Review: 10 Reasons the iPhone 4s is Better Than the Galaxy Nexus

The iPhone 4S is one of the best smartphones of the year, and for the first time it is going up against an incredibly capable phone — the Galaxy Nexus.

The iPhone 4S didn’t bring a radical design change, but thanks to many improvements in hardware, a new version of iOS and a thriving ecosystem, the iPhone 4S is better than the Galaxy Nexus in a number of ways.

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The iPhone 4S has issues, but it is still better than the Galaxy Nexus in a number of ways.

Yesterday I shared 10 Reasons the Galaxy Nexus is better than the iPhone 4S, and today, you get to see the flipside.


As many of you pointed out, some of these reasons center around software. That’s because software and hardware need to gel together perfectly to deliver a great experience.

I’m lucky enough to use both of these devices on a daily basis, which allows me to share where each is better, but in the end your best phone will be the one that fits your pocket, your usage and your hand the best.

iPhone 4S Better than the Galaxy Nexus


As I mentioned in our review of the iPhone 4S, Siri is a major new feature on the iPhone 4S. While Siri is not perfect, the service is way ahead of Android Voice control options. Any phone can call a contact with your voice, but Siri does much more.


My favorite use of Siri is for simple tasks that would normally require several taps and precious time. Setting alarms, reminders or appointments with Siri is much easier than doing so with your fingers and the actual apps.

Couple this with the fact that Siri handles most naturally spoken request with ease and you have a clear winner. I do wish Siri had more small town locations in the database, but the number of tasks I can reliably use Siri for more than makes up for this shortcoming.


App Store LogoWhile the Android market has come a long way in the last year, I still find myself drawn to apps on the iPhone more than on the Galaxy Nexus.

When it comes to games, there are many more games I want to play on the iPhone 4S, like Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Bike Baron, Infinity Blade II and others, than on the Galaxy Nexus. It’s also great to be able to bring these apps to the iPad as well. Sure, you can do this with some Android apps, but there is still not an Android tablet I would want to own.

On the iPhone, I also don’t have to worry about losing access to Hulu just because the company doesn’t like that I can watch shows on an HD display.

Add in the fact that most iPhone apps look nicer and have more intuitive interfaces than on the Galaxy Nexus and it is point to the iPhone 4S and Apple.

Screen, Size and Pocketability

Do I love the large HD widescreen display on the Galaxy Nexus? Absolutely, but the iPhone 4S also has a beautiful screen that has its own better features.

iPhone 4S screen

While the Galaxy Nexus display looks nice, when you set it next to the iPhone 4S, you can see that the iPhone 4S has whiter whites and does much better when displaying text thanks to the pixel packed Retina Display.

The 3.5″ screen size is a major plus for some users, like Tobias Buckell and Warner Crocker. I still prefer a larger screen, but love the pocketability of the iPhone 4S, which is directly related to the size of the iPhone 4S’ display.

Build Quality

The iPhone has an easy win here. Built with metal and glass that come together to form an extremely solid body that feels great to hold in the hand, the iPhone 4S has an amazing build quality.

iPhone 4S build quality

The Galaxy Nexus may look nice and feel good for plastic, but it is still plastic, and plastic just can’t compete here.

Battery Life

iPhone 4S battery life is great for most users, unlike the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus has decent battery life under the right conditions, but thanks to the 4G LTE battery life has trouble keeping up with that of the iPhone 4S.

I am consistently able to get through a full day of use on the iPhone 4S without recharging, something that isn’t always guaranteed with the Galaxy Nexus. While the Nexus battery life is getting better, I do enjoy not having to think about battery life while carrying the iPhone 4S.

For very heavy usage days, like at CES or while traveling, I still pack a battery case for the iPhone, but it isn’t always with me like a spare Galaxy Nexus battery is.

iOS 5, AirPlay and Compatibility

Android 4.0 is a major leap forward for Android, and it is very snappy and great to use on the Galaxy Nexus, but iOS 5 still has a host of features that work better and provide a better user experience.

PhotoStream is a central part of iOS 5 that moves the pictures you take on your iPhone to all your mobile devices and your computers. You can use Picasa on the Galaxy Nexus, but again, Apple’s solution works better.

iOS also brings AirPlay to the iPhone 4S, allowing you to stream video and mirror your iPhone to your big screen with an Apple TV. The Galaxy Nexus has WiFi Direct, which does some of the same things in theory, but you’ll need to find a DLNA capable TV and figure out how to set it all up.

Also, as I mentioned, you can use the iPhone 4S apps on the iPad and you can use the iPhone to control an Apple TV. This compatibility between devices is a big win, and until Android has a thriving ecosystem and a better tablet selection an area where it will lose out to the iPhone.


When it comes to cameras, the iPhone 4S is still a winner. The large sensor and superior low light performance on the iPhone 4S combine with faster access to the camera to beat the Galaxy Nexus. You can see a sample photo taken with the iPhone 4S camera below.

Sample iPhone 4S photo
Sample iPhone 4S photo

The Galaxy Nexus allows you to swipe left to launch the camera, but it takes much longer to get to the actual camera. This delay is enough that those of you trying to take pictures of a small child or a pet will miss your shot.

