Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich Update Rolls Out in U.S.

While the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Ice Cream Sandwich update has already rolled out in some regions in the world, owners of the Wi-Fi only version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 are starting to see the update roll out today.

We’ve received word from several Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners here in the U.S. who say that the update has rolled out for their device today. There are also numerous reports corroborating what we’re hearing from Galaxy Tab 10.1 owners so it’s safe to assume that a massive roll out is under way for Samsung’s 10.1-inch tablet.

Unfortunately, we can’t say the same for those on Verizon with the 4G LTE version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This roll out only appears to be for the Wi-Fi only model. That means that owners of the 4G LTE Galaxy Tab 10.1 are going to have to wait for their upgrade to Android 4.0.

ICS has finally arrived for the Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the U.S.

That could take weeks or even months as we have no idea how far along Samsung and Verizon are with that update.


As for owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Ice Cream Sandwich is here and that means that the tablet has been outfitted with a number of new features that should stand to improve the device overall.

Ice Cream Sandwich brings a new user interface that is vastly improved over the software that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 had on board previously and it also brings Face Unlock, a better Gmail application, an improved browser, and a host of other features that make this an update worth upgrading to.

We also imagine that, like most major Android updates, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Android 4.0 update comes with bug fixes and enhancements.

It might also come with some ICS bugs of its own though.


U.S. owners of the Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab 10.1 have received ICS.

Owners of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will want to go into the device’s settings to check for the update. If it’s available, there should be a prompt to download and install the update which apparently sits at just over 300MB in size.

That means that it should take a little bit to get up and running but once that happens, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 will finally have Android 4.0 up and running.


  1. Nothing official in Texas
    The Tab itself says no update available. Kies software says to update firmware to PDA:LPL / CSC:LPL (XAB)

    Think I’ll wait for the Tab to confirm

  2. Nothing yet here in Laguna Hills, CA. Fingers still crossed; hopefully we’ll receive it sometime this week.

  3. Just completed the upgrade to 4.0.4 on my GT-P7510 via Kies. No problems at all except for having to reset all of my icons and widgets on the home screen. No big deal.

    • what did you do uf i can ask i still get the no new update I am so ready to update this dino its not funny lol thanks in advance

    • Steve this was the only way I was able to install the update. I dislike Kies too up til now since through Kies I was able to get the update. Be sure that your Tab is fully charged or it will not allow you to update.

  4. It’s available in Florida via Kies. ICS is awesome on the Tab 10.1, what a nice update. Now hoping/dreaming for Jelly Bean on the Tab. :)

  5. Finally was able to get the update through Kies, but the OTA still said that there was no update in Western Montana.

    • Now that I have it completely setup there are some changes I do not like with the update such as the old scrollable bookmarks are gone and the scrollable wallpaper is now only stationary. I also noticed that the face recognition did not come with this update, which don’t really bother me other than wanting to play with it. The update does seem to be a little faster. I also now get an error message that pops up about every minute that a Google com process has forced closed and freezes my tablet.

      • The actually error message is “Unfortunately, the process com.Google.process.capped has stopped”. Has anyone else had this issue?

  6. Can someone tell me where do I get the ICS OS download? I’m new to Android and I would like to update my Samsung Tablet Galaxy 10.1.

    • I just did mine in Atlanta, ga, via kies.
      Rod, what you do is:
      1. On your main computer, go to and download and install KIES.
      2. Use your charger USB cable to connect your tab to the computer.
      3. Turn on your kies by clicking on its icon on your computer.
      You should then get a message on your computer to upgrade your tab’s firmware. Follow instructions.

      ICS IS AWESOME! !!!!!!!!!!!! The tab is so much faster and smoother an d great graphics!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’ll want to download Kies to a computer and then connect your tablet to that computer via USB. You should be able to see the firmware update when you open Kies.

  7. Nothing thru Settings > update, but as soon as I connected to KIES the upgrade show-up.

    The device is being upgrade right now.

    Carrollton, TX

  8. Have been working with it most of the day. Got my prompt this morning in San Antonio. Waaaay faster. Some lag on using browser w facebook.
    Looks like there are just some slight bugs but its already a huge improvement over honeycomb. The interface is much nicer. The fb web page has always been a pain w mobile browsers anyway. But there are some comment posting lags. Noticed that Andoid keyboard missing only have swipe and samsung. Looking forward to a followup samsung update to. Not perfect but really nice.

