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  1. mark

    Great post. Cant wait to install some of these apps.
    Have you seen http://www.jailbreakiphone4s.com
    Is this legit?

    • Josh Smith

      It is not legit see - http://www.gottabemobile.com/2011/11/11/dont-be-tricked-into-paying-for-an-iphone-4s-jailbreak/

  2. Mark

    Why have you deleted my comment. I had a valid question. If you have an opinion, write it, don’t juts delete the question. Sheesh!

    • Josh Smith

      It may have been flagged for the spam b/c of that site. 

  3. Anonymous

    For me personally one reason to jailbreak is to use GuizmOvpn client for OpenVPN, and MxTube.

  4. Lee

    Well done mate. Much better than the 5 reasons. Keep up the good work. :)

  5. Lee

    Where did you get your info that tells you that it mite be as early as December or mabe not even in 2011?

    • Adeon

      It can’t be too far. It makes sense to write as early of December or till next year. That just good hypothesis

      • Lee

        Yeah your probably right mate. As they are always trying to be that little bit quicker at jailbreaking new iOS’s. Like the have already jailbroke the 4s and that broke previous records. Lol what does hypotheses mean? I could google it but this gives me somthing else to wait for rather than just waiting for jailbreak lmao

      • Science

        Means educated guess :)

      • Lee

        Lol cool thought it was something like that. :)

  6. Hurry

    I’m so frustrated with the lack of progress updated/tweets from Dev teams :(they spend lots of time tweeting about useless crap that has nothing to do with JB! Almost as if they have given up on the 4S :(

    • Bungholio

      well its here! absinthe a5

  7. web promo

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  8. Claro Costa Rica

    I need a JB for my 4S so bad

  9. Anonymous

    sucks not having an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 = …luckily for me my 4S runs like a beast and hasnt encountered a single problem so i can wait…

  10. Anonymous

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  11. webpromo

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  12. Anonymous


  13. Beep In

    when is the dev team releasing the iphone 4s jailbreak and unlock?

  14. Tester

    Alternatively buy an android phone and do all the above without messing around. I’ve already looked into this too long. Seriously if you want to change the way things look to your liking, why buy the iphone to begin with? Before anyone starts going Apple on me. I have an iphone4s(for work). Wife has a galaxys2. Yes I’m jealous.

  15. Grezzy_66

    I new 2 all of this. I’ve owned BB phones since I can remember. iPhone 4s is my first phone with all these possibilities at my finger tips. I’m really lookN 4ward 2 this jailbreak. I’m just scared when it’s releast………. I’ll screw up my phone tryN 2 install it. But GREAT JOB with the detailed info. All U did was EXCITE ME MORE. GREATLY APPRECIATED

  16. JessicPoole24

    I have a iPhone 4s and I want to jailbreak it and I have know idea how to start my house is out in the middle of know we’re and we can’t get internet so I want to make my phone a hotspot

    • jt35

      I hate to be the grammar police, but… seriously?

    • Robin

      Why don’t you just use the personal hotspot feature already built into the phone?

      • Helicrashter

        Because some people still have the unlimited data plan, which is not compatible with hotspot. You would have to switch away from unlimited plan to enable this feature.

      • Helicrashter

        Because some people still have the unlimited data plan, which is not compatible with hotspot. You would have to switch away from unlimited plan to enable this feature.

  17. Active Stoner

    Does anyone know a reliable website that offers instructions on how to unlock and jailbreak the 4s?  I’ve seen some sites but some have been labeled a scam. thanks.

    • Apachea0

      there is no jailbreak currently available for the 4S atm, however this week we can hope for one :)

  18. Thomas Greenwood1

    P on my hat is for piru not paris

  19. GUEST&^#(

    you forgot to add iGOTya!

  20. Ashok

    Dear all – please respond.

    is it possible to unlock my 4S locked to AT&T network. I am in Australia right now.

    • MiKe

      yes but i think you have to wait for the jailbreak

    • blackbox.iphone

      Yes, but you need a valid AT&T SIM card to go through the process of unlock

  21. Robin

    What about Handsfree? Letting you activate Siri with your voice :) no more need to press the home button!

  22. Jackson

    is there a jailbreak for the 4s yet?

    • Tin

       Yes…. it was released today…

  23. Anonymous

    Here you go guys: http://www.engadget.com/2012/01/20/absinthe-a5-jailbreak-released-for-iphone-4s-hacker-dream-team/

  24. blackbox.iphone

    don’t forget to backup your SHSH blobs before you jailbreak!


  25. Ghty

    Is that a app to have 3g facetime to work without wifi? Or it automatically does cause the iphone is jailbroke?

  26. [email protected]

    You forgot some important apps such as mxtube , notifier+, safari download manager, firewall ip, ifile, 3g unrestrictor, call bar and anyringtune.

  27. Hustler702


  28. Brayden WHITE

    checkout the lastest iOS jailbreak tips and tutorial for iOS 5.1 http://howtoresetiphone.blogspot.com/

  29. guest

    heh, seems like most of these apps that you need to hack your iPhone for are native on an Android phone…

    • andrioder

      ^sooo true.

  30. Dont Freakin Spam Me

    Is jailbreak permanent or can I go back to factory setup?

    • A friendly guest

      You can revert it by Restoring in iTunes, or upgrading your iOS firmware after a jailbreak is already applied.

  31. Elieibrahim

    When does the jailbreak of OS 5.1 going to be released? I cant wait to jailbreak my iphone!!!

    • Tom

      Just google greenp0ison or absinthe jailbreak and youll find it

  32. Angel Heart
  33. Joachim

    I don’t know. Most of the solutions for things look ugly and unintelligent. It’s silly to want to hack your iPhone for the sake of Super Mario. I mean, none of the visual changes look remotely good compared to te original. Show me something visually stunning and I’ll think about it.

  34. Melissa

    The only thing I would like to be able to do on the iPhone 4s is save ring tones that are sent in texts & be able to open source & save to computer anything I want with out having to sync if you can’t do these things with jail break I don’t need it. Can anyone tell me if you can

  35. james lee

    infinifolder, infinidock and infiniboard are good too

    • Melissa

      Do you use those after its jail broke to be able to save audio from text or to Select source to save to computer. As I have a lot of music that’s not on my computer no more & won’t sync cuz I don’t wanna loose everything.

  36. Joey

    What I want from a jailbreak is hotspot, emulators like nes snes genesis exc… And able to use FaceTime over 3G and google talk of course cydia and able to customize the theme. And most important not having to be asked to have a wifi connection to download app that’s more than 50mb.

  37. Parole

    Do one nid any reason to get sth free?

  38. Android user

    WOW! SO AWESOME! WE CAN DO SO MUCH WITH A JAILBROKEN IPHONE! WAIT! Here’s a clever idea. Get Android. Get all that with it. No rooting. No jailbreaking. No iOS. No Apple. That’s a better idea.

  39. Thanatos

    [Start of Sarcasm]\

    WOW! What an AWESOME Article

    [End of Sarcasm]

  40. Nikorasu01

    “you can trick your phone into thinking you are connected to WiFi so that you can make FaceTime calls over WiFi” typo here? Shouldn’t it be “you can trick your phone into thinking you are connected to WiFi so that you can make FaceTime calls over 3G”

  41. noah

    the iphone 5s drops about of these reasons. lol

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