The inclusion of PhotoStream and simpler editing controls on the iPhone give it another leg up on the Galaxy Nexus.

More Carriers

Unlike the Galaxy Nexus, you can get the iPhone 4S on multiple carriers. This is great news for a number of reasons.

First, you can choose the network that works best where you work, live and travel. While Verizon has a great network, there are still a number of places where Sprint or AT&T work better.

iPhone 4S carrier choices

Second, If you already have unlimited data with AT&T, you may not want to switch to Verizon where there is no more unlimited data available.

Finally, the ability to purchase plans that fit your needs, or opt for the unlimited plan on Sprint is a nice touch.

We may see a Galaxy Nexus on AT&T, but that’s just a rumor.


Surprisingly, Apple beats Samsung on price. The entry-level iPhone is $100 cheaper than the Galaxy Nexus.

iPhone 4S Price

Sure, the Galaxy Nexus has 32GB of storage and the iPhone 4S only has 16GB, but many users don’t need the extra storage, and the prospect of saving $100 is a big deal for many users.

When you add in all the other reasons the iPhone 4S is better than the Galaxy Nexus, a lower price is icing on the cake.

Cases, Accessories and Docks

iPhone 4S casesWhen you buy an iPhone 4S, not only do you get the above features, but you also get access to thousands of accessories.

From cases to speakers, the iPhone 4S has many times more accessories than the Galaxy Nexus. This isn’t just because the iPhone 4S works with iPhone 4 accessories.

In addition to the wide variety of cases, docks and accessories, there is also built-in support for the iPhone in many vehicles — connecting your iPhone to the steering wheel and in dash entertainment system controls.

Even if the Galaxy Nexus takes off in 2012, it won’t enjoy the broad range of third-party accessories as the iPhone 4S.


The iPhone 4S isn’t perfect by a longshot, but it does offer an incredible user experience that even the best competition, like the Galaxy Nexus, has trouble competing with.

Before you go off calling me an Apple fanboy, be sure to read 10 reasons the Galaxy Nexus is better than the iPhone 4S. Each of these phones handles certain tasks better than the other, and will be a better fit for different users.

For now, I still take both phones with me on a daily basis, but sooner or later I will settle on one device as my primary phone. The iPhone 4S was out in the lead, but the many Android 4.0 improvements and Galaxy Nexus performance is helping the android camp.

Josh Smith is Editor of GottaBeMobile and He's always looking for ways to help you get the most of your gear and loves to talk about tech on radio and TV. Josh uses an iOS and Android devices as well as Mac and Windows Computers. Josh Smith on Google+ Email: [email protected]


  1. Many good points in there, but battery life ain’t one of ’em. Once you go LTE, you aren’t gonna go back. And if I am really worried about making it thru the day, I can take an extra battery. Not so with the 4S.

  2. The review is basically, “I like Apple products more. So the iPhone 4S wins.”  How about being neutral, and actually having some facts.  This comparison is pretty pathetic.

  3. Tip: the nexus has more pixels in it’s screen. You probably shouldn’t arbitrarily thank the retina display without explaining the reasoning behind it. As it is, you are just basically bleating “CUZ ITS BETTER”

    • Galaxy Nexus is a pentile display – which – in absolute terms will give you inferior display performance/color/clarity/what-have-you than a proper RGB pixel based display.
      Oh..for the record – I have a Galaxy Nexus

        • more power to you. It’s good that you’re happy with it. Doesn’t quite change the composition or numbers of that screen though. But hey.. it’s all about being satisfied..right? So if you are – great!

      • galaxy nexus has an super amoled, not pentile. and yes the resolution on the nexus is physically higher. my cousin has an iphone and i have the nexus and in all honesty it is just better, don’t try to say the display on the iphone is better. not to mention that apple shoves its colors and contrast through the roof on it. because of that the thing cant even reproduce a full color band almost half of the thing is the same color.

  4. The worst comparison ever. Get some facts. Android has a free assistant since 2010 and it works great edwin.

    My battery lasts one day just fine. Like someone said once you go 4g you never go back.

    Again, get your facts.

    • Sorry Worst, Edwin sucks. You need to get to know Eva. Today I said “remind me on January 17th of my appointment with Dr.____ at 2pm.” Done with no problems. As far as this article goes, aside from the camera, holes that you can drive through can be made of the comparisons between the phones. iPhone is phenomenal but give me Nexus with Near Field Communications.

    • Wow really? You are comparing an NLP based application with a keyword based one? 
      I own a Galaxy Nexus and even I can see which one’s actually better in terms of the field being talked about!

  5. Iphone screen has 3.5 inches while the Nexus screen has 4.65 inches and a better resolution. Iphone can’t transfer bluetooth files and it hasn’t radio fm.Iphone is better on battery because the display is much smaller.

  6. This is by far the worst review I have ever read. There is a gsm version for at&t/T-Mobile that is just 3.5G capable. Super Amoled plus is by no means lower in quality than an LCD screen with a fancy name (good lick trying to read an iPhone in direct sunlight). As for third party accessories and apps, the nexus line has access to pretty much all them since its the phone Google’s employees/develop with. In the pricing article it says iphones cost less, however the technology that the nexus comes with is more advanced. The I phone contains no nfc chip, no lte, no 4.65″ super amoled screen, no 1.2 Ghz dual core processor, and no pentaband frequencies for GSM. I will give the iPhone 4s some props though for its camera qualities and being a GSM and cdma. Though I am sure the later just saves apple money and they can just build one phone verses 2 versions. As for that airplay and ios5 section, there are other applications that android has that are just as capable. Meanwhile this article doesn’t give ics any compliments.

