Apple Black Friday 2011: What to Wait For

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  1. John Miller

    In this 2011 Black Friday,we will miss steve because every year Apple lead all the deal in electronic but i think the deals which are described will be biggest and most favorite one.Ipad and Ipod are in the list of hot deals of 2011 black friday

    • Christina

      They aren’t its OFF 50$-100$ . Only crazies would do that if they do the value of it wouldn’t be the same.

  2. Andre

    I miss Steve Jobs, he did a good job at creating Apple prodocts, but I am really suprised that the macs are on $50 to $150 on Black Friday

    • smartone

      its 50-150 OFF not the actual price…

  3. Kieran Ward

    I’m planning on buying a Mac mini but I don’t know if I should wait or not… I found one at B&H that’s $570 with up to $495 in free software included as a bonus, but I don’t know if I should go for that or hold out…

    • Filomenos12


  4. Yiyiocasio

    So…there’s definitely no point in a humble student like I waiting for a Black Friday deal on a MacBook Pro?

    • Guest

      Nope. your student discount is better year round! If you wait until Aug-Sept, you can get a $100 gift card to itunes..

  5. Anonymous

    $41 off? So friggen weak. Why does Apple love screwing customers?

  6. Jtgirltaken

    wow i got worked up then looked at these comments and found out it wasnt 50 bucks! screw you people at apple….

  7. Peter Bell

    It seems that without Steve Jobs, Apple is but a core of its former self.

    • Anonymous

      “It seems that without Steve Jobs, Apple is but a core of its former self.”

      Please explain what that means in context of the Black Friday deals.  All the Apple Black Friday deals I’ve seen aren’t that much different than previous years. Take a look at the leaked in-store flier to see them all. 9 to 5 mac has the images.

      If it’s not in context of the Black Friday deals, then it’s an off topic post, or even a troll post, when you can’t even give them two months to declare them a core of its former self.

  8. Hi

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  9. Teeter Footprints

    I waited up for the Black Friday sale but then suddenly the website went down.  It is 12:18 my time, does anyone know why the website is not up?

  10. Andymidura

    Black Friday deals, mysteriously down so you cannot buy an iPod? What gives?

  11. Maul-nunez

    I dont Like , its to $$$$$$$ much money
    Thank you Apple .

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