iPhone 5 Release Date, Specs, News and Rumors

As July rolls in and summer heats up iPhone 5 rumors cool down a bit to make way for rumors of a smaller iPad Mini, but that doesn’t mean there are no new rumors to share.

iPhone 5 rumors range from obvious to out there, and there’s a possibility that everything we know about the iPhone 5 is wrong, but the following roundup will try to make sense of the new iPhone 5 rumors.

The next generation iPhone is Apple’s sixth iPhone, but it has earned the iPhone 5 name from press and analysts.

iPhone 5 Release Date

We already have a pretty good idea about what to expect on the iPhone 5 release date, and what not to expect this fall.

The latest rumors says that the iPhone 5 might launch as early as August or September, but we still feel that October 2012 is the most likely iPhone 5 release date.


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TechRadar reports that Apple is slowing iPhone 4S orders by as much as 25% this quarter to prepare for the iPhone 5 release date this fall.

Apple typically reduces the number of current generation iPhones to be sold as the release of a new iPhone launches. While we expect that Apple will still sell the iPhone 4S as a $99 option, the new iPhone will take over the primary manufacturing priority.

iPhone 5 Form Factor

According to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou, the new iPhone 5 will put the Samsung Galaxy S III to shame. The Galaxy S III packs in a large high-resolution display, curvaceous design and tempting looks, but the man who runs the plants which manufacture the iPhone believes the new iPhone has what it takes to beat Samsung’s best.

iPhone 5 design rumors
This lifelike iPhone 5 render shows what the iPhone 5 may look like.

The iPhone 5 will not likely feature a Liquidmetal case, but we may finally see the return of the metal back, adding to the overall durability of the iPhone and making it much easier to go without a case.


Apple may finally release a bigger iPhone, opting for a taller iPhone 5 with a larger display. The iPhone 5 may look like the image shown above or the video below.

At least one analyst with ties to the Apple Supply chain has called into question the authenticity of these leaks, suggesting that Apple may opt for a more radical change. The leaked iPhone 5 parts look much like the iPhone 4S with flat sides and uniform depth from top to bottom.

Recently an iPhone case manufacturer leaked iPhone 5 case dimensions, and the possible dimensions for the iPhone 5. Many sources sell this information to the big name iPhone case manufacturers, but as we saw with the iPhone 4S, these leaks are not always reliable.

iPhone 5 size leak
This leak shows the possible dimensions of the iPhone 5.

If the leaked iPhone 5 parts are true to the iPhone 5 design Apple will lave curved backs and large screens to the Android camp for another year.

iPhone 5 Screen

The largest iPhone 5 rumors is that there will be a larger 4-inch display. This larger display will offer a taller screen, but not a wider screen.

iPhone 5 display vs iPhone 4S display
Note the taller display on the iPhone 5 mock up on the left.

The new larger iPhone 5 display reportedly offers 176 additional pixels at the top of the display, something Apple’s own website may have tipped.

The larger display would offer more room to read and see information in portrait mode and a wide-screen aspect ratio similar to what’s found on HDTVs when the phone is turned on its side to watch TV or movies.

Very few new rumors have leaked about the size of the iPhone 5 display.

iPhone 5 Specs

Apple is never big on specs when it talks about the iPhone or iPad, and it looks like we may see a similar theme with the iPhone 5.

Leaks from 9to5Mac suggest that the iPhone 5 will have a slightly faster processor and a bump up to 1GB of RAM. The processor and RAM may seem small compared to Android smartphones packing quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM, but it’s all about the implementation.

As we saw with the new iPad 3rd generation, Apple may not deliver state of the art upgrades throughout the spec list, but the key upgrades allow for noticeable differences like improved graphics.

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The iPhone 5 will almost certainly ship with 4G LTE compatibility based on comments from chip maker Qualcom, leaks and logic. While Apple is known for waiting to implement new technology, AT&T and Verizon are ready for a 4G LTE iPhone, and so are customers. Are batteries and our data plans ready for a 4G LTE iPhone 5?

iPhone 5 smaller dock
The iphone 5 may have a smaller dock connector like the one shown above.

Apple may also change to a smaller 19-pin dock for the iPhone 5. Techcrunch calls this change confirmed thanks to multiple sources in the Apple supply chain. The smaller dock connector  would use a magnet system to snap the cable into place, allow for a smaller iPhone and additional waterproofing.

iPhone 5 wireless charging
The iPhone 5 may charge without wires.

Other rumors suggest Apple will include inductive, or wireless charging as a standard feature of the iPhone 5. A new Apple patent shows a method of charging the iPhone with a dock that needs no wires to charge. Apple filed the patent in 2008, and this isn’t the first time we’ve heard about this feature, so we’re not holding our breath for wireless charging as a standard iPhone 5 spec.

iPhone 5 Digital Wallet

The latest leaks indicate the iPhone 5 will ship with support for NFC, a piece of technology that would integrate with the new iOS 6 Passbook app.

iPhone 5 mobile wallet
The iPhone 5 may have digital wallet capabilities shown in this mock up.

According to information unearthed by 9to5Mac, at least one iPhone 5 prototype has the NFC chips needed to turn the new iPhone into a digital wallet. The code reveals that the NFC chip attaches right to the Power Management Unit, which links up to the Qualcomm chip we expect in the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 Camera

The iPhone 4S already delivers one of the best smartphone cameras, and according to recent leaks the company could prepare to up the game with the iPhone 5.

We don’t expect anything in the PureView range, but the latest rumors suggest that Apple is planning an 8MP sensor for the iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 camera
Apple routinely patents new ideas like this camera innovation for the iPhone 5.

The iPhone 4S also uses an 8MP sensor, but it is likely that the 8MP camera sensor is smaller, allowing for a thinner iPhone 5.

Apple received a patent for an iPhone that supports switching between multiple lenses, though this would be a big surprise for the next generation iPhone.

iPhone 5 Price

Apple will likely keep the base price of the iPhone 5 at $199 on a two-year contract and $649 without a contract. Unless Apple announces a larger capacity iPhone 5 with 128GB of storage the most expensive iPhone 5 will likely run $399 on contract.

Stay tuned for new iPhone 5 news and rumors.


  1. I’m just waiting for the new Iphone5 to come out. Will be in the front of the line to get my first one. Sad, since I have been a long time Apple user.