    • The Galaxy Nexus has a Super AMOLED display – not a Super AMOLED Plus. That makes all the difference.
      The iPhone DOES have magnitudes more accessories – I’m still trying to find a decent case for my Galaxy Nexus.
      The article is not MEANT to give ics any compliments – please read the title.
      For all the technology in Galaxy Nexus – the iPhone still provides a smoother user experience. 
      I have a Galaxy Nexus – but then again I’m a technical person who likes to fiddle around with gadgets.

  7. I do appreciate the way you did two comparison articles. However neither is particularly well done. Both have a distinct tint of fanboyism to them. Fanboyism on both sides is not neutrality however.

  8. Well as for battery life. Any LTE device has crappy battery life, LTE radios use more power. This is a good review, but most of these points aren’t worth mentioning. The nexus (being a galaxy s device) runs circles around an iSuck when it comes to processes. As for apps, apple may have apps, but they charge for everything, most of android is free. As for accessories, the 4s has been out for months, the nexus 2wks… the iPhone may “feel” higher quality, but drop it 4ft down. My T-Mobile Galaxy S2, which is practically the nexus just a bit different bounced… toss an iPhone on your bed and your replacing its tiny tiny little spider webbed screen with a new one that costs almost as much as the phone. I understand this is just a complimentary article to the other, but before writing, there should be something worth about?

    • Even without using LTE the Galaxy does end up drawing more power from the battery – courtesy – the 4.65″ screen.
      The claim that the Apple appstore charges for everything is so bizarre that it wouldn’t even warrant much of a comment – but anyway – every app in the AppStore that is charged for – is charged for in the ANDROID MARKETPLACE AS WELL! 
      With 0 consistency in different Android phones’ physical designs – there is an absolute GUARANTEE that the number of accessories for a Nexus phone will NEVER catch up with those for the iPhone. This doesn’t even touch upon the compared popularity of a SINGLE model phone vs. an army of phone models.
      iPhone build IS higher quality. That doesn’t automatically make it protected from accidents. 
      I have a Galaxy Nexus – but I can see reality for what it is.

      • LOL! I own both and owned the s2. The 4s is still better. It’s more streamlined experience from the start. No force closed apps no crashes. Nexus force closed as soon as I turned it on. Same for the s2. S2 has worst build ever. It cracked when it fell 2 ft… Nexus is better build quality. I don’t think the screen in the nexus is better than iPhones. It’s not as vibrant but has deeper blacks. Well anyway I am selling my gsm nexus and keeping my 4s

    • For all the people here saying u can break the glass and cost as much as the phone to fix…. I have replaced my glass 3 times (12 bucks a pop and 2 screws) CHECK UR FACTS

  9. terrible comparison this is someone who just clearly likes apple products more and is android bashing

  10. “On the iPhone, I also don’t have to worry about losing access to Hulu
    just because the company doesn’t like that I can watch shows on an HD
    display.” WOW! Is that your way of making yourself feel better that you don’t have an HD display? That comparison was simply pathetic in every possible way. That’s like saying “I’d rather not win a million dollars in the lottery so I wouldn’t have to worry about paying $500,000 in taxes.” You are clearly a moron. Please stop writing forever. And start contemplating suicide. Thanks, much appreciated.

  11. Here we go again, just admit that you’re jealous of Android. And by the way, go and kill your self for being so pathetic.

  12. “iOS also brings AirPlay to the iPhone 4S, allowing you to stream video and mirror your iPhone to your big screen with an Apple TV. The Galaxy Nexus has WiFi Direct, which does some of the same things in theory, but you’ll need to find a DLNA capable TV and figure out how to set it all up.”

    Are you for real??? Do you imply that more people have Apple TV than DLNA capable devices in general (i.e. computers, net tv’s, media players etc.). How biased are you to make such stupid comments ??? Also, dlna requires special skills to set up? Are you serious? Plain and simple, android devices in general are FAR superior in transferring anything, from photos to videos to music, in any other device …

    • Clearly ur retarded off_d…. He NEVER implied “more people have apple tv’s” he just said IT WAS EASIER!!! AND IT IS!! Wow the people on here make me wonder how they’ve survived their 14 years on Earth.

  13. I use both for personal and business so in review of the comparison I have to strongly disagree with the writer’s view on all levels. I evaluate tech products professionally for users of all levels. The iPhone 4s is bot bad. The galaxy a bit better especially being able to pull down business apps and games that play or run so much better than the 4s. And for price I suggest the writer compare price similar equiped models and not try to justify why he went cheaper. You can look at many features Nd make your own decision. However you should note that the writer did not post and real comparison info such as speed and battery life. He also only posted the 4s pick and nothing to compare with one for the galaxy
    Do your own comparison folks and Do not rely on unobjective and personalized views
    If you want a consumer toy buy the 4s its all its food for. If you wHy business and gamer/video go with the galaxy its with the money.

