Early Apple Store Woes for New iPad Can’t Make Verizon Happy

Oh, my. First there’s the waiting and the sorting through the rumors. Then there’s the sorting out about what Apple really means in its announcement. Then there’s the constant and many attempts to get onto the Apple Store and pre-order a New iPad, if you want to. That’s always a crap shoot in the early going as Apple’s servers get swamped.

Well apparently they’ve been swamped to the point of confusion. If you choose a 4G LTE equipped New iPad you’re presented with a choice of two carriers here in the US. Well, maybe, or maybe not, as this picture shows. I’m sure Verizon is none to pleased at the moment. I’m also sure things will get sorted out sooner rather than later.


  1. I can’t believe more people aren’t complaining about the Apple Store being shut down.  It was shut down prior to the launch, and I haven’t seen it open since.  It’s not like they didn’t see it coming.  How unprepared can these guys be?  This seems to repeat itself virtually every time they launch a major product.  You would think they could get it down…..

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