  2. If the charger is diffrent than every other ipod/ipad/iphone then I will hold off. My entire work/home/car is set up with the current charger plug. I will not be happy if Apple changes the charger. At least there wil be a huge sale on all the IHome items :)

  3. how many times could i hit the iphone 5 with a hammer? as it only took me 7 forcible hits to ruin my current iphone 4s

    • I see you have a distinguished Nick. Quite appropriate too; judging the calibre of a person by the brand they use.

  4. Sounds like the above person responding has lots of anger issues. I m sorry your parents talked to you that way. I sure hope you don t talk to your kids like that and maybe you do not have kids, that would be a blessing. Sending prayer your way. Peace

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  6. Well i just recieved the iphone 4s for christmas and about two days ago I completly shattered the front glass
    because i gave to my friend to call his girlfriend… he thought that it would be a good idea to chuck it back to me
    … his throw epically failed which caused my iphone to take the consquences causing it to go face first into the sidewalk
    I was wondering if I should just wait for the iphone 5 to come out or replace my current my iphone… Thank you for your time!

    • Just replace the screen…It costs 30 bucks on amazon and you could probably find a friend who’d replace it for you. Alternately you could take it into Apple and they’ll charge you $100 or so. Don’t bother with paying so much for a new one.

  7. Search locally. Many places can replace the screen for under $100. I have replaced mine 3 times (3GS) waitin for the 5…

  8. on my birthday i can take any thing i want i can take iphone 4s but in google images i saw it very big but in real i see it smalll so i have taken samsung galaxy tab 620 and on 9 april its mother board is gone till now my samsung galaxy tab 620 is not good and my birthday was on 29 march 2012 so now i will take iphone 5s . i love it ……….

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August 15,jordan, 2010, under the persuasion of his wife’s Pengyun Chun entered the Public Security Bureau gave himself up. August 16, 2010, Xinping County Public Security Bureau of their criminal detention. November 28, Xinping County Procuratorate of the accused to the crime explosion Pengyun Chun prosecution. Ultimately, Peng Yunchun court confessed to his crime, and voluntarily pleaded guilty Executed. 相关的主题文章: small day is only 15 years old Wie admitted true and insincere apology a yuan deposit no retreat “

  13. ,ナイキ ジョーダンInvestigators suspect, He Xiaoguang and “chubby” is just a very grass-roots staff,jordan, and even online “master” level is not high,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, voice radio rebate may be higher, but the layers of “subcontracting” business,ジョーダン, “profit” be diluted. Last December,mercurial vapor pas cher, He Xiaoguang once bought more than 100 cards and number to no time to copy,mercurial, operating. So they developed through the network under the house. Therefore,louboutin, investigators suspect that this case is similar to Network Marketing, the layers of development off the assembly line,herve leger dress, to achieve the purpose of money making. At present,louboutin pas cher, the police are still on the case further verified. ‘s Office with theft He Xiaoguang approved the arrest of “chubby” at large,abercrombie france, that the Internet “expert” is not caught, the whole case has not been completely cracked,air jordan pas cher, a lot of question marks has not been opened,air jordan, such as foreign voice of The rebate is paid to the domestic account 相关的主题文章: he decided to pick up the children of others first hospital Hemou get on a chair to rest the case is under investigation.

  14. Live in a small mountain in the same building during the Chinese New Year has been in the home, almost no how a pass, she did not detect any abnormalities, “passing from downstairs,バーバリー, did not smell a strange smell, how a gas leak caused such an accident “Looking out of the police, a small mountain heart, a stomach of the doubt. Unfortunately, confirmed as the Qin five colleagues have died,abercrombie france, three men who have Shiban, dead for more than one day, another man and woman was killed this time above 8 hours. On the 8th evening,バーバリー コート, the end of the salon employees Qin (a pseudonym) on leave from the home back to Hefei,louboutin pas cher, the rental house door locked,abercrombie france, the windows closed. Qin knock for a long time the door no one answered,michael kors, he felt a little strange, then try to turn to the second floor of the broken windows into the room from downstairs. Entered the house,abercrombie france, small Qin froze. The room was filled with a strong smell of gas,air jordan pas cher, living room, female colleagues dressed in pajamas paralysis in the bathroom door,abercrombie france, Qin shouting her few times and nothing happens. Other several male colleagues in the house should have disappeared. Little Qin embolden opened the bathroom door and found four male colleagues Guangzhuobangzi lying in the bathroom,バーバリー 財布, the same does not have any sound. Upon seeing this, a small Qin panicked call 110. ‘clock, darkness enveloped the rise Park District is very calm. 52 buildings of the incident, police cordoned off within 50 meters shall not be anyone to pass. Front of the building, gathering many onlookers residents. “The big New Year, how will the gas poisoning, a serious matter ” Just returned from the field back to Hefei in the afternoon of the 8th Mr. Ku a stand outside the cordon, softly talking. The crowd, the young man hurriedly walked in front of the building, upstairs,burberry pas cher, looking solemn, silent all the way. According to informed residents that the two young lives in the incident room, and five dead colleagues,louboutin, but also the discoverer of the accident.   The detection of relevant personnel, the preliminary identification of five causes of death for the excessive intake of carbon monoxide, and speculated that as the bath gas leak, the cause of the accident. Related articles: unified open network the younger brother over the phone shortness of breath the eldest son

  15. “Wu has reached the status of fetish addiction.” Tan Gangqiang,abercrombie, director of the Chongqing Municipal Association psychological consultancy firm, that Wu’s behavior is typical of psychological variation of reaction. He suggested that Wu should make approaching the psychological clinic of the regular hospital for examination and treatment. ‘s underwear theft. Analysis found by police on the scene,louboutin, stolen underwear most of the drying in the 1st and 2nd floor or semi-closed Yuanba similar to the modus operandi, crime has arbitrary police for analysis of the cases should one person. Wu account of the reason for stealing women’s underwear is single, he curious about women’s underwear, and use it to meet their physical and psychological needs. 11 o’clock on the evening of June 14, Ms. Wu, who lives in Youyang county suddenly heard outside the house ring through the door, she found a young man being stabbed with a bamboo lingerie and underwear hanging in the dam yard, Wu immediately call 110. Soon,abercrombie pas cher, the police arrived on the scene this man was caught stealing underwear,ray ban, and then found all kinds of female underwear in the bags under the bed in his home. After investigation, the man,polo ralph lauren, surnamed Ng, 25 years old this year, a district in Youyang engaged in property management work. Beginning in April of this year,バーバリー 財布, Wu has to steal women’s underwear over a hundred times, a total of 200 pieces. At present,louboutin pas cher, this case is under further investigation in One day in April this year,バーバリー コート, Miss Tian rental in Riverside Park near their drying underwear suddenly “disappeared”. “In the beginning, I thought that was blown off,polo ralph lauren pas cher, did not care.” Miss Tian said, shortly after the rent with her female colleagues underwear also disappeared after another, “Until then,ray ban pas cher, I came to realize that suffered a ‘ lingerie thief ‘. ” 相关的主题文章: Man convicted of affray absconded nine billions possessions hanging others name a pair of gold earrings The first bottle is finished