  14. I HIGHLY disagree. The iPhone is small and bland. I would take the 4.65 inch Galaxy Nexus screen and ability to customize my phone the way I want it to look any day over an iPhone. The iPhone is a simple phone for simple minds. You forgot to mention how easy you can modify the Nexus, and how locked down the iPhone, or any Apple product is for that matter.

    • “The iPhone is a simple phone for simple minds”
      You have to be a complete moron to reside with this statement. The primary goal in designing any device is to provide functionality in the most simple manner. The iPhone in itself is NOT a simple device. It is a complex device that can be operated simply.  If you think that something has to be more complex to use in order to make you feel “more intelligent”, then maybe you are part Neanderthal, and should live in a freaking cave.

      I read more crap about Apple fanboys on the web than I do Fandroids by a long shot.  Know what that means? Yeah, more Fandroids trolling around. 

      Oh yeah, on how locked down the iphone is. As someone as “Highly intelligent” as yourself, maybe you have heard of a simple task called jailbreaking. There are plenty of developers making modifications and placing them in cydia. 

    • I’m a software engineer for HP in Houston. I own an iPhone 4s. My simple mind makes 85k a year and i’m only 26.  I’m proud of my simple mind :) Yay

  15. Id say screen size is a MAJOR drawback for the iphone. Its INCREDIBLY small. When i play games on an iphone, my thumbs cover half the screen. It does produce brighter whites but the galaxy nexus screen.produces deeper blacks and more brillant colors. Besides white. Build quality also goes to the nexus because it wont break when u drop it. And it feels very nice in hand. It doesnt feel cheap at all. I have no idea why people.say it feels cheap. Its sturdy because it has a steel frame inside the phone Nd its very durable. More durable than.iphone. And android 4.0 wtill has more features than iphone. More camera features, battery and data manager. NFC. A bunch of developer options. Easy to get to wifi and bluetooth. Able to see the amount of RAM. Turn by turn navigation. I love all of my features.

  16. 1st – the author’s comments are fair IF you also read the “10 reason the Nexus is better …”
    2nd – l own a DroidX and an iPad 2 so I’m no one’s fanboy, but I can tell you that as a corporate IT guy there are some issues that come up with iPhones and corporate IT.  Apple relies on Apple for everything and that does not work well.  The #1 issue is iPhone’s reliance on iTunes login and the App Store for everything.  Corporations loath setting up 3rd party accounts to allow updates and app installs, especially if they have to have a credit card associated with them.
    This is not a problem for personal phones and Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) shops but that’s why so many BlackBerrys & Droids get handed out by companies vs. iPhones.

  17. Apple better be bringing a 4″+ in 2012.  It’s going to be some insanely tough competition when SAMOLED HD+ is released. I would argue with you this year, but it is pentile. And well pentile sucks. RGBG isn’t as bad as RGBW but not something I want to buy.

      • The Note is a sweet phone. My carrier will probably never get it. I know pentile doesn’t bug everyone. But only having 66% of the subpixels kill me. Hold a plus screen up to a non-plus screen. There are visual artifacts there. And certain situations intensify them. If they don’t bug you then you have one of the most awesome phones on the planet.

  18. Advantages being accessories? Carrier selection? Pocketability? Did you just list this shit so you could come up with 10 on the list?? Please edit and rewrite this article to give an unbiased review!!

  19. I had every iphone from 1st gen through iphone 4, and now have a nexus. The only point out of 10 that I agree with here is battery life. Otherwise – you’re way off base.

    • So what you’re really saying is you have no idea what the iPhone 4s will do since you don’t have it. Is that right.

    • So your saying that the Nexus actually has more accessories then the iPhone?
      Or that the Nexus have better whites and a higher DPI?
      Or that the Nexus is actually offered at  a cheaper price?
      Or that the Nexus is actually offered on more carriers, build qaulity, apps? what? so your saying the only thing he said that was right was the battery life…

      Read the post again.

    • I have every iPhone, I have the Nexus. I prefer the Nexus despite all the valid points Josh brings up. The iPhone accessory game is huge. There are tons of cases and such. You don’t need an iPhone to know that. The iPhone 4S is not any cheaper really. The 32G Nexus and 32G iPhone 4S are the same price on contract. No argument on carrier availability. 

      For me, it’s the whole, “once you’ve gone big screen, you can’t go back” thing.

  20. Lol! I just love to see fandroids go berserk whenever someone dares to prefer the iPhone over one of the countless number of iPhonies being released on a monthly basis. Newsflash: not everyone wants a big, plasticky, malware-infested brick of phone with a copycat OS and an update system that is pure chaos….please continue with your rants, they’re quite entertaining! Lmao!!!

    • Where have you seen android with malware? Are you upset that Google’s “copycat OS” does everything yours does, but better?

  21. I like that he notes that you can find him on google + but then doesn’t realize that google + syncs your photos… I am finding it very hard not to flame this guy… I hope journalism isn’t his career.

  22. Hey reviewr . f#ck u. Dont b pissed we finally got our flagship. Nothings perfect buy atleast we are free!!! Keep ur walled gardened prison

    • Hahaha the immaturity of the commenters on this article is hilarious, your’s included. And before you start ranting on me, my phone is symbian, I use an Asus Transformer, and my wife has the 4S. No wonder no one likes us Americans. We look pathetic and idiotic compared to the rest of the world, and the commenters on this article proves it.

