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  1. Doug Feirstein

    If you would like an easy way to check across multiple sites, you can go to usell.com where we compare the different offers from different buyers.

  2. Margie Powers

    Nextworth is currently advertising that you can double the regular referral rate of $10 to $20 for friends who sell back iPhones to them. I did this and had three referrals (besides my own) but when I received the confirmation emails it mentioned a “gift card” , not cash, for the first time. I scoured their web site, including the small print, and it doesn’t refer to gift cards. I left a message at the company and their rep called at first saying it was wrong and I would receive cash. Then she called back and said she was wrong, it would be a gift card. I asked what kind and she said I had a choice of three… iTunes, Starbucks and she didn’t know the third. (And you cant get that info on their site until you have a code that you only receive after the deal is done.) That is not useful to me and I am disappointed that they are pulling this “bait and switch” at this stage. I will not follow through the selling of my phone and I will contact my three referrals and recommend they do not do business with this company. After reading more reviews on values being deflated after sending in the phones, I am wary of this also now.

  3. Lee

    I started BuybackBoss.com. We payer higher than any other buyback website. We specialize in iPhones and Blackberries.

    • William

      Cool. Love your site. Why do you offer higher prices than the other big buys?

      • Lee

        We offer higher prices because we are a small company and we have small expenses as compared to the “Big Guys”. Since we are small and new, we are offering the highest available prices to attract customers and a following.


  4. mike

    Ebay instant sale is a scam operation. NEVER buy or sell anything with these thieves! Gazelle, Nextworth are reputable. Sent a practically new macbook air, itouch, nanos to them for an “offer” of close to 1k and they respond that the macbook doesn’t have a HD or OS and countered with an offer of $51. Are you f-ing kidding me? Total value of my goods went down across the board. Offer reduced to $200 for everything. I said no thanks and to return everything. Of course, they managed to scratch up my mint itouch when shipping it back so it actually did actually lose value! This whole scam fronted by some shady outfit called AllTechWholesale, but ebayers don’t know that up front until they receive your goods. Just google their list of complaints. Ebay should be ashamed to be in bed with these crooks and I’m going to make sure as many people knows about them as possible to save others from such rip-offs. End story is, I sold the same goods to Gazelle for the exact offer amounts even though I had to take a hit on the itouch since I couldn’t in good faith claim it was in “perfect” condition after the con artists at AllTechWholesale were done with it.

  5. FR

    I just tried to sell my iPhone 4 to Nextworth only to have them renege on their offered amount saying my phone was “damaged.” It was in perfect condition so I had them send it back. Gazelle offered to take my phone for $100 more than Nextworth…I sent it in and my check is on the way! BEWARE OF NEXTWORTH!

  6. Lee Lowden

    Mr. Bradford,

    Great article, but next time I would focus on the smaller buyback companies that pay more cash for used devices. My company, Buyback Boss pays way more cash for used iPhones than the companies that you listed within your article. Please check out my website: http://www.BuybackBoss.com – I would loved to be featured in your next article. Thanks! Lee

  7. gabrielle barone

    All of these big companies pay PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR, and then resell on ebay for hundreds upon hundreds of dollars more. Mail in companies like gazelle set things up on their website to allow them to plausibly lower the quoted price for your wares, once they receive it – a classic bait and switch scam which further bolsters their corporate profits. Impossible to get the word out because these companies spend fortunes to bolster their reputation.

  8. Phil

    NextWorth is a scam. They told me something I sent into them was broken when we both knew it wasn’t, then they wouldn’t return it to me and therefore got to sell the item for 100% pure profit. There are negative reviews everywhere on the internet about NextWorth and there’s a reason for that.

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