iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4) Speed Test: AT&T vs. Verizon

What happens when you take the same phone (almost) on 3 different carriers and have a speed test party? Nothing special, but it does make for a good conversation.

Tonight, I have some screenshots created by a friend of mine. He took the AT&T iPhone 4S, the Sprint iPhone 4S and the Verizon iPhone 4 and ran some quick speed tests. These tests are just that, tests, and should only be taken at face value. This is a very non-scientific method.

Peter lives in the suburbs of Detroit. According to Verizon’s coverage maps, they have 3G blanketing the entire Detroit area. Sprint’s maps and AT&T’s maps show pretty much solid 3G or better coverage as well. Sprint had 5 bars, AT&T a full 4 bars and Verizon with 3 bars when the tests were run. Only the AT&T phone was below 50% battery life during the tests.

My friend wrote:

I was quite astonished by the results of our Speedtest.net test on these phones, all running iOS 5.0.1.


A while back Josh and Xavier did a few speed tests comparing the same iPhone on different carriers at the same location. The results heavily favored AT&T.

Check their tests out:

Earlier tonight with the Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, in a non-LTE market, I got a speed test of 4733kpbs down and 1040kbps up. With my iPhone 4, I can’t get over 3kbps in the same location. Weird how it all works out.

Let’s see some of your Speedtest.net screenshots with different phones and OSes.

Source: ComputerNinja.com (Peter Filias)

Disclaimer: These are not my tests. They were performed by an old friend who ran a competing Dell Axim website back in the day.

Chris is a former Microsoft MVP, Windows Phone. Chris works for AT&T, but his thoughts and opinions are his own and that he does not represent AT&T in any capacity online. ChrisLeckness.com


  1. Highly doubt Sprint is faster than Verizon in the majority of markets, that’s been shown over and over again. I’ve never seen AT&T hit over 7 Mbps download while I have had them. At best, I’ve seen about 2.5Mbps in any city. But then, I’ve never been to Detroit.

  2. Did anyone else notice the tests did nto all test agains the same servers? The at&t test was to a server in Detroit, while the other 2 cities are blured, its clear that they are not detroit..

    That test is invalid because they were not all to the same location

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