Verizon Suffering Another Nationwide 4G LTE Outage? [Update]

We just received a flurry of tips from people with Verizon 4G LTE devices who say that the network is down once again. It would appear that 4G data has gone down and some people are having problems accessing 3G service as well. This would be the third time this month that Verizon’s next-generation network suffered an outage, not such a hot way to start off the new year.

Of course, those last two outages happened earlier this month. The first, took place right before the launch of the Galaxy Nexus on December 7th and Verizon was able to get it under control some hours later.

The second outage took place on December 21st and Verizon was virtually silent on the subject. No tweets, no emails, nothing. It took 16 hours to get the network up and running at full capacity leaving customers angry and frustrated.

It seems today it’s more of the same.

Verizon Outage


I can confirm that 4G LTE is down for me here in Berkeley, CA but Xavier is still seeing service in San Francisco. We’ve  received word that it’s down in other parts of California as well as in Chicago and in Detroit. So, at this point, it’s hard to say if this is widespread or not but from the looks of things, that could very well be a possibility.

We continue to hear reports of outages, including 3G outages for some users with 4G LTE phones. In Ohio Josh is still able to make calls, but data is at a standstill.

Verizon’s 4G LTE network also went down back in April when the carrier launched the Droid Charge and it also went down in September as well.

Anyone out there experiencing issues with their 4G LTE service?

Let us know.

UPDATE: Verizon is reportedly, “looking into reports of some experiencing trouble accessing 4G LTE.”, stay tuned for more on this 4G LTE outage.


  1. Nerdy Desi says

    Down in Houston on my Droid Charge. Most reliable network in America Verizon? What a joke!

  2. Anonymous says

    4G LTE is definitely down in Columbus, OH.  However, my 3G only Droid 2 is working fine.

  3. Jessica says

    Down in Boston (and Brookline) for me too… have had problems connecting to 3G but finally got on.

  4. Fluffy Bananachunks says

    Both 3G and LTE has been out for almost an hour, Galaxy Nexus, Civic Center/Van Ness, San Francisco

  5. YonderGuy says

    Down in Fort Collins…no 3G either…showing the 1X at this time!  Verizon seems to be moving from the most reliable to the most intermittent.

  6. Tom says

    Down in St Louis. Recently switched from ATT. Might buy my way out of the 2 year contract and go back.

  7. Tcox1203 says

    Yes my whole familys network is down !!! Can only access internet via the home connection! Yet again!!!!

  8. Bill says

    Just got off the phone with Verizon they confirmed that they do in face have an outage that started about 2 hours ago….. Im here in Boston.

  9. Hyde says

    Down in Dallas, across the board. it flickered for a moment on a 4g connection then went down again

  10. Speaksster27 says

    its bad enough that “verizon’s galaxy nexus” already has signal issues. and now we’ve already experience 3 data outages this month. verizon needs to get their ‘ish together; selling bogus *arsh phones and advertising as having “the most reliable service.” PLEASE….. I know one thing; as soon as my contract expires, im out.

    Besides the above, their customer & tech support is absolutely horrible. with all the money they make from us each year, you would think they would invest a little more to hire people who actually know what the hell they’re talking about, instead of reading check lists of a damn computer screen. i bet half of us that have been using android phones know alot more that VZW’s tech team lmfao…

    • Chuck Harris says

      You can get out now. Verizon had a holiday promotion, all phones purchased from 11/15 (Nexus release date) – 12/28 are eligible for a 30 day return period. Return your phone and cancel.

      Oh…btw…out in Philadelphia, PA

  11. TimGarrow says

    Los angeles down
    4g galaxy tab 10.1 ltt/4g down
    Galaxy nexus 3g/lte down… With constant 4g 3g issues from beginning

    Droid 2 3g up

  12. Sheller1773 says

    down in Naples Florida for work… no service here… my Rezound keeps resetting itself…. NOT HAPPY VZW!!!

  13. Jason Butcher says

    Claremont, CA no 4g or 3g coverage on Galaxy Nexus.  Interestingly, my wife says she has 3g on iphone 4.  Both are verizon phones.  More interesting is that my Moto Xoom is picking up 4g just fine but the Galaxy Nexus next to it picks up nothing.  This is somehow hardware related.

  14. Anonymous says

    3g and 4g out for SOME people in Richmond, VA. I have a Razer and my coworker has a Droid 2, I’m out both and he’s on 3g still.