  9. Has anyone updated WITHOUT using Kies? I’ve never been able to connect my 10.1 to Kies despite multiple attempts and re-installs…

    Is Kies a must for this upgrade???

  10. After installed the upgrade, a number of apps also updated.
    Now, have to reinstall all shortcuts and apps and widgets. Is like setting up from scratch.

    I have Galaxy S3 phone w/ ICS and LOVE the facial recognition, unhappy that it is not here!! Otherwise, cant tell too much until I put the shortcuts on and run apps, see how they go.

  11. After many issues with the Tab and asking Samsung numerous times I got the update today through Kies. Well I dont see Facial Recognition. So far it runs faster but nothing major here. I hope it rep[airs all the lag and issues I had but after getting an Ipad as a gift it blows the Galaxy Tab out of the water. Everything just runs better and I don’t have to hack it to get it work better.

    I also wonder if or when Samsung will release the newer Jellybean update. Maybe by 201 lol.but doubtful it will even happen. They are one of the worst when it comes to updating products . Had the same issues with their TV Social Software. I am done with their products. I will stick with Apple and know when an update comes out that it will come to my device. Doen with Androids splintered updates. I was a huge fan of Android but after using an Ipad it doesn’t even come close.

    • Yep, Apple products are for people with two left hands and to much money.
      The comment on hacking though, is called jailbreak in the Apple work, needed to get control of running what you want, the way you want, not the way they want it.

  12. I was able to install the UK wifi update. I have confirmed that this update is the same one that US users are getting. So far it is a vast improvement. I love that I can use chrome now on my tablet and all of my bookmarks sync to it.

    A couple of things that I have found. First, there is no face unlock in on this version of ICS. I am not sure why they took it out. I have face unlock on my droid razr maxx, and while it is kind of cool to show off, I think it is more gimmicky than practical.

    Overall ICS is an improvement, although I wish it were simply a stock ICS experience rather than Samsung’s touchwiz over the top of android. The real annoyance is that it took almost a year to get this update out. My next wifi tablet will be either a nexus or an ASUS device, since they get updates out much faster than Sammy.

  13. I received the update in Buffalo, NY on Tuesday @12:05 am via wifi on my 10.1 using the manual update in the about phone in the settings menu. I was chatting live with a samsung rep when I gave it a try.Very fast! Nice!

  14. Still nothing in Chicago. Can’t get tab to connect to Kies no matter how many times I iunnstall, re-install, reboot, change ports or reinstall drivers. Not happy…

    • Had the same problem connecting to Kies — found a post online that suggested turning USB debugging on/off on the tablet (and I unplug table from the computer after each toggle) and that seemed to work for me (on a Windows 7 machine). Have had ICS for 2 days now and it has made a HUGE difference — well worth the wait but do wish it had come sooner.

  15. i dont understand, people around me getting the ota update, but i am not!!! How do i trigger this update? The manual update says none is available

  16. Just got the Android 4 download notification when I turned on my Tablet today, and have installed ICS here in NJ an hour or so ago on 8/17. Am very excited!

    • Quick question…those who received the update OTA..does it show that your Samsung account is synced with your tablet?….this can be found in settings

  17. Well still showing no update here in KY. Gonna have to try it with Kids. Not a happy camper. I won’t buy another Samsung product.

  18. I did an OTA upgrade this morning, was checking every morning since the 13th and finally today I got it. I’m in NJ btw.
    Unfortunatelly the upgrade messed up all my icons, widgets and some of the samsung apps (ebook for example).

  19. Received notice of upgrade available tonight when I turned on my Tab 10.1 so I clicked on yes to update. Then it said that it needed to update the firmware first so I clicked yes to that. It downloaded a 300MG file and installed it. Now it will not get past the “Samsung” startup or splash screen. any ideas?

  20. system update recieved on the galaxy tablet here in philly. Had to go into ” about device and manually check for the update” no automatic notification or prompt.

  21. LOL: CM9 has been out for p4wifi for months and months.

    CM10 will bring Jelly Bean Soon enough


  22. Got the update. Now almost all video websites wont play including youtube. They just show this blue lego with a question mark??? Any suggestions

  23. I got it last week but noticed that the flash viewer no longer works for web videos like on facebook. What can we do about it

  24. Still no update here in South Africa. I had to do it via Odin. This will be my last Samsung tablet. Iw will try Microsoft

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