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  1. Jason Engledow

    I hope this look is wrong! It’s time for a new look to wow those of us that have used every model. It’s like the 3 and the 3GS!, the 4 and the 4S!! Stretching it out to me is a lame excuse and I would be very disappointed and would consider buying a Galaxy 3! I have come to expect certain things from apple! I would say that Apple has become complacent and resting on their past success if this is the new design!!

  2. Steve

    I don’t know why I don’t like this concept. It looks casual, sporty and less elegant.

  3. Kate

    If they are changing the plug in I am DEFINITELY buying the 4s. Goodness, I’ve got two docks and a car radio that wouldn’t be compatible with the 5. Stupid Apple…… and that’s from a Mac person……

    • joe

      I imagine they will produce an adapter.

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