  16. Police in the investigation found,air jordan pas cher, Tong Hui as star enterprises in Sanmenxia City, and big profits, apparently there are loopholes in management, Liu Xiaohui can easily steal a large number of gold bars, causing the Sanmenxia City, one of the factors of the largest thefts in the decades. At present,abercrombie, the police working on this in-depth investigation. The preliminary investigation of the public security department learned that the night of February 22, 2:00 am to 23, six guards on duty at the Tung-hui’s warehouse. Night power outage, Liu Xiaohui the opportunity to master the warehouse of the first security door key to enter the warehouse outside, then the first security door locked, and then open the second security door. Then, he prepared a good crowbar has forced open the lock of the Treasury and crafts bullion storage cupboard,louboutin, remove the cabinet to store 765 arts and crafts gold bars (total weight of 50.224 kg,air jordan pas cher, valued at more than 1,abercrombie pas cher,200 million). Then he night fled the scene,louboutin pas cher, the car escaped to Shanxi from Lingbao District was removed. Absconded three days, according to Liu Xiaohui confession, a small amount of gold bullion stolen in Houma City will sell more than 20 million, received stolen money. Subsequently,louboutin pas cher, he took the “Miss” in the know of a bath, made many trips to the mall, bath,abercrombie france, etc. profligate consumption,michael kors, three days spent 3 million yuan. According to Liu Xiaohui confession, he was to buy the black color to high levels of debt owed. Before the Spring Festival, the creditor door dun, he could not repay,abercrombie france, they decided to take the risk, the use of positions to facilitate the theft of the gold bars. 12:00 pm on February 26, in the Shanxi police with the police Sanmenxia Yaodu District hotel Liu Xiaohui arrested. According to Liu XH’s confession, the police has to be stolen in Houma City crafts gold bars and 19 million of stolen money is recovered successfully.  It is understood that Liu Xiaohui,abercrombie pas cher, 28 years old, is the the Lingbao focus villages bottom village. In March 2006,abercrombie, he was introduced into the Tung-hui, the first line in the mines. Performed well, tall, and in January 2008 he was transferred to the company security department as a duty squad, armed escort and care of the key positions responsible for precious metals. 相关的主题文章:  In this regard 000 yuan are owed wages ‘s machinery and equipment as collateral 人生若只如初见,何事秋风悲画扇。等闲变却故人心,却道故人心易变。

  17. ‘s 0.6 yuan / kg to the current 2.7 yuan / kg.
    ,air jordan In addition,burberry soldes, there are reports,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Shandong Province,air jordan, a size of 350 acres of vegetable cooperatives,louboutin pas cher, said tomatoes last year over the same period, the shelf price is 2.4 yuan / kg,burberry pas cher, now risen to 5.2 yuan / kg; bitter gourd from the same period last year to 3.4 yuan / kg rose to 7.2 yuan / kg. The largest vegetable wholesale market in Nanning,louboutin pas cher, Guangxi the – wuliting wholesale vegetable market. On the 4th cabbage wholesale price of 1.8 yuan per kg,air jordan pas cher, 0.4 yuan over the same period last year; tomatoes 4 yuan per kg,christian louboutin, compared to 2.2 yuan. Some media analysts believe that the continuous cold oligonucleotide according to some of the main vegetable production areas in China in the spring of this year, coupled with pest and disease exacerbations,christian louboutin, resulting in lower part of the vegetable production,louboutin, prices, recent finished two successive oil price increase has pushed up vegetable prices. According to estimates,air jordan, oil prices each rose 4%, vegetable cultivation costs would increase by 3%. Related articles: Fengyang Work Safety Supervision Bureau, former director of Nanjing CPPCC members advocate to set up a civil service voluntary system to rev My ship was robbed last crew to destroy the power system cau

