How to Install the iOS 6 Beta for Free

If you don’t have a developer account, but you want to install the iOS 6 beta on your iPhone or iPad, we have the solution.

Normally users need to register the iPhone UDID with a developer account for $99 or through a service like IMZDL for $7 to $8, but someone found a hole that lets anyone install the iOS 6 beta without paying to register their UDID.

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This method tricks Apple into verifying the iPhone or iPad so that iOS 6 can be installed. Several commenters on Absinthejailbreak confirm that it is working, but it’s possible that this hole will be closed with the iOS 6 beta 2, so we still think it’s worth paying $7 to get iOS 6.

But, if you like a free ride, here’s how to install the iOS 6 beta without a developer account or a registered UDID.


What You’ll Need

How to Install the iOS 6 Beta without a Developer Account

Before you start, be sure to backup your iPhone or iPad to iTunes and to install iTunes 10.6.3

1. Hook your iPhone or iPad to the computer with a USB cable.

Install iOS 6 beta without developer2. Restore to the iOS 5.1.1 file downloaded.

To do this open iTunes and click on the device name.

  • In Windows Shift click on Restore.
  • On a Mac, alt click on Restore.

Select the iOS 5.1.1 file and wait for the iPhone or iPad to restore.


3. When prompted restore as a new device.

4. Now we need to install the iOS 6 beta.

  • In Windows Shift click on Check for Update.
  • On a Mac, alt click on Check for Update.

install ios 6 beta without UDID

When the prompt opens, click on the ipsw file you downloaded for iOS  6.

5. Wait for the software update to apply, typically 10-15 minutes. When the iPhone or iPad restarts you can start using the iOS 6 beta.

The video below shows how to install the iOS 6 beta without registering a UDID. Make sure to turn your volume down as it has a loud music soundtrack.

iOS 6 Beta Warnings

Installing this beta software means that some apps won’t work, battery life may take a hit and the iPhone may crash more often than normal. If that’s not something you can deal with, skip this beta and wait for the iOS 6 release date later this year.

This method may also result in issues with future iOS 6 betas, and it might fail if you don’t follow the directions exactly. I recommend spending the $7 to register your iPhone UDID for a smoother process.

There is no iOS 6 jailbreak, upgrading to the iOS 6 beta could mean a long wait to return to the jailbreak world.

The iOS 6 beta only works on the following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 4
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3 (The New iPad)
  • iPod Touch 4G

Let us know how this goes in the comments.


  1. Chuck says

    What can be said about the legality of going through hacktivation (with use of custom bundles in redsn0w) with this beta?

  2. Kevin says

    If I activated my UDID last summer so I could get iOS 6 Beta, do I need to reactivate it or will I be good to go with iOS 6 Beta?

    • Andrew says

      Depends on when you registered your UDID. If it was more than exactly one year ago then you will need to register again.

  3. Joe says

    it went through everything and when it went to verify after my phone rebooted it said i didnt have a developer account and i couldnt use my phone. I had to put info dfu mode and reinstall 5.1.1 to use my phone

  4. Austin says

    how do i update to iOS 6 if i registered my iPhones UUID within a month or two?
    what program do i use or will it allow me to update directly on itunes

  5. Eben says

    Im worried this will mess up my phone if i install it can i uninstall it to fix it if it does? Has anyone done it with udid thing?

  6. Apple develop says

    illegal use of this software will void your warranty and we will brick all devices with this un-developed edition of iOS 6
    We recommend that is you have it that you will have to stick with it due to the fact that you can not revert to the older iOS versions.

    • Apple Representative says

      The poster above is stupid.

      If you really were a Apple Dev, you’d know that a simple restore will erase anything you may have had and restore your warranty. As far as bricking devices with Beta 1, I’ve bricked my iPhone 4S twice trying to uninstall iOS 6 b1. Guess what? I’m using iOS 6 b1 right now and I’m not a developer.
      In those two times I bricked my iPhone, I successfully restored to iOS 5.1.1.. Go back into your troll-hole. There is a Big Mac for you there.

      • Vinny says

        also read what he/she said again “We recommend that is you have it that you will have to stick with it” and realize that an official Apple Dev would know how to speak English Properly

    • ahmet says

      Don’t listen to this idiot… Everything he is claiming I tried and did successfully with a good old restore! You can even go back to 5.1.1.. Apple Representative, thanks for calling this phony piece of garbage out… I also believe that a REAL Apple developer wouldn’t make so many grammatical errors… FAKE.

  7. Apple develop says

    We hope you have acknowledged this and hopefully subscribe as a official apple co-developer for a fee of $99. Please take this as a caution and a warning.

  8. shaggey says

    hy every 1.. m in a bit problem with my ipad2.. i tried to upgrade to ios 6. but its not getting registerd… plz tell me a way to restore it back to ios 5.1.1…

  9. Jim says

    Moheet- Siri on iPad 2 has not been possible for me but works fine on 5.0.1 with spire installed. I do have to mail my certificates to myself daily using assistant connect for iPhone and then open with assistant connect in the iPad 2. It’s worth the small hassle for me but suppose it depends on individual users. The assistant connect file is different for the iPhone 4s than the one you would install on the iPad if you do decide to downgrade from 5.1 to 5.0.1. I’m running 5.1 on iPhone and 5.0.1 on iPad 2. I’m staying with these for now – not willing to give up jailbreak tweaks that are awesome – and quite a few of them paid tweaks. Hope this helps.

    • Brad says

      Dude. Siriport works way better then spire. Activate once and ur good. Works on any iOS 5 device incl iPads

  10. Jim says

    I should have started my post by saying Siri has not been possible for me on iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1 but works fine on 5.0.1.

  11. Dylan says

    I just upgraded to ios 6 beta 3 this morning for free and I had no problems upgrading to ios 6.

    There are few bugs but it is still in beta form.

    I love ios 6 and for the most part it it runs quite smoothly.


  12. verone gnanaraj says

    i am scared to do this because of yhe warning thanks for the warning but can you let me know when applewill release ios 6 please ( cant wait ) ;(

  13. James says

    I want siri on my ipad 2 and have ios 6. Couldn’t I simply download the firmware for the ipad 3 and load it on my ipad 2?

  14. Josef Rivera says

    I really wanna die listening to all these assholes asking the same questions over and over. Try to relax, it will be released shortly . WTF

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