5 iPhone Bluetooth Car Kits to Upgrade Your Ride

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  1. meinrad signorell

    hilfe mein autoradio bluetooth radio-cd. saud o.k. mikrofonanschluss kien ton muss ich ein verschtärger ein bauen handmikrofon) danke

  2. Guntar

    Thank you for the review. Really really useful :-)

  3. Ruddyman

    You’ve found some of the best products out there. I tried the Clarion but it is plagued with bluetooth connectivity issues, at least with the iPhone 5.. Sometimes it would hardly play the music without constant cutting out when connected to my iPhone 5. I switched to a newer pioneer model that was actually cheaper and it works perfectly. Also note that the Clarion has no way to invoke Siri without initiating from the phone.

    • Jeff

      What pioneer model did you buy? How much was it? Where did you buy it? Did you install it yourself?

  4. Demetris

    Hey i really like how you use the pics to differentiate. Nice layout and clean approach definately gotta come back and read more

  5. Phil

    THanks for the review. Very helpful.

  6. bluetooth hack

    Highly descriptive article, I liked that bit. Will
    there be a part 2?

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