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  1. Notorious

    Quasar is not free. It costs $9.99

    • Josh Smith

      Thanks, Updating now.

  2. Ary Cabral

    Belfry doesn’t work in new iPad???? My iOS is 5.1.1
    Thanks Josh!

    • Nick

      Belfry is actually really nice. It works perfectly on 5.0.1 but the 3 main apps (Clock, Weather, Stocks) including their notification center widgets are not (yet?) supported for iOS 5.1 and 5.1.1. It doesn’t matter whether you have the iPad, iPad 2 or the new iPad.

  3. Hengchingvun

    I liku jail berak

  4. Hengchingvun

    I like to jail break

  5. Hengchingvun

    Jail break

  6. Akanaro

    To be honest, while these few apps might be usefull for customising fans the overall experience with jailbreaking my new iPad was meh. The apps that really matter are not supported (like SwirlySMS), the store is filled with an insane amount of themes and junk apps while the essentials like openJDK, JRE and GSM funtionality (Phone, SMS, MMS) either don’t exist or are not compaitable yet with the new iPad or iOS 5.1.1.

    Perhaps I was expecting something totally different than what the purpose of jailbreaking is. Also note, I am not blaming the store, developers or jailbreaking in general for my dissapointment. It’s a new device and a new iOS update. I get that. But I have to make it clear that unless you absolutely can not live without widgets and colourful themes it is a waste of time at this stage. Perhaps in 6 months time things will look better. For now I’m hitting the Restore button.

  7. batmandela

    Mail Enhancer Pro
    Springtomize 2
    MyWi on Demand
    Safari Download Manager (with iFile)

    So many fantastic non-eye-candy reasons to jailbreak.

    Akanaro: I’d really encourage you to check out some of the above. They are brilliant, solid Apps. All likely to be part of iOS 7 or 8… I have two friends working at Apple Inc. They tell me most Apple execs have jailbroken phones. The jailbreak community and its developers are driving innovation on iDevices.

    I couldn’t possibly go back to a stock OS.

  8. batmandela

    Oh… And I forgot

    Action Menus Plus
    Manual Correct

    Good news is that all of the above work perfectly on jailbroken iPhone 4s iOS 5.1.1

    Get these apps and you’ll have a supercharged, functional ‘Swiss Army knife’ iPhone. :)

  9. Wolf

    I have had my ipod jailbroken for a long time now (its rather old firmwear too so MOST things are compatible)

    I can honestly say that though I only have a few things I properly use, I can’t live without them. And I am sad to say that most of these apps dont support (or have an equivalent version) for the iPad. (I don’t count having to use the iPhone version as “support”) And a lot that do, don’t support 5.1.1

    (I do like actually customizing the look and feel AS WELL as functionality.) I miss Boss Paper the most. But I can’t get into my picture folders.

  10. jeff p

    belfry doesn’t install on 5.1.1 new ipad.

  11. edy

    Wanna jail Break your device go togreenpoison dot com and enjoy boys & girls!!!!!!!!!!

  12. eric

    hi im eric how can i get this app called jailberak for my ipad2 5.1.1 plz help

    • Jomir

      Go to google then search absinthe-2.0.4 and download your pc then lunch it.now plug in your iPad and then you can see the jailbreak button just press the button that’s it.make sure don’t disconnect your device before the finished jailbreak just leave it couple minutes and then you can see successfully finished jailbreak.if you need more help then don’t hesitate to know me.thankz

  13. san

    Quasar is Free …

  14. Awesomeness

    Missed icon user. Locks any icon from a user on ur ipad with a special passcode.

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