Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker For Android Review

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  1. Pstjmack

    What’s the width of the actual phone cradle? I’m wondering if my Acer Iconia W500 [23cm wide], which has a bottom-centre USB port, could fit this. Of course, that’s a Windows device, but Bluetooth speaker connection might work, and then I’ve got an audio stand. I could see this working for some models of Android tablet too.

    • K. T. Bradford

      it’s a smidge over 7 inches. If that’s not wide enough, check out the bigger dock on Philips’ website. it’s far wider and will accommodate tablets as far as size.

  2. joelmohanraj raj
  3. Yvonne Flavin

    My concern is that I would want to use flight mode during the night, seeing as my alarm clock is placed close to my head when I sleep. You can’t seem to use bluetooth when in flight mode on Android phones. You’d need bluetooth if you want to use the dock to listen to music, either before sleeping or as an alarm tone. Anyone found a solution?

    • K. T. Bradford

      If you want to use it in airplane mode you can just connect it to the headphone jack. However, I think that Android phones often play music through the speaker even when connected to headphones…

      Have you considered moving the phone farther from your head at night?

  4. Paul Phillips

    What widget are you using to get the tweet and share and +1 options to the right of the post? Looks pretty neat.

  5. Marco

    Thank you for this interesting review. I have a Samsung Galaxy S i9000 with the USB connector on top. I would buy this docking station mostly to watch videos, so I wouldn’t like to have my phone in vertical position. I am wondering whether there is enough space on the front cradle to accommodate the phone horizontally and then maybe plug it to the USB connector using a short cable.

  6. Cillab521

    I am wondering if it would work with the Kindle Fire?

  7. Mary4210

    The display on my epic does not turn upside down with fidelio. am I missing a step?

  8. Joeborn

    Sorry if this is OT, but you guys should check out DI’s new plug and play android dock: Press release here:

  9. Anonymous

    This is a great docking station! Just purchased this now…as it has been out a little while now the price has come down on Amazon –

  10. Astro Redg

    I think you don’t know the difference between a Bluetooth connected device and a Harware connected device. This type of connection is Hardware, it uses the micro USB port of the Android device. A Bluetooth device would not have to be connected physically on a dock because it is connected wirelessly.

    You also state that some Android phones have their micro USB port weirdly located. It may be so for it to be dock to this Philip’s device but you got to remember that Philip’s is the one that has to adapt to the Android device (not the Android device to adapt to a company’s standing).

    I still have to say, that I like the fact that you stated the difficulty for some devices and software to adapt to this docking device. It should be useful for some viewers that would blindly bought this dock.

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