Verizon Galaxy S III Review: From an iPhone Owner

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  1. Shoe5150

    The home button is the “multi-tasking button”. If you press and hold it for a couple of seconds, a list of open applications will come up. You can close them by swiping them off the screen, or press on the one you want to open to go straight back into that application.

    Also, double pressing the home button will open and enable S voice.

  2. Greg Scharf

    This was the best examination of the Samsung Galaxy SIII that I have seen. Currently I am waiting for the Iphone 5 to come out before I decide between the two. I have both Sprint and Verizon, but the Sprint plan offers unlimited everything so this is the target carrier for my new phone.

    Do you have any reviews for the new Ipad 3? For my use, I am trying to justify my personal use for this device if considering that I have a smart phone and a laptop. It is a nice product, but at $600 only good if you have a real use for it.

    Thanks again for the review on the Galaxy III. I’ve looked at it and if it wasn’t for the Iphone 5 coming out, I would have gotten now through Sprint.

  3. Molan James

    I got my S3 recently ,yesterday after leave it charging over night , today I use it heavy on phone, games, video, net . the wireless is on when I download app .the screen is great and speed is fantastic . I able to play a 2GB video file (BR quality ) smooth without any lagging . quad cores really make ICS run very well . check these Top 7 Unique Features of the Samsung Galaxy S III

  4. DR

    Well if you had an iPhone you would also have auto spell correction, which you need very badly. Get a life and get out of your room kid.

    • ;)

      Wow! Bitter much!

  5. Joyce Adams

    IPhone auto correct doesn’t always give you the word you want, which is why we have IPhone auto correct bloopers, LOL

    I have owned both , iPhone and Android, and I love Droids…I currently own the Verizon Motorola RAZR and the Verizon Galaxy S III. Being able to customize out of the box is fantastic!!

  6. Insane Mobiles

    Excellent review josh.


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