No, The HTC One X Camera Isn’t as Good as a Professional Camera

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  1. DaMacGuy

    I thought the TV ad was insulting to serious photographers. Even my small point-and-shoot takes better photos than any smartphone camera. Granted, you can’t beat the smartphone camera for convenience and sometimes being “the best camera with you,” as a daily carry. But, it is not even close to a big camera for image quality.


    • Xavier Lanier

      Completely agree. My iPhone 4S is my ‘with me’ camera, but now that I have a kid I try to keep another camera within reach at all times. My S100 blows away any smartphone camera. My Olympus EP-3 approaches cropped DLSR quality. My Nikons are what I use for the important stuff – work and family events.


  2. Jimmy

    Are you kidding me? A cell phone is not a camera. Plus, the HTC One X only has 8 MP. How, then, can it even compare to “professional’ cameras?


  3. Robert

    I got 9 out of 10 right. Bad size to judge by and they should have been the same image from both devices. But you still see the limits.


  4. Tim ONE X

    Hi, The One-X may not seem like a Camera that shakes your boots.

    I recorded a video in 1080p. Then took a snapshot from the paused video.

    Its resolution is 1920×1080. Look how much detail it has, From a video.

    The pics are 3264×1840 and of course alot clearer than pics snapped from a moving video.

    Don’t hate on the One X. Its a very decent camera.


  5. Tim ONE X

    PS: This was a quick, pour, shoot , snap picture. And coming from a below armature photographer.

    Please do this with your Camera and post back How Your camera pics up motion from a video.

    I would love to see how my Camera really performs.


  6. Tim ONE X

    hopefully the hires shot, sorry for the small pic in top post.


  7. Tim ONE X

    Not sure if you notice, but, They are showing the camera’s power in the fashion video.At the end it shows the burst mode the phone is capable of.

    (He was taking photos the whole fall, at the end , he got to pick which one he found right.)

    It all is possible from what i have experienced.


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