  15. Mike says

    Out in St. Louis also…bumming…no 3G either makes the phone about useless (except as a paperweight)…

  16. Shruti says

    No Data at all in Sunnyvale CA …. Got voice connection though .. bad month for verizon data services !!!

  17. itguylv says

    Down in Las Vegas as well…was in a vstore and they sent out an internal notice…no info though.

  18. pb says

    Been out for better part of an hour in Detroit. Really glad i switched to verizon a few weeks ago…. Multiple outages since i started.

  19. RajputSmurf says

    4G and 3G were down on my Nexus here in Seattle but I seem to be getting 3G now at least.

  20. Checkm1ego says

    Out in Atl.. wtf i just switched fron t-mobile .. new phone new service .. new issues.. new bills.. unbelievable

  21. Kelley says

    Out in Missouri. Talked to customer service 2 hours ago and she said they were still trying to identify the problem! Paleeeez!

  22. Jay says

    Its down in the greater Cincinnati area….again. Third time this month. Also have been having momentary drops in data service about 8-10 times a day EVERY day. This 4G LTE network is a mess

  23. Djartistic1 says

    My 4g service is out in Colorado. 3G is spotty at best. Verizon says its currently working on the issues and have an eta of 10pm mountain time.

  24. Gators56 says

    Verizon’s UNRELIABLE 4gLTE service.  It constantly is up and down.  But prolonged outages like this one (out for 4+ hours in Tallahassee, FL) could be very costly if you rely upon the service.

    Shame Shame Verizon.

  25. Thundarr72 says

    Freakin Verizon, I have had the “pleasure” of deploying 4g usb modems and droid X2 over the last month, I got 26 field guys coming to pick up their new phones tomorrow, I am not done because 4g + 3g is down, love moving onto a network that seems a “lil” shaky — Boston suburb Tech Guy!!!!

  26. Reese Kaplan says

    It’s out in El Paso, TX.  3G service is mostly out, with a few flashes on for brief periods of time.  2G service is reporting “dormant” when you connect.

  27. Dbaker22186 says

    out in anahiem CA too… no 4g, 3 g half the time, 1x sometimes as well, but mostly no signal at all… really pissed off and verizon should compensate for all the BS

  28. Humansimulation says

    Out in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. Can’t even activate my new bionic. Sim card ID on file can’t be changed to correct number either. 

  29. Ken says

    I’m currently at the office in Manhattan’s Financial District.  4G service has been largely unavailable for at least 3 hours (intermittent connectivity to the network, but immediate disconnects).  Contrary to Verizon’s statement, 3G service is also spotty at the moment.  5:00 PM Eastern Time, New York, NY

  30. Jsargent says

    Been down all day in Sacramento. 3g is spotty. On and off so no data most of the time. Come on Verizon. Where’s the most dependable network now???????

  31. dkm says

    On 3G right now.  However, 3G is going out as well.  We are in Southern Illinois 90 miles southeast of St. Louis.

    • Mrule968 says

      send it back while you have the chance… I just got a droid razr to replace the bionic that won’t keep a 4g connection and won’t switch to 3g…I’ve had the problem for months, and Verizon finally acknowledged it and sent the razr as a replacement.  Now I can’t activate the razr because of the 4g outage…

  32. Anonymous says

    Geee!  5 times in a year?….Luky Verizon..if it was RIM the entire techie community would have ganged on its back until their stocks collapsed to nothing…

  33. Jimclingman says

    purchased a new phone today in Columbus area. haven’t been able to activate still. been trying since 2 pm today. ( its 10:30 pm now ) any word of then it will be back up?

  34. Adouglas8403 says

    Been down in Indianapolis, IN since 2pm Dec 28th. HTC Thunderbolt Spotty 3G when left in LTE mode. As of right now, 3G is working both in LTE mode and CDMA.

  35. david h says

    Out in stockton, ca. I actually called the replacement hotline today (cause my thundervolt is a pos) and an automated message said hang up if this is about the 4g being down, cause we know (paraphrased). Also the tech who i talked to about my phone said they were on it, trying to bring it back up. My 4g has been out for over 24hrs now.

  36. Howard Weiss says

    Finally have data back, but it’s so slow. Noticed the outage around 11am here in West Los Angeles. I’m getting about 1mbps down on 4g and 90-100kbps on 3g on Speedtest. Uploads aren’t even loading.

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