  23. iPhone 4 is rubbish, my friend got it ages ago when I got my Samsung Galaxy S (1st one) and I thought the Galaxy S was much better. The iPhone was clumsy (felt like a brick) the screen quality was poorer than my Galaxy S (you can tell me all day about how technically the iPhone retina display is better than AMOLED because blah, blah, blah but even he agreed it was better. The Galaxy S 2 then obviously blew the iPhone 4 away. The Galaxy Nexus now makes the iPhone 4 look like a cheap toy. Hate people who think Apple products are good cause they know nothing about technology.

  24. “While the Galaxy Nexus is a great phone, and does many things better than the iPhone 4S, it isn’t perfect.”

    “The iPhone 4S isn’t perfect by a longshot, but it does offer an incredible user experience that even the best competition, like the Galaxy Nexus, has trouble competing with.”It seems that galaxy nexus has to be perfect to win josh’s heart, iphone only has to be better at user experience. And even in this segment, download speeds, larger n comfortable screens, better keyboards,etc. don’t add to the user experience, perhaps. 

  25. android =half  baked os +apps 
    nexus =average processor +below  average camera+ ordinary display + poor  battery even extended ! what good is  4g  if u cant  keep ur battery  alive for it!+ full of malware
    apple= fully baked os + best apps + best display+ best camera + much better battery   and lastly lowest malware as compared to android.

    • apples fully baked OS? wow it has coppied a lot from the android OS the you cnt even multy task on it the so called multy task on the iphone is a joke! better camara? dude best camara? a joke the fact that they make u buy a hole new product to get a camera and siri wow you people are stupid!! now if it was bcuz of a camera sony is releasing a phone with 16 ans 12 mega pixels in the 2q of this year this phone the galaxy nexus is the first taste of the new line up for android is google trying to make u buy their branded product thats all and as far as battery ur so called 4s only can barely keep up one day with 3g imagine when it gets 4g? it will be as bad or worst as some of the android phones running android 2.3 

  26. I don’t usually write comments but I must say one thing… I’ve got a free iphone from one website! It was a free offer where I just left my email, they contacted me and sent me free working Apple Iphone 4s to test it and keep it.

    To be honest, I wouldn’t believe in this if someone told this to me. I usually don’t believe in free stuff :| Check this website, you have nothing to loose believe me! :) John.

  27. I swear to god If I have to read all this “get your facts straight bs I will punch a puppy, the nexus has a better screen, larger screen, better res alot of these comments are opinionated and some are just like oh lol “nup the phones shit I have one! battery life is bad!” how many iphone fanboys would claim they own it and say that?  if someone and FFS! here are facts.

  28. dude u talk about apple tv there is something called google tv where u can see ur picassa pictures from ur phone the thing about the icloud shit is dumb all they did was put it together in a compact package where android has been doing this for a long time only that is a separate thing again this just goes with each company’s motto of delivering products to be honest u cnt compare this this is like comparing a Ferrari with a Lamborghini both are extremely good quality and for thsoe that hate on android apple is going to be the next blackberry every one wanted one when it came out but since it is a close product that is completely manufacture by one company it hard to compete over time and we are closely seen this now with the iphone now there are android phones with better camaras better battery time and since there are so many improvements to the phones or new phones come out faster where apple has to wait and it takes them longer to make and imporve first one we see is the iphone 4s a cried out from apple to show a “new” product because their iphone 5 is not ready yet ill for now just hush up and wait till the day ill see the iphone fall and completely become the new blackberry i do admire the quality of hte iphone for a brand new device it took the rivals like google a while to catch up but been the first to come up with it does not mean its the best 

  29. and u cnt compare battery life with the galaxy nexus and the 4s because the iphone is not even 4g!! and it struggles to get a day of battery mean while even with 4g yea u phone may die a lil sooner than a day but the iphone does not beet it by a lot 

    • I get about 2 days with 4G on my nexus if I need to.  Custom rom so I can underclock or overclock the processor as well as adjusting voltage.

    • It was unfair. I own a Nexus and I think iPhone is just a bit better. Not 12 reasons better though :s Seems like Android fanboys just got kicked below the belt 

  30. Look this is how it works.. iPhone is perfect for a person who just wants a simple phone that works out of the box. Android is perfect for a person like me who likes to root his phone and put a custom from on there first thing out of the box. My take is the 4g Lte capability, that is a big selling point for me since I get about 50mbs where I’m at and use about 15gb a month. So my conclusion is that both phones are excellent and different phones for different people.


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  33. IPhone 4 has a better camera? Not really. Megapixles are not everything. The zero shutter speed on the nexus is amazing. And ggogle leaves android os open somkkjurced so people can customize it to there liking. And its easy to do. The nexus has more third party development than any other phone. And the price. He says the iPhone is cheaper, but it has half the memory. Bump up to 32 gigs, same price. Network choices. My friend does not want verizon anymore. The user can unlock the phone himself to put on a different network. And there is a global version of this phone. Sir I. I have never used it before, but let me tell you about android voice input. I wrote this whole review with my voice. Not a single problem. I push the voice comand button on my phone, I can have it send texts, set alarms, ect. So please don’t tell me that your iPhone does this and my phone doesn’t, when you clearly don’t know and have probably never used one.

