Bling My Thing Milky Way Series Galaxy S III Case Review

My white Samsung Galaxy S III looks nice by itself, but some people might want a little more flare, which is where the Bling My Thing Milky Way Series case for the Samsung Galaxy S III comes in.

This clear snap on case looks like someone bedazzled the back of the Galaxy S III.

On the back of the clear plastic case sit SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. For those of us who don’t live and die by the fashion industry, that means it includes crystals to make it look pretty.

In case it’s not obvious, I’m not a fan. The “milky way” design, adds more than bling, it makes the back of the case a little rough, enough that it scratches some surfaces, like the soft aluminum on my MacBook Pro. For that reason, I’d never use this case.

bling my thing milky way series case


Some people might be more careful than I was and might enjoy a little bling on their case. That’s the Bling My Thing Milky Way Series case’s audience.

The case fits the Samsung Galaxy S III perfectly. It also offers easy access to the buttons and ports. I like clear cases. They show off the phone and give it protection against dings and scratches without adding much weight or thickness.

bling my thing package

Buyers will get the case, a screen protector and a small cleaning cloth that won’t scratch or leave lint. The screen protector applies easily. I prefer to keep my screen uncovered for smoother touch, but the included protector works as it should.

At $54.99 on Amazon, I’d never recommend the Bling My Thing Milky Way Series case for Samsung Galaxy S III. The cost comes from the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS I’m sure. If you like that sort of thing, go for it. Otherwise, stear clear.

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  1. Gosh — it seems those things would pop off in a heartbeat! I think they should give you the little thingys to put on your own phone (and the glue you need). I’m a graphics designer, and so I could think of some cool ways to dress it up. as for the phone itself, i LOVE the SGIII. Using it on AT&T 4G LTE.

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