iPad 3 Release Date All But Confirmed

Last week, we heard that Apple might launch the new iPad, called the iPad 3 or iPad HD, on March 16th. The date makes some sense as the date falls nine days from the launch event. Last year, it took Apple the same nine days to launch the iPad 2. 9to5Mac has chimed in today and says that that March 16th date is indeed the iPad 3 release date which will coincide with Apple Store launches in both Texas and London.

The new rumor is based on information from a source who indicates that Apple is gearing up for a big Apple Store event on Friday, March 16th.

The previous release date rumor emerged due to the moving up of an Apple Store opening in Houston, Texas. The store had originally been slated to open up in January but was delayed until March 17th. Then, mysteriously, the date was moved up to March 16th.

Apple is also expected to take the curtain off of a Apple Store at Harrod’s in London on the same date.

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iPad 3 Release Date Again Pegged for March 16th

As we said, March 16th sits nine days out from the March 7th announcement that is set to take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. And again, it took Apple nine days from the iPad 2 announcement to get it on shelves.

In addition, the report states that Apple will not have a temporary store in place at this year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. That tidbit comes courtesy of  The Austin American-Statesman.

Last year, Apple constructed a temporary Apple Store that was used to sell the iPad 2 to the attendees and consumers alike.

The iPad 3 is widely expected to be announced tomorrow and may debut as the iPad HD.

Its also rumored to have 4G LTE capabilities, a high-resolution Retina Display, a powerful processor – more powerful then the one found on the iPad 2, and an upgraded rear camera.


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      They were in a hurry…that last paragraph was crammed together with out much detail. This person was in a hurry.

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    As for the chip finding smaller, that’s typical for chip makers (I worked semiconductors 20 years prior to going to aerospace), due to the the increased quantity of chips they are able to make per wafer, a known and stable hardware platform (we know what the old chip does, so the new a single should do the same, even even though it may go more rapidly, due towards the decrease in time it requires for the signals to travel, and yes, at that point, and at these speeds, line length and signal propagation is actually a aspect). The excellent thing is, that once the obstacles overcome in shrinking the chip, newer technology (A6, I hope) can consider advantage of it.

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