What to Do When the iPhone Won’t Turn On

You’ve just pulled the iPhone out of your pocket and it won’t turn on.

A dead iPhone is a scary thought, but don’t freak out yet.

If the iPhone won’t turn on or respond, it might not be broken.

Here’s what to do if your iPhone doesn’t turn on.

What to do if your iPhone won't turn on.
If the iPhone won’t turn on, here are some steps to try and fix it.


Take a Closer Look

First give the iPhone a physical examination. Look it over and see if there is any physical damage that has been done to the device. After looking it over determine whether or not you have caused the malfunction. If there is no physical damage done to the device here are a few steps to try and resolve the issue.

Check the Temperature

Feel the device and determine whether the device is unusually warm or cold. If the device feels hot on the back where the battery is located or colder than usual let the temperature return to normal. There is usually a message that will appear if the iPhone is too hot to turn on but not if it is too cold.

This is a common cause of iPhones that won’t turn on after the owner has been outside in extreme weather or if the phone was left in the car in the heat or cold.

Charge the iPhone 

Once the phone has returned to normal temperature try booting it up. If the phone still does not turn on plug it into the wall charger with the official Apple charger and cable for 45 minutes to one hour.

This will give the battery a chance to get a charge if it was overheated or if it had been exhausted.

Go to Apple for Help

If all else fails take the phone back to Apple. If there is no physical damage you can sometimes get a replacement for $150. If you have a warranty through Square Trade, Apple Care+ or with your wireless carrier, start there.


  1. More often than not, an iPhone that will not turn on is stuck in standby mode.

    Hold down the power and home buttons until you see the Apple logo. Chances are, you’ll be good to go.

  2. that did not work for me. my iphone will just freaze with the logo sign on it or the whole screen will turn to green or blue!!!!!!!!! HELP ME!!!!!!

  3. Worked perfectly! My iPhone just died and woudl not charge. I applied the tip above and it “turned on” in about 12 seconds. Thanks.

  4. thank u .. I was going crazy because I couldn’t get my alarm to cut off. I spent the whole day turning it off every 1- minutes. I feel like a bone head for no checking on line b4.

    thanks again

  5. This happened to mine. I unscrewed the battery port and unhooked it. Then put it back in. And whala it turned on.

  6. I used this same method and my iPhone did restart but for all of 10 mins and went of again I have not been able to get it to work since I’m not fussed about the phone it’s all my pics…. Any more advice would be greatly appreciated

  7. i just got a new i phone, a brand new one.. and it wont let me turn the wifi on and it only works with a wall charger. i unplugged the wall charger and i put it back in and it wont turn on! i have used several chargers i got this phone 2 days ago PLEASE HELP im praying

  8. You are all idiots firstly if your phone won’t turn on an obviously your would try soft restore for those people who are dumb and do not know why it is you hold down the home and lock button for 30sec to 1min and still doesn’t work what no retard ever thought of plugging it into tunes ever think of that dumb ass

    • @marPhew. you need your mouth washed out with soap and while your at it , someone needs to teach you some manners. that type of language un-called for. If you cannot be nice with your derisory comments, then don’t comment at all.

  9. @marPhew, you should not be calling anyone dumb. You’re whole reply is full of misused words and no punctuations. Learn how too write properly

  10. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH NATE!!!!! I accidently left my phone in the car on my seat, in direct sunlight, for 2 hours in the nasty AZ 110 degrees(OUTSIDE, but it is like a oven inside the car!)temps. I was FREAKING out, because I have not been vigilent about backing up. But I tried your trick Nate, and it WORKED!!!!!! From a non-tech person, thank you for teaching me something I did not know….you are a life saver!!! :)

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