

iPhone 4S Jailbreak
iPhone 4S Jailbreak Screenshot

MuscleNerd is also sharing a video of the iPad 2 jailbroken with the same process. The video description tells us that there are, “Lots of hurdles left, no ETAs.” Hopefully we will see an iPhone 4S jailbreak and a iPad 2 jailbreak at the same time.

As I already mentioned, there are many reasons to be excited about an iPhone 4S jailbreak. It is great to see progress being made, and hopefully we will have an iPhone 4S jailbreak release in a few weeks or months.

Jailbrekaing allows you to install and run applications and tweaks to that Apple doesn’t allow into the App Store. These can range from adding new widgets to the notification center to tricking your phone into thinking you are on WiFi so that you can make Facetime calls over 3G. Jailbreaking is not illegal, but it will void your iPhone warranty with Apple.

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  1. It actually won’t void your warranty if you do a dfu restore before you bring your phone into the apple store for service. They will never know it was jailbroken.

    • Even if it is jailbroken once you take it to the apple store they’ll perform service granted they can refuse to perform any kind of service if it is jailbroken. Did you know 93.4% of Apple Store and AT&T employees have a jailbroken iDevice.

  2. “Jailbrekaing allows you to install and run applications and tweaks to that Apple doesn’t allow into the App Store”

    I’m sorry but I didn’t understand what you said there, (grammar mistake) it doesn’t make sense. :S

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