Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Hands On Video Roundup

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Samsung announced the new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with a larger 5.5-inch display and Galaxy S III inspired design at Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012 in Berlin today.

The Galaxy Note 2 features deeper S-Pen integration and thanks to a change in design, a phone/tablet that slides into a pocket easier than the original Galaxy Note.

We’re going hands on with the Galaxy Note 2 shortly, but in the meantime here are some of the best Galaxy Note 2 hands on videos for a look at what’s new with the Galaxy Note 2

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Galaxy Note 2 Hands On Videos


Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen Hands On

Laptop Magazine’s Galaxy Note 2 hands on video provides a closer look at the new 5.5-inch display and changes to the design and the S-Pen. The video offers one of the best looks at what’s new with the Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen and S-Pen apps.

One of the new features include the new Air View hovering to peak at the more information in apps like email. It’s a preview of test or a calendar entry.

The Galaxy Note 2 can even quickly respond to commands such as sending an email or calling someone by drawing a symbol and a name as shown in the video above.

Galaxy Note 2 Hands On Design & Gestures

AndroidCentral’s Galaxy Note 2 Hands on compares the design of the Galaxy Note 2 with the original Note and touches on new software features. Android Central also shows off the Galaxy S III features like Pop Up Play and the new Galaxy Note 2 gesture controls.

Galaxy Note 2 vs. Galaxy S III and Original Note

SlashGear goes hands on with the Galaxy Note 2 software features such as Quick Note and touches on the performance of the Galaxy Note 2.  Chris Davies also compares the Galaxy Note 2 to the original Galaxy Note and a minute of Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy Note 2 comparisons.

Galaxy Note 2 Hands On

The Verge provides a good high level overview of the Galaxy Note 2 with close ups of the new design, colors and touches on the new S-Pen Keeper application. This new app opens up when the S-Pen is removed from the Galaxy Note 2. The Verge also compares the size with several phones and the Nexus 7 as well as an interview with Samsung about the new features.

Galaxy Note 2 Guided Tour

Engadget’s Galaxy Note 2 hands on brings in a Samsung rep to show off some of the new features and the new Galaxy Note 2 S-Pen features. Engadget’s video goes up close with the screen on the Note 2 to see the AirView and hover function of the S-Pen.

Stay tuned for our Galaxy Note 2 hands on video and first impressions.

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