  18. Spare time, she sat in the warm sun of satisfied foundation, to make shoes, she does not let the grandchildren bought her, she put it bluntly, do the shoes comfortable foot. I sat next to listen to her old saying. The life of my grandmother did not remarry people, and father had each other, day by day forward difficult to survive, the father is also a day by day slowly. Poor children as early masters the father eighty-nine the age of the head has grown to six meters high as the male labor in the home, the grandmother has been father-in-law, father-in-law began to plow,burberry pas cher, harrow …… Until ushered in the liberation of the new China. 12-year-old grandfather into the new society, the grandmother excellent insight go to school to study, Transfer to the second grade. Father graduated from elementary school to stay in the brigade when accounting, one thousand twenty years later, when the brigade secretary in that Zhantiandoude years, father has been engaged in mental work. Married earlier, my grandmother less than a four-year-old father began to report grandson, seven grandson in her care of the next one to grow. Tribe see my grandmother a widow,chaussures louboutin, dragging a young child and want to occupation of the grandmother’s estate field,burberry, conspiracy to find a grandmother of a one family, forcing her married together with the father-in-law, grandmother patch of land to prevent the knife with death fight,louboutin, and ultimately scare the tribe. Headed grandmother, regardless of job multiple,air jordan, how bitter she wants grandchildren to school for the weight, each grandson is very disappointing,polo ralph lauren pas cher, a finished elementary school, junior high school, have also admitted to the university or secondary school. Great granddaughter was admitted to Medical School to become an expert in the prefecture-level city center hospital,christian louboutin, two of his granddaughter as a teacher of the people, and three grandchildren was admitted to the Military Academy as a battalion commander,air jordan, four grandson admitted to the aerospace school to become a senior engineer of the space base … Seven grandson security in the city, the home to live a happy life. Grandma all day grinning from ear to ear. In conversation with the grandmother. I learned that my grandmother suffered many hardships, had a rough life unbearable. Grandma-year-old married grandfather, father-in-law still in its infancy, grandfather Kuomintang forced recruitment away. When barely a year, soldiers, eager to go home the grandfather of the sun and the moon his wife and children to identify an opportunity to escape the more that the high wall fell and broke his legs, holding the side of his wife and children of faith to see, relying on strong willpower along the thousands of miles away begging crawl back into, to see his wife and children are still under serious infections grandfather skinny wound a knowing smile passed away, with endless pictures with dismay ・. Knowing smile became a grandmother in. Grandma is a yokel,louboutin pas cher, but coarse, fine,louboutin, before I was born, her soft fluff to kill the goose that lays the body little by little, pick out, with water disinfection to dry in a bag close to the child made a small quilt, and her many years ago, textile coarse out to cut a rectangular piece of diapers, so I gave the children with her comfort than spend money on diapers. Grandmother baked pot steamed fragrant and crisp, in the village, grandmother soy sauce, sweet and delicious, people appetite, called the top grade. ‘s behavior makes me wonder: she can effortlessly pull us back a few pounds of wheat sub vertical up the sun, she was able to installed full to a bag of rapeseed gently on his shoulder into the house, sweep the floor, closing the waste, cooking,air jordan, laundry … Her like a tireless pendulum busy. I also wonder: her feet to walk in the old society is bound to lameness actually walking like a champ, this walk has always been fast and also keep up with her footsteps. Grandmother, short stature, thin body is tough and strong, almost do not get sick, she was paying attention, only to let her worry about her eyelashes are often inverted in the eye, a thorn her open eyes, from time to time have to hand rubbed, and I her husband every time he returns home, the first thing is to clean up her down in the eyes of an eyelash. Grandmother after 90 birthday that day, the grandchildren gathered a grandmother wearing auspicious clothes, laugh all day,christian louboutin, at night to eat two bowls of rice Grandma quietly without interest, with a comfortable smile serene away, no regrets and grandfather in the meet! (Love edit: I love people) This article label: Evening, the 19-year-old grandmother holding the father Dao Cunkou grandfather scenes no longer had to face the cold reality that she wiped away tears, and become mature, the decision alone, the father brought up. As men plow, harrow, pull carts, Jan wheat and taking care of all the manual labor. Related articles: Ministry of Health experts have not yet confirmed that iodin Shanghai pilot announced PM2.5 value Beijing intends to infringe the same patent twice

  19. Nature Reserve was informed that a fire zone belongs to Beijing labagoumen fire,air jordan pas cher, the local forest police station police investigation revealed that the burned area of ​​the two locations are about 5 square meters,air jordan, adjacent with alarm Pengmou responsible for regional,air jordan, it was for arson suspects. After the incident,air jordan pas cher, the police contact Yang and Pengmou, ask the relevant circumstances. I heard that the police have been suspected of committing the crime may Pengmou home removed some dry food to run into the forest areas to hide. Police the night to start the search. In the end, in the Fengning a forest fire station,ポロ, taking a break Pengmou be apprehended by the police. February 13,abercrombie, this vindictive Pengmou,サッカー ユニフォーム, in the morning up the mountain patrol,jordan, the initiation of the idea of ​​arson in the Yang of the tube in the forest districts. Not caused the fire,マーキュリアル ヴェイパー, Pengmou deliberately chose two without too much vegetation near the mountain,jordan, forest shrubs ignited with a match. . ‘s Yang, the village committee appointed for the rangers. Shortly thereafter,abercrombie pas cher, the two sides because of a trivial conflict. Intensification of conflicts, Pengmou brother angrily wounded Yang,abercrombie france, and the court ordered compensation Yang nearly thousand dollars. 相关的主题文章: Xun said in an interview to pay a heavy price – Mr. Hong died from his injuries re-rescue. Psychopathic 26-year-old man was released from prison after rape, indecent more than 10

  20.   Currently,mercurial, the Police and Fire departments are the cause of the accident for further investigation. (Zhao Bo)    External investigation The waiter had heard Chi Chi sound Related articles: enrollment registration and information entry “In addition to send him home from Shanxi and then I fainted.” Then

  21. Alarm, the police Deng Dan, rushed to the scene. The police found on the first floor stairs into the incident,louboutin pas cher, residents of the home, a man who is lookout. The man to see the police immediately after the shouting, wake up upstairs stealing accomplices. After a few seconds, seven men armed with machetes upstairs rushed down with the police clamor,air ジョーダン, and holding a machete and police confrontation.  Yu Mou account, he and four accomplices in the 3rd came to Pingxiang to help people collect debts,abercrombie france, and other accomplices, he did not know, do not know who is the creditor, verification of the identity of police of other criminals.   After: 7 thugs armed with knives and police confrontation The two criminals were arrested,バーバリー コート, the police reinforcements arrived at the scene. 16:20 Hsu, Special Police Detachment will arrest the two criminals the day of the transfer of the port police station to the the Anyuan branch of the city Public Security Bureau. Day, 15:00, 110 Command Center in the city receiving the alarm, said Yuejin Road in the opposite of the city, a residential building was theft. Command center immediately to the Special Police Detachment Special Service Group Greenery Square booth out of the police. According to Tang Dan, he finally fired a shot toward the ground to open the gangsters on each escape their scurrying. A criminals onto the streets, he immediately followed and to the criminals across the street railing, suddenly fell to the ground, Deng Dan rushed to control the criminals. Deng Dan completely control, only to find the place of its fall to the ground with a pool of blood,herve leger dress, when Deng Dan discovered that the criminals right foot injury. Deng Dan said he was shot in front to the ground cement, may be due to the bullets bounce. Subsequently,louboutin, Deng Dan colleagues captured the one he tried to escape the thugs in an alley. See criminals to escape,mercurial, three police immediately fully pursued. Police are fully solve the case  Because it involves the rational use of weapons of police equipment,アディダス スニーカー, the relevant departments of the city’s Public Security Bureau is also on the specific circumstances of shot when the shot of the police to understand. The police fired warning shots criminals Zuoniaoshousan Results: The two criminals on the spot arrested one person was wounded by a bullet Deng Dan will then restore: criminals uniforms of that time, he and his colleagues have been the first floor of the lookout, because the criminals screaming upstairs breaking seven criminals is found that the situation is different immediately after the holding machetes rushed down from the 5th floor, just three Alarming police blocking the stairs. There are a lot of criminals, the clamor of the stand in a row toward the police, a criminals holding a machete to cut over toward the police, Deng Dan flash,ナイキ スニーカー, immediately overturned Ming fired two shots,michael kors outlet, but did not scare them. , Also a scoundrel again toward the police approached brandished a knife and cut to the Tang Dan toward the ground fired a shot. At this point,herve leger, see the police to make it real, the seven criminals immediately Zuoniaoshousan,ジョーダン, prior to control by the police lookout criminals also took the opportunity to escape.
    相关的主题文章: she was intolerable informers will Xiemou. a doctor the police are fully investigating the traffic accident.

