7 Odd, Crazy and Weird iPhone 4S Cases

The iPhone may have the most accessories of any phone on the market, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good accessories.

Some iPhone 4S cases are downright weird, odd, crazy and well maybe even appalling. After much searching and head scratching I’ve rounded up 7 of the weirdest iPhone cases around.

From breasts and hands to fur and fake food, there’s no end to the weird iPhone cases you can find online.

All of these cases are real. You can go buy them right now, but if you do, be prepared for weird looks and lost friends.

Would you be brave enough to use one of these weird iPhone 4S cases?


Breastie iPhone Case

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Breastie iPhone Case
If you want to support the fight against breast cancer, and you want everyone to know it, forget the Susan G. Komen foundation and strap this fake breast iPhone case onto your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S. Available in Black and Pink. $20 @ SavingBreasts.com
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  1. Let's be courageous says

    Josh, this post is gratuitous and inappropriate. I would have hoped that this type of content would not be included on this site. It really brings down the level of the whole site and adds nothing of value. I didn’t realize that GBM intends to be a “adult” site. The journalistic level of this site has hit a new low and has not been the same since Rob sold it to Xavier. Xavier, I appeal to you to reconsider allowing content like this in hopes of making GBM a more reputable site.

  2. cherry says

    i think you would like this one

    definition of crazy, i have never seen an iphone case so weird.

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