AT&T’s Website Counts Down for iPhone 5 Pre-Orders, Business as Usual at Sprint, Verizon

Ahead of the 12:01 AM Pacific Time pre-order availability for the iPhone 5, we’ve found Apple’s web store to be down. Now, it appears that AT&T has shut down its website ahead of the pre-order start time. Rival carriers Verizon Wireless and Sprint both are fully operational at this time.

Curiously, it isn’t just the AT&T Mobility side of AT&T’s web portal that is down–the entire site is down and not just the portion.

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 10.03.11 PM

For AT&T customers, at this time, it means that you cannot check your upgrade eligibility ahead of the iPhone 5 preorder commencement time. If you go to and click on the iPhone tab and click on the ‘Buy,’ you’ll be greeted with the fact that the Apple store is down. In the past, you were taken to a page detailing the various models that are available, pricing, and are given the option to check upgrade eligibility for AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon.

In past years, AT&T’s website had struggled with the heavy amounts of traffic surrounding the iPhone launch and/or preorders. Hopefully, with the site being down, AT&T is able to optimize its site to handle the massive influx of traffic to accommodate the iPhone 5 preorder. The iPhone 5 is described by Apple to be the biggest thing since the original iPhone as the new device will be supporting 4G LTE for faster mobile broadband connections as well as migrating to a larger 4-inch display for the first time.



  1. Not true.. I am an AT&T customer and you can get on the site it’s clearly says log in right underneath the event