Samsung Galaxy Note Selling For $50 Off At Amazon Wireless

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As I predicted in my Galaxy Note review Amazon Wireless is selling the superphone at a discount. Granted, $249 isn’t a huge drop from $299, but $50 is a nice chunk off all the same.

Customers can get the Carbon Blue or Ceramic White versions on Amazon and either start a new account with AT&T, upgrade the phone with a contract extension, or add a line. That latter option raises the price of the phone to $259 for individual accounts and $349 for family accounts.

Not eligible for an upgrade but still really want the GNote? That’ll be $699 please.

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Galaxy S Pen Holder and Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note just went on sale in stores yesterday, so this discount showed up quickly. I’m sure people who scooped it up immediately feel a bit salty at this point. Sorry, y’all. If the pattern holds, more discounts are on the horizon. It may not take more than a few weeks or a couple of months for the phablet to get down to $199. There’s no guarantee that will happen, though.

Still, the Galaxy Nexus is currently $99 on Amazon (new accounts only) and the Droid RAZR Maxx is $229. Both phones started out at $299 and are fairly recent.

I say wait to see if the price drops a bit more if bargain hunting is your thing. If you want a new phone now and need your big screen fix, like I said, $50 is a nice discount.

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