  22. ‘an,abercrombie france, Wang salesman lured Xianyang Party,jordan, such as sales to reach the School door, Wang posing Party School, the phone, tell the clerk: “I will be very busy, I let my driver go to the door to look at the goods, if there is no problem to let him take you to withdraw money, with the clerk agreed to Wang again Party School,michael kors, the identity of the driver, in the process of pretend to view the bullion, Wang quickly which two gold bars fitted to your own pocket, and cover the box, tell the salesman, the goods have already seen, ready to withdraw money transactions. At this point, Wang cell phone suddenly rang, answered the phone, Wang told the clerk: “Principal me, saying it was a wrong bank card,abercrombie, you then a little wait.” Immediately,abercrombie pas cher, Wang quickly into the Party,air jordan, in a few minutes later, Wang deliberately asked to delay the time to escape, and gave the salesman at the door to a phone call the other bank card can transfer. In fact,abercrombie france, Wang is a day most of the time spent in Internet cafes, the police locked the suspect, the police once the suspect as a certain Internet cafe network. Wait until the clerk does not feel right, view gifts stolen,polo ralph lauren pas cher, then the Party to find,air jordan, had disappeared Wang trace. The salesman alarm that two stolen World Expo Memorial bullion price of 199,000 yuan / root. Unemployed after “an inspiration” Stolen gold bars, Wang returned to the jewelry, gold company called, premeditated crime in the same way,louboutin, back to Wang Wang was arrested after jewelery company a phone call to ask Wang booking cargo . Wang quit his job nearly a year, however, his is still in accordance with the working hours to go out, go home. He told his family, to work in a unit. After careful investigation of the Xianyang police,polo ralph lauren pas cher, the suspect Wang,air jordan pas cher, July 18, 1982 was born in Xi’an, a famous brand of college graduates, unemployed. 相关的主题文章: this password has become an open secret results have not yet to take off the drama’s leading man

  23. May 15, the city authorities in Shenzhen City, 25 civil servants took to the streets to carry out more than 50 various forms of convenience and benefit of volunteer service, volunteer service of Shenzhen city authorities show. The civil service side of the shoe, side, and the public. See around us there are people out his camera in the film,burberry, Mr. Wong is also a cell phone camera in this picture: “get back to my family, take a look at the civil servants Shoe Shine.” Public Cawan shoes, see the new look shoes are satisfied, modeled on the Taobao business jargon to one: “I’ll give you a praise!” Ah How nerve ah, so you give me shoeshine. “Said, Mr Wong will be your feet back pumping. “Hey,polo ralph lauren pas cher, do not move, and soon enough,air jordan, your shoes rub will be very bright.” Rather the tiger side clinging to shoes, not to snatch it from me,chaussures louboutin, while start oiling, polishing.  The shoeshine became flourished as a venue volunteer service in developing projects. Shoe Shine Booth gracefully, someone in the side. Less than two hours, the first batch to open more than a dozen tube of shoe polish run out of spares keep up on. The the light Ning tiger, wiping 8 pairs of shoes,louboutin, two shoe is a foreigner “. Just started sitting on the stool in a posture, civil servants are a bit embarrassed, but more and more people to shoe, the civil servants who quickly got into the state. Was passing by, they will take the initiative to say hello: “Come, come! Wipe shoes it,louboutin pas cher! Free!” Before the event, they specifically a training everyone to put its own shoes rub again. In order to gather popularity, they are specially produced an eye-catching signs. A pole on the side that says the word “rub” flag curtain fluttered in the breeze above in bold type reads: “We shoeshine”. “Shoe shine and to the bus station to maintain order, cleaning the pavement of these activities are the same, and shoe-shining and the public, more intimate.” Audit Office Zhengdan Jiang active registration and found the same with his idea of ​​many people having . ‘s hand holding a phone suddenly stopped,air jordan pas cher, staring at the blue vest on the civil service volunteers “words:” You are the civil servants “I would rather tiger rubbed the head of the sweat said: “Yes,burberry pas cher, free ah.” Audit Office star volunteers Hu re-hui said that each month of the civil service volunteers the day before,chaussures louboutin, they will account online issue summoned,burberry soldes, “This time, I thought that few people applied, but did not expect that later turned out to more than a dozen a “. Breath rub Tan Sister of the 19 pairs of shoes and stretching his arms, only to find dry mouth, shoulder pain. The whole afternoon,air jordan, they have a saliva did not drink, everyone inside the clothes are wet with sweat.   Others say,air jordan pas cher, “You do not want money, then I can donate some money ” Each month, the Shenzhen Municipal Audit Bureau of Youth League branch will discuss the volunteer services. That the determine Shoe Shine, many civil servants began to be a bit surprised. Related articles: Life is like drama s talks More than 600 cities in China last year announced the premises of the Rates Poli

