EarPods Are the New Earphones for Apple

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Once featured iconically in iPod and iTune ads with silhouetted dancers, Apple is now redesigning its iconic white earbuds.

The new earbuds are now called EarPods and took Apple’s engineering team three years to design. The challenge? A one-size-fits-all design for everyone’s different ears.

Apple Earbuds New

EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear, according to famed Apple design head Jonny Ive.

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The EarPods are shipping today as standalone accessories and are made to allow for a more comfortable fit and hopefully better sound quality for music lovers. The EarPods will come pre-bundled with the iPhone 5.

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  1. Strider

    09/14/2012 at 4:25 am

    “EarPods are designed to direct sound into the ear” bahahahahahha!!! NO SH*T! LOL

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