    Someone else said it on this forum. This guy likes apple, and he has an iPhone, so therefore its better. It comes down to preference. IPhone and its is is a life style phone. Where as Android is for high tech geeky people, like myself. But pound for pound, phone tech against phone tech, Galaxy nexus wins. Can you use your iPhone as a credit card(NFC chipset.)? NO!!!!!!!


    It seems that everybody is into this kind of stuff lately.
    Don’t really understand it though but thanks for trying to explain it.
    Appreciate you shedding light into this matter. Keep up your work.



    Hey man was just browsing through the internet looking for
    some information and came across your blog. I am impressed by the information
    that you have on this blog.


  36. no offense to you, and google, but i don’t see the galaxy nexus as the flagship android phone. pick any flagship android phone manufacturer phone, it beats the galaxy nexus. the galaxy nexus came out with already dated specs. it comes with similar, or lousier specs than the galaxy s2, which came out in febuary, 7 to 8 months before the iphone 4s.

    also, try not to swear too much by the 3.5in screen, rumours are that the new iphone 2012 will be at least 4in.

  37. 1: Siri. You find the weather doing a voice search on Android faster than with Siri. Race your friends. They say it’s faster to set an alarm with Siri, but they leave out the extra step of double checking Siri to make sure you’ll really be up for work. Or fixing it when Siri sets your alarm for the wrong time.

    2: Apps. “Hulu doesn’t give me crap about watching tv on my HD screen.” That’s because you don’t have one, at all. 960×640 is not anyone’s definition of HD. That’s why Apple invented the term “Retina Display.” You should be ashamed for even stating the iPhone 4S has an HD screen. You’re a phone blogger, you should be disseminating accurate information, not inventing reasons why one phone is better than the other.

    3. “but the iPhone 4S also has a beautiful screen that has its own better features.” Like what? The “Pixel Packed Display”

    This is a difference of 315 to 325 Pixels Per Inch. But of a 4.65 inch phone with a 1280×720 resolution with 315 PPI vs. a 3.7 inch phone with a 960×640 resolution with 325 PPI. Winner: Galaxy Nexus, hands down.

    4. Build Quality. Although you deem the Galaxy the loser due to plastic, versus the iphones “seamless mesh of glass and metal”

    What Iphone do you have that doesn’t have a plastic back and front? You think metal on the side of the phone is a greater technological accomplishment than CURVED GLASS?

    5. iOS5 Airplay, and Compatibility.

    Photostream: You compare it’s function to Picasa on the Galaxy Nexus. But there is no Picasa for the Galaxy Nexus, nor is their a Picasa app at all on the Google Play store.

    By comparing photostream to something that doesn’t exist, it’s the clear winner. By comparing it to Google Plus, which automatically uploads all pictures and videos into the cloud, making them available on all of your devices, the winner is not so clear.

    You compare an iPhone + Airplay + Apple TV setup to Galaxy Nexus + Wifi Direct.

    Why would you not compare iPhone + Airplay + Apple TV to Galaxy Nexus + Wifi Direct + Google TV? Or even Apple TV? You just say, BUT IF YOU HAVE THE GOOGLE YOU WOULD NEED A DLNA TV! A bald faced lie. You just need a DLNA device like an Apple TV or a Google TV, EXACTLY THE SAME AS AN IPHONE. Yet in a situation that is EXACTLY THE SAME, you use it as evidence of the superiority of apple.

    Speaking of EXACTLY THE SAME, but apple still gets the point was your “Apple’s Phone apps work on Apple’s Tablets!” So do Google’s, moron.

    6. Battery Life: When the Galaxy Nexus dies, you can put a new battery in it. When the Galaxy Nexus’s Battery Gains a Memory of a few hours after a year of use, you can buy a new battery. iPhone: you will be buying a new phone. When your battery is dead, pray for a charger and an outlet.

    7. Camera:

    It does not take longer to launch the camera app in Android from the lock screen. And you’ll save time with the zero shutter lag on the Nexus.

    8. More Carriers: Actually, the same carriers, but another inexplicable point for iPhone.

    9. Price: Galaxy Nexus 200 bucks for 32 GB. iPhone 4S 200 bucks for 16GB. Weird almost every category you gave to the iPhone actually goes to the Nexus.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself. But let us ALSO take into consideration that on a iPhone you are limited to a 3G connection, So when you talk about watching ANY SORT of steaming media on a iPhone keep in mind that your average connection speed is going to be about 1 to 2 mpbs fastest I have ever seen on a iphone 2.7mpbs. So compare that to the 4GLTE speeds of the Galaxy Nexus which will BLAST your movie buffering times out of the water with averages of 15mpbs fastest I have had on my Nexus 32Mpbs. Did you also fail to mention Hulu is about the only other website besides Veoh and youtube that youcan watch videos on, anything else that you are flashed based on, SORRY THIS DEVICE IS NOT COMPATIBLE. So when you say you use both phones regularly I think you mean you OWN the iPhone 4S, and you have gone to best buy and poked at the screen a bit on the Galaxy Nexus and walked away.