  24. On the morning of June 16,abercrombie pas cher, Liu Ting life of the streets. A middle-aged men and women suddenly a quarrel in the street. “28,000 yuan, how do you only give $ 10,ralph lauren,000, and the two children I can not let you away.” Middle-aged woman so the man said. The man said: “You look at them will not look like, can be worth so much money ” Two more noisy and more fierce, two fifteen-year-old girl standing on the edge of them is the face of horror. If these two girls in a timely manner passers assistance, public enthusiasm reached out a helping hand, they really may fall into the claws.” Yesterday, Haishu South Gate police station with just the detection of trafficking in girls case. “This morning, we went to Ningbo to pick this man.” The girl told police the car, they feel strange in the eyes of this man,abercrombie, always bedroom looking at them. Far out of the station,abercrombie pas cher, the man took out a sum of money to the named Ma, and then they had a falling out. This time, the two girls felt that they have been trafficked. But because of the unfamiliar, who had no money, they did not dare to quiet a uniform until you see the crowd,abercrombie, this courage to ask for help alarm. The crowd of people listening to think that something a little strange,burberry, someone came up to ask the original men and women are bickering to stop the quarrel,abercrombie, saying that “little things”,polo ralph lauren pas cher, and then wanted to go with two girls. At this point, the two girls ran to a uniformed security was passing: “Uncle,abercrombie, we are cheated, please help us.” One girl said, citizens will be that middle-aged men and women surrounded, let them leave. The security master call 110. The 32-year-old named Ma confessed that in his hometown in Yunnan Xundian she opened an employment agency business has been relatively light,abercrombie france, so moving from the trafficking of girls to make money the crooked brains. Last year, she take the knowledge of the local man Lee, along with dry abduction dirty. At present, the suspect Gumou and named Ma has been under criminal detention, the police are arresting another suspect, Lee. A few days ago, when Lee, the two girls to bring, she gave Lee 20 000 dollars,ralph lauren pas cher, followed by fabricating lies with the two girls came to Ningbo. This is good Wenzhou the the Yongjia man Gumou 28,abercrombie france,000 yuan, to make a deal, but did not expect during the transition, Gumou pay only $ 10,000, for which they dispute. South Gate police station immediately rushed to the scene. The two girls told police they did not know that men and women. They are all Yunnan Xundian County, after graduating from middle school last year, want to go out to work, one surnamed Li, the man encountered in the county station, said that can help them find work. Lee will bring them to an employment agency to open an intermediary of this middle-aged woman named Ma. Found they were pretty, named Ma keen on the idea that can help introduce them to Zhejiang to go to work. Followed Wenyou June 12, they embarked on a to Zhejiang journey.

  25. ‘s husband, said that the circumstances, he and his son rushed to the scene, shouted to the mountains through the loudspeakers of the site, so do not be afraid,ray ban pas cher, the staff quickly repaired. However, Zhang said, when she heard the voice of her husband’s high-altitude vague,ralph lauren pas cher, but could not hear the content was more urgent. Soon,hospice care is the most caring, Zhang ride the cable car finally reached the foot of the mountain, her rock go down,louboutin pas cher, and her husband hold together. Yamashita,polo ralph lauren pas cher, Zhang’s husband than she is anxious. “In particular, when approaching 6:00,louboutin pas cher, and other passengers were down one after another, but did not see her. Thought something was wrong was to be collapsed.” The cableway whether to take emergency measures In this regard, the tramway operating company, Mr. Wen said, the cableway company specializes in emergency plans to deal with such emergencies. The passengers were stranded yesterday, they first emergency equipment and passengers inside the cable car to get in touch, tell them the details and rescue progress and the first time with the families of the passengers were contacted. Windy days the cableway why still operational Yesterday,in 1989,abercrombie, the cableway operators attractions where the door hung a sign that read: because of the weather,polo ralph lauren pas cher, wind, cable stop operations. Some families questioned, since we know the wind to great danger, why the cable company is still operational still,バーバリー, whether this is irresponsible to passengers ■ ask After the incident, the families of the trapped passengers,polo ralph lauren, said passengers were stranded in the air for so long,burberry soldes, large are very frightened, and the cable company did not take emergency measures In this regard,or systemic symptoms or allergies, the relevant person in charge of the 1000 Mountain cableway operators, Mr. Wen said, the weather forecast said yesterday the wind is only 3-4. We cableway,louboutin, as long as the wind below 6,louboutin, the operator is safe. “I did not expect to suddenly blow a burst of seven gale, which is not unexpected.” Mr. Wen said that the outside of the brand is the ropeway can not operate after the accident, only to inform the tourists to stop the operation.

  26. July 7 this year, the son of the summer holidays at home,ナイキ スニーカー, a small river and stepmother with fellow took to come to Guangzhou to visit his father. Small river in a magazine to see reports of a rape incident, the girl was “rape” even violated by their own father, father know her behavior is rape. July 20, after his wife back home with his son, Jiangmou the night his daughter to rape, since then, every two days, one-time relationship with her daughter. The Jiangmou have repeatedly raped his daughter,louboutin, even can not remember the number. According to his account, the first sexual relationship with her daughter in the second half of 2007, when he returned from Guangzhou home New Year. Day at noon, to see the daughter of the river in the room, so students the desire of ill, he immediately shut the door, will all take off the clothes of the small river, and rape in bed. Jiangmou also confessed to own every time a sexual relationship with her daughter did not use any contraceptive measures. Small river to the police about this tragic experience. She said that the father violated when she was struggling to push his own father, but the effort failed is not enough. Small river, although each will feel pain, but I believe the father said, this is normal behavior,herve leger dress, so they have maintained this relationship with him, but never dared to cry, did not dare tell anyone else. Han Jingjing said that such sustained for a long time assault of minors, 39 guardian of the implementation of sexual assault cases in her investigation, sustained an average time of approximately 4.8 years,louboutin, the longest 13 years. And they are all after a long time before the incident, in seven cases, the victim never considered a report until the case other people find information. This also led to such cases is easy to become a covert cases. Han Jingjing said, father rape daughter, tend to have a common characteristic, they usually very dignified in the family,ナイキエアジョーダン激安通販, and sometimes hit anyone, the girl afraid of them. Their daughter as their own private property, they vent the object. The experts also found that, in such cases,ナイキ ジョーダン, some of the stepmother is not as simply not care about the daughter of the husband and his ex-wife and daughter do not like her stepmother,herve leger, nor will their own truth to tell her. As a result, the stepmother sometimes tend to be kept in the dark. Agnes said,air jordan pas cher, even if it happens to natural mother is also often a dilemma, I do not know how to dispose of. According to Luo concept of Tsui’s investigation, the mother of several concerns: First, they think this is scandalous,ジョーダン, can not be outside the Yang, fear destroyed the daughter also destroy the own family; two yes, if the mother at home, economic status is not high, the mother’s concerns more they will want to once her husband was arrested the whole family will be without food and clothing, so the only tolerate. Agnes said that in this case, the mother firmly stood on the daughter’s point of view to consider the issue, if she does not stand up and protect her daughter, her daughter’s life may be destroyed. Vulnerable groups within the experts: the girl has become a family   ,air jordan, According to Professor Luo Guancui and Han Jingjing lawyer found the girl father rape cases occurred in the “normal family”, these families have a common characteristic. First,air ジョーダン, the father of a child’s psychological or sexual psychological problems; second, the family an unhappy marriage, the mother “Absent”, or mother has no place at home. Recently, Haizhu District,abercrombie pas cher, Guangzhou Procuratorate issued the arrest warrant to arrest Jiangmou that the alleged father to rape his daughter. Small river by the police “rescued” to the center of Guangzhou City, Save the Children, shortly after the pick out of his stepmother, ran away from home.  August 4 this year, 13 am, the police station patrols to a station, a little girl sitting on the side of the road was very sad and crying, surrounded by her loved ones, then stepped forward to ask. After police patiently to persuade the little girl cried and told the police that he was the biological father Jiangmou rape. Subsequently, the police found the little girl under the leadership of work in a garment factory Jiangmou issue a warrant to the police station for questioning after several Jiangmou rape his daughter Jiang things come clean.     ■ depth of a girl was raped by the father has not a few Related articles: A lot of friends on the matter published their own views Investment in China to defraud foreign man forged identity lied Secretary opportunity traffic police to check drunken drivin

