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  1. David

    Looks good, nice price point as well… I hope they fixed the antenna issue, i had a Gnex and the reception was HORRIBLE! Exchanged for Razr much improvement over the gnex when it came to reception… Didnt really care bout ICS 4 over reception..

  2. Aaron

    Yeah, but that is on contract pricing, not so good.

  3. Roberto

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  4. Miranda Yap

    I used to be an apple die hard fan, recently I changed my mind. I bought a Samsung Galaxy II LTE in Hong Kong few days a go. I tried the 4G network, it’s so amazing, it can download a video from YouTube just in a second. Besides, the screen is so HD and size is much lighter than iphone4.

    Today, I read something blogs talking about Galaxy III, that make me have a desire for it too. It’s because the price is competitive, and the comfortable grip & only 8.6mm thin. Besides, there are 2 kind of colours: marble white and pebble blue.

    It becomes 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Now, still support the microSD card for an extension memory, it’s just perfect to make up my mind, swap for it! Btw, I like the white one.

  5. John Lillis

    Any idea when the 64GB model is coming to the US?

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