  38. Whoever wrote this has never used an Android anything before. It was really obvious when you talked about battery life. My Android device get about 3 days of battery life on one charge. This person also has to remember there is more to Android than the Nexus, at least Android’s price range is from $69 to $1,500+, so they are more affordable. Definitively not more carriers ether, if anything, Android has more carriers, or at least they both have the same amount of carriers. More compatibility, give me a break, the Windows Phone is compatible with more than the iPhone, This is because Apple is newer technology. Shall I go on. In conclusion this paper is full of errors and this person has never used Android.

  39. To the first post, Jason W:

    You used that post as an example of how the Android voice has no problems? There are all kinds of problems with that paragraph.

    However, most of the other comments seem pretty accurate. A lot of the reasons listed in this post that go to iPhone, are wrong, opinionated (with nothing to back them up), and actually make me want to go get a Nexus instead. I haven’t even read the other article about the 10 reasons the Galaxy is better, simply reading this article makes me want to get a Galaxy instead of an iPhone.

    Also, the ONLY smart phone I’ve ever used has been the iPhone3 and iPhone4, and I freaking love them. However, my contract is coming up soon so I was doing some research and came across this article.

    I would like to say thank you, since a lot of people seem to think your blog is normally quite informed, and this article is obviously NOT well written, informed, or factual, I have to assume that the Galaxy beats the iPhone4s soundly. This is further compounded by the fact that Android reviews and specs generally quote facts and actual specs, and comparisons, rather than VERY obvious opinions.

    To break it down:

    SIRI: What you stated here is inaccurate. Androids can do everything you mentioned that SIRI does. You didn’t technically say that SIRI does more than Android, you just heavily implied it. That says to me, that you are intentionally attempting to be misleading, especially since you counted it as a point to iPhone.

    APPS: You didn’t talk about the number of apps, or which apps are available on both, or the popular apps; you just made a very opinionated statement about how the apps that YOU wanted were only on the iPhone. Now, I realize that this is your opinion, but you state it like it’s a fact about the phones. Using this logic, I could make a statement about ANY product winning this point: “Point goes to regular paper, because I like the feel of number 2 pencils more than typing, and graphite (pencil lead) just isn’t available on the iPhone. Plus, it would scratch the screen.”

    You stated right in this point that Galaxy has a High Definition screen, and iPhone does not, and yet you still tried to use this as a point for iPhone? This is horrible, I am embarrassed for you that you did this. This is what you said: Galaxy has a much better screen picture than an iPhone, so iPhone wins this point, NEXT! I really want to know how long it took you to try to figure out how to spin that like you did. (And it was still pretty obvious.)

    SCREEN, SIZE, AND POCKETABILITY: Again, here’s another example of how you explicitly stated the ways the Galaxy is better than an iPhone, yet you still counted it as a point FOR iPhone. You mentioned that if you put the phones side by side, the iPhone has whiter whites, but you didn’t show us a pic of them side by side. I’m pretty sure I know why. You mention how you like the bigger screen of a Galaxy, but prefer the pocketability of an iPhone. You can compare the two sizes of the phones. They’re practically the same, and I doubt you could even tell the difference in your pocket.

    BUILD QUALITY: Actually, I have no problem with this section. It’s 100% opinion, but at least you don’t COMPLETELY try to twist your words to sound like fact. The iPhone4’s design is amazing. It’s dense, sleek, minimalist, and symmetric. I personally prefer glass and metal to plastic, however, you basically HAVE to have a case for an iPhone4, or you will eventually break it. I know many people who use iPhone4s, and the front and back glass shatter on practically any impact. I am obscenely careful with mine (I bought an Otterbox for it, which makes your phone freaking invincible), but over the course of two years, I have dropped my phone exactly four times. If I hadn’t had a case, the glass would be shattered, still usable, but shattered.
    You finish by saying how it can’t compete, but don’t say why, other than you prefer metal and glass over plastic.

    BATTERY LIFE: I actually want to congratulate you on being the first person I have ever read about who even TRIES to use this as a pro for iPhones. Don’t get me wrong, I personally have no problem with the fact that you can’t remove the iPhone’s battery, mine works great. However, I have a charger at my desk at work, one in my car, one at my home computer desk, AND one by my bed. I usually use them all, every day. I probably don’t have to, but if I don’t, the iPhone’s battery gets to below half. I like to have the screen on the brightest setting, so I understand, and account for that. But the iPhone’s battery life should certainly not be on any “pro” list. As for the Galaxy, buy an extra battery pack, or an extended battery pack (both have models for under $30); there are options. Again, this is a clear winner for Galaxy.

    iOS5, AIRPLAY AND COMPATIBILITY: I have used the iPhone PhotoStream, and it’s great. But I don’t really know how Android competes, since I don’t have much experience with it, so I won’t comment on this aspect of your review. You might be right, but from the other comments, and the rest of your review, AND the fact that you don’t really state any facts or comparisons, I will hesitantly assume that you are intentionally misleading people, again. (That’s my opinion, based on very little fact, however.)