  27. Zhao said, the Yituo not worried that doctors privately swallow money, the two sides based on the open mark single settlement. In addition, the two hospitals to Beijing to see a doctor, do not look at the trauma and emergency patients. Yue Playmates was impressed and immediately asked the hospital where he went to Zhang expert doctor. According to Li Chuan, vice-captain of the West Branch of the Criminal Investigation Detachment, these Yituo for Hengyang and Hebeianguo were. Pointing to the wife of Yue Playmates in the hands of the film, the young woman said: “do not see a doctor with the film doing ” The deceived drugs in patients with alarm In March of this year, Zhao Go Liuliqiao, Lianhuachi,, Lize Bridge bus station, pull Shengfeng Hospital and other hospitals and patients. Zhao said, such as hospital Sheng Feng of the tumor bulk, 10 days a course of drugs up to 5400 yuan. The young woman was introduced to Zhang experts familiar with the San Feng Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing, the best doctor in domestic governance cervical spondylosis without surgery to cure the patient. The young woman immediately horrified and said: “where the nerve up to do a bad life paralyzed.” She said, “The best way is to conservative treatment,air jordan, eat traditional Chinese medicine.” Liu Jie said afterwards, when the other pulled out a business card, he hesitated. However,abercrombie france, he switched to a thought: perhaps the other side is really good-hearted people.   They specialize in looking for those holding the passengers of a variety of medical examination films accosted,air jordan pas cher, specifically for some hospitals to pull the patient, including the San Feng hospital.   The two hospitals only cure for patients with open low-quality Chinese herbal medicine, do not have any efficacy. Hospital was not open to The guy says to Concord to see other disease was okay,polo ralph lauren pas Cher, see kidney disease on the die, he said his girlfriend read many times at Concord Hospital are not improved, and later introduced to the Hospital of San Feng, the results of less than two months the disease have improved, is now completely well.  One day in May this year, Yue Playmates and his wife by bus to reach the Liuliqiao bus station,abercrombie pas cher, the purpose of this trip to Beijing Navy General Hospital to see cervical spondylosis. The doctors did not dare offend Yituo out-of-pocket cost of living to Yituo After an investigation, police found only basket case of the other sections of the two hospitals,air jordan, doctors, nurses, randomly put together. Then, the young man called in a young woman on his girlfriend. In early June of this year, Shandong Dongying Liu Jiemu to Beijing Union Medical College Hospital for treatment of kidney disease. He line up to register, a young man behind him asked him where to see what disease. He replied: Dongying, Shandong, to Concord hospital to see a kidney disease. Liu Jie,polo ralph lauren pas cher, hang up,abercrombie pas cher, just want to contact a Vet cures kidney that men and women to provide telephone,air jordan, hallway, suddenly heard the voices were in strife.  In younger patients, Zhao will be for them to stay as Daoyi to patients referred Shaosheng Feng hospital. Young modern consciousness, Chinese and modern management, to see them to stay Vaccine Immunol would think this hospital is credible. On August 28 this year, a particular came to Beijing to see the doctor with a child with hemophilia. Zhao said that this way every day to pull the patient to go to St Feng hospital. The police investigation found that the two hospitals are not open to the leadership without Yituo do not give to see a doctor. To find the target based on two points to take the film and asked the hospital Yituo Secret Zhao revealed that the Shengfeng hospital, including hospitals, almost every doctor men have own Yituo. 30% or even 50% of the fee to Yituo commission. A course of drugs, Yituo can ask up to 2000 yuan. According to Yue Playmates Zhang experts is more than 70-year-old woman took his film to see after opening a 10-day drug, drugs of 2000 yuan. Following a police investigation, a Dengmou headed by dozens of people,air jordan pas cher, the Yituo groups gradually surfaced. Yue Playmates some medicine and disease is not brought the matter. Not long ago, he told the local hospital doctor, the doctor told that he met Yituo, he cheated. In these Yituo, a man surnamed Zhao (sound), more than 30 years, Heilongjiang city people. Moreover, doctors did not dare offend Yituo. The doctors are relying on Yituo its pull patients. If you offend a Yituo, no patient will earn any money. The original one the hands of middle-aged woman carrying a 10 bag of medicine,abercrombie france, ask doctors to drug withdrawal. The two sides had an argument. Yue Playmates similar cheated experience there is a particular difference is that a particular reported the matter. Line up to register in the Children’s Hospital, a man told a certain, he knew a company called the Shengfeng hospital doctors, diagnosis and treatment for children. The so-called doctor will control the patient’s medical history, and some so-called cure to the victim, and issuing false drug prices. Most of the drug prices than the actual price is nearly 20 times, each ranging from a thousand dollars, as many as million. Medical Torah to the hospital A Re deceived by drug withdrawal Particular believed her, so she took the children to follow the man to go to a doctor. A particular feel to each other suspicious alarm immediately. Yue Playmates recalled that he and his wife immediately taxi to San Feng Hospital is located in the north of the CaiHuYing bridge, hanging experts the number of sheets for 30 yuan. Zhao also revealed that, sometimes the Yituo consecutive day pull to the patient, the doctor will own pocket to Yituo some living expenses. Yituo these doctors salesman. Just under the car, they encountered a young woman, she enthusiastically asked: “Where are you going to see a doctor ” The young woman immediately kind enough how superb Liu Jie talk Shengfeng hospital doctors of medicine, and recommended him to the holy Feng hospital. Doctors a simple inquiry, they put a child diagnosed with traumatic arthritis, and out of the 10 Chinese herbal medicines, drugs totaling more than 2,600 yuan. Most of them posing as patients, to introduce doctors to the victim on the grounds to the victim Pianzhi located in Toyota District duck bridge near Beijing Sheng Feng hospitals and located in the Xuanwu District, South Garden Youth Street Cathay Building the Beijing Phinecon Chinese Medicine Hospital. Middle-aged women, a course of medicine 2000 yuan, the three courses is 6000 yuan. She is also from the other hospitals cheat to. Thousands of patients being cheated Yue Playmates some wonder: “how do you know that we are to see the doctor ”  These two kinds of people come to Beijing to see a doctor overseas patients. The Yituo will immediately affix to talk to each other in a word, and introduced to the hospital according to different people, or the patient’s identity or the identity of the hospital Daoyi.  It’s like the farmer’s market,abercrombie, it seems a whole, is actually run by individuals. So Yituo for doctors, and sometimes doctors to other hospitals, the Yituo also followed in the past. Police investigations Liu Jie to each other to find out the address of the hospital Sheng Feng, the other immediately took out a business card with telephone numbers and addresses of the Beijing Sheng Feng hospital. Thus, in accordance with the address on the card went to the St. Feng hospital. The young woman put St. Fung address of the hospital told him, and charged him to the hospital hung the tyranny cervical spondylosis Zhang experts number. Liu Jie learned from the mouth of the middle-aged women, women in Xingtai, a month to come to the hospital of San Feng vitiligo disease, the doctor gave her three courses of the drug. But she ate two courses, the skin is the same as before. Hearing this, Liu Jie, understand that men and women they encountered Yituo, thanks to middle-aged women trouble, so that he does not deceived. So, Yue Playmates told the other party is to the Navy hospital, she had cervical spondylosis, need for surgery. 相关的主题文章: You are a pure man child South Gardens Real Estate Limited. unlike the cases of general law and order. After receiving the alarm

