Verizon’s 4G LTE Network Down Nationwide – No Timetable on Fix

It’s now clear that Verizon is suffering from a massive 4G LTE outage nationwide as an outpouring of users of Big Red’s premium service have reported that their 4G LTE devices cannot get data. In addition, the carrier itself has confirmed that it’s aware of the issue, that it’s working on it, but that it currently has no Estimated Time of Resolution (ETR) as far as a fix is concerned.

We can confirm that GBM staff in San Jose, New York City, Ohio and San Francisco are all experiencing outages on 4G LTE powered devices and we have heard from people in Nashville, Los Angeles, Saginaw, Michigan, Chicago, and more telling us that they too are not able to access Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

If you’re unaware, Verizon’s 4G LTE network is its premium service. Data speeds are approximately 10 times faster than those found on Verizon’s 3G-EVDO network. And while the carrier charges the same for both 3G and 4G data plans, it has put a premium on 4G LTE devices with smartphones costing $300 on a new two-year contract.

Droid Bionic

We are hearing and seeing that Verizon’s 3G network is unaffected by the outage. 3G phones seem to be working as normal. Voice on 4G LTE phones seems to be working fine as well.


Unfortunately, this is not uncharted territory for Verizon. It has been here before.

The carrier’s 4G LTE network went down back in September and it also went down nationwide just before the carrier launched the Samsung Droid Charge back in April of this year.

Strangely, Verizon is poised to launch another 4G LTE smartphone in the coming days, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and it’s possible that this outage may have delayed it beyond its rumored December 9th launch.

 Update: Verizon has issued this statement to us in regards to the outage:

Verizon Wireless engineers have been working to resolve an issue with 4GLTE service that is affecting some customers’ 4G devices. 3G data and voice devices are unaffected. All customers’ voice calls and text messages continue to go through. In the past 24 hours, some 4GLTE customers have reported their devices are operating on 3G data service where they would normally get 4G. Some have reported no issues, others that data access is either intermittent or unavailable. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.


  1. I sure hope you are right about the Nexus delay due to the Network outage.  As you know, the rumored issue with the Nexus was related to a 4G LTE connectivity issue.  Maybe the Nexus phones crashed the network.  I hope not. 

  2. Both 4G and 3G down in Central California (Area Code 559).  Wireless still lets me deal with email and the internet. Can still make and get phone calls.  Hopefully Verizon will give everyone credit.

  3. Mine was completely down earlier but 3g just started working again. Still no 4G though. 818 california

  4. Damn’ I wish I read this before I freaked out and restored my newly rooted razr to stock; fearing I had F***ed it up. that’s time I want get back.
    Nashville Tn

  5. WOWOWOWOW.. I have a bionic and I’m in Dallas, Tx.. i get 3G off and on, but no 4G at all. this sucks.

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