    CAMERA: Just show some comparisons. We have to assume that the reason you did not, is because it’s obvious that the Galaxy wins. Also, there are virtually no editing controls on the iPhone, whereas the Galaxy has this: which shows the auto-focus, superior low-light performance, zero shutter lag, and the fact that you can open it directly from your lock screen (iPhone can also open from the lock screen, by the way). This one, you just were uninformed about, or you blatantly lied. I hope it is the former, but you obviously need to learn about the things you review.

    MORE CARRIERS: Again, you’re just showing your ignorance here. Not only is the Galaxy available for Sprint and Verizon, you can just buy the unlocked Galaxy and attach it to any carrier you want. Did you even research this at all?

    PRICE: This section is actually mostly fine. You state the facts, and then your opinion. You also basically state that if you want 32GB, it’s essentially the same price. And iPhone gives you more options, if you want even more storage. (My personal opinion of storage is that it’s almost worthless anyway, because more and more stuff is kept on clouds instead of your phone.)

    CASES, ACCESSORIES and DOCKS: You just made a guess that the Galaxy won’t have very many accessories, not only were you wrong, but of course you were wrong. This appears to be another intentionally misleading opinion.

    CONCLUSION: You need to stop writing reviews. This is horrible, an absolute travesty, and I would be offended if you actually took yourself seriously, which you clearly do not. I am glad that I came across this article, however, as it makes it clear that even ‘pro iPhone’ articles can’t come up with anything to show advantages of the iPhone over the Galaxy.

  40. The main thing I like better on the iPhone over the GNexus is the speakers, camera, and the whites which look washed out on the GNexus. Still I’d sacrifice that for the bigger screen, because I like to watch a lot of movies and sports highlights. Nowadays, all the top smartphones are a toss up, it’s all personal preference.

  41. The main problem with the iPhone is that it is made by Apple, and with it comes all of the artificially inflated fixed prices and tightly locked down sales network and restricted operating system. Alongside this, the interface is looking extremely dated now with no support for widgets and I believe it is only recently that you were able to change the desktop background to an image you choose. I’m pretty sure I had a phone ten years ago that could do this. I work in IT and my organization has both Android and Apple based devices in use and we see far more issues with the Apple devices in terms of compatibility and reliability than with any other handset we support. Particularly battery issues after performing updates, something which Apple and its marketing machine are never willing to admit when they’ve screwed up. Even basic things like swapping out a battery can’t be done easily which makes these phones more difficult to support. The Apps market is so tightly controlled that I cannot find any FTP applications which I use to administer some of the websites I maintain, I am unable to download a file through safari and just transfer it to my PC because everything needs to go through Itunes for some bizzare reason? Siri is not good in my opinion, here in the UK I have found that it does not recognize businesses outside the U.S. and has little or no use on a practical level without making you look like a complete arse in public when you’re issuing voice commands to your phone. Siri will probably be copied and improved by one of the other firms soon anyway. Frankly, the reasons I’d buy the Nexus, Galaxy S3, HTC One X or any other phone over the Iphone is because at least in doing so, I’m breaking free of Apples obsessive brainwashed cult following and being an individual. I have the freedom to do what I want with MY phone without being dictated to by some corporation and I’m not paying hugely over-exaggerated prices for something just for some percieved ‘cool’ factor. I’d pick anything else instead of the Iphone just because I can.

  42. Very well said Arlyn an Domtremb. Of course this “writer” would never come back and reply to your posts because he was made a fool of.

  43. C’mon now! The GN has a much bigger screen AND is 720p HD capable, the iPhone has a small screen thats not HD and the writer even says “I still prefer the larger screen”, yet gives the advantage to iPhone 4s! The writer also states that iPhone 4s can mirror/stream video to an Apple tv but the GN has to do it with a DLNA tv. But guess what? Pretty much every tv nowadays has DLNA! So if iPhone can only work with an Apple tv but GN can with almost any tv how does iPhone have the advantage?! And build quality? It’s stated that iPhone is more fragile yet again iPhone is given the advantage. And Siri was shown in various YouTube videos to be shamefully outdone by a free Android app called Speaktoit Assistant! And the ‘battey’ and ‘memory’ catagories given to iPhone?! Lol!

  44. I agree with this article.

    I only needed 2 reasons to decide to change my Galaxy Nexus (with Jelly Bean) for the new iPhone (aka iPhone 5) -It would make no sense buying the iPhone 4s at this point of the year-.

    1. The battery of the Nexus doesn’t even last a day with moderate use. Its not a mobile device. You need to be charging it ALL the time. On the bright side, you can find lots of compatible chargers everywere as is common kind of charger unlike iPhones’. But we bought iPhone 4s for my wife and she doesn’t have to worry about it…. And no… I don’t see myself bringing an extra battery all the time.

    2. A “minor issue” I had with Nexus is that black doesn’t look like black on video. I don’t know why or if its just my Nexus… But it looks bad.

    PS: I will wait for reviews about the new iPhone battery life. If it is not as good as on current iPhone I will buy the 4s.

    Battery does matter on a mobile device.

  45. dude your dreaming in no way is the iPhone better. Get real ……..if phones could have a sick day and the nexus had cancer it would still be better. wake up from whatever Apple dream your having

  46. I LOL’d when I saw the iPhone pricing chart. Half the price more for extra 16 gigs. The price has like nano percent correlation with manufacturing costs.

    Although it might just be that I misunderstood something as the bytes are exponential.

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