  28. The five suspects were arrested on the 11th of this month. Five of the father and son charged with various offenses,abercrombie pas cher, including rape of children under 12,polo ralph lauren pas Cher, forcing the children in sexual performances. The victim recalled repeatedly humiliated after,abercrombie pas cher, including arrangements to hold a “wedding” with the elders, the latter had been sexually assaulted. She was also forced to watch the brothers were violated, the victim was a pen and screwdriver sexual assault. 6 victims born with the parent ‘s charges,air jordan pas cher, saying they infringed six Sun generation. When a woman victim of the crime as young as 5 years of age, after pregnancy, the age of 11 will be forced to have abortions. In addition, the police suspect in the case of people killed in the ongoing large-scale search. Incident in 1988-1995,air jordan, 48 km from the Kansas City Bates City farm. Police said a 26-year-old woman in mid-August report,air jordan pas cher, the secret hidden in the bottom of my heart for many years publicly. The victim revealed that the age of five would have been the father,abercrombie, grandfather and uncle raped. Until the age of 11, she was forced to have abortions due to rape was conceived in order to escape the clutches. The victim’s five brothers and sisters (four women and one man) also come forward to permit the crimes of the five elders. Looking for evidence the police used excavators Tragic lust after,abercrombie france, the elders were induced six victims said,air jordan pas cher, as long as the victims of sexual assaults to write the note into the jar, buried under the soil, the painful experience will be passage. But this is only Possessed an excuse to prevent the accused. As far as I know,abercrombie france, this one was 10 years ago moved out of the farm is now a man of the farm and the nearby housing are,air jordan, but he has nothing to do with the case. Information Times The police sent out an excavator and a metal detector to the farm to explore,polo ralph lauren pas cher, hoping to find dead bodies or hidden note of the glass bottles. 相关的主题文章: not a face-lift >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>>>> 【My Message】 I refused to sign the car from being taken. “

  29. Control officers Hemou and the directly responsible personnel Pengmou held criminally responsible.
    ,abercrombie September 2007 to November 2008, the the Jialing Employment Bureau has repeatedly allocation of re-employment training models to three vocational training schools. Each funding by Pengmou handled school rebate received in his office, according to prior agreement, before and after a total of 239,herve leger,970 yuan in cash. Management fee received without food kickbacks ‘s training fees,air ジョーダン, training of personnel per capita standard of 35 yuan and receiving kickbacks. Hemou Pengmou argued in court, the Employment Bureau funding is very tight,louboutin, and no money on account of external owed the training costs,louboutin pas cher, work requirements, the council is working expenses charged to three training schools,air jordan pas cher, or a “class fee”, “management fee” that the money is mainly used for necessary expenses incurred in the District Employment Office,abercrombie pas cher, not a rebate. It is understood that the the Jialing Employment Bureau will charge rebate is not included in the unit of account management for the payment of benefits to their employees out to fight for funding to run the project and other expenses. After the incident,louboutin, the procuratorial organs to recover the stolen money more than 150,mercurial vapor pas cher,000 yuan, and there are more than 80,000 yuan is not recovered. Units bribery Secretary Responsibility Prosecution allegations, Jialing employment bureau to its competent to re-employment training and the allocation of positions to facilitate the training section of the obtained illegally accept others 239,ジョーダン,970 yuan,abercrombie france, not included in the unit of account management for the benefit of others, their behavior has violated the criminal law should be The unit of accepting bribes to be units of criminal responsibility, and are directly responsible for Push each other the still Hemou and Pengmou court responsibilities. He Mou said that either the Secretary of employment,ナイキ ジョーダン, the Employment Bureau of funding difficulties, he talk about the matter and Pengmou Pengmou suggested that charge a fee to make up for lack of funds to the training unit, which is the Employment Bureau of the “practice” to receive the specific handling of the training of school fees and school are Pengmou. Pengmou claimed that the call to the training school, school fees in accordance with the arrangements and requirements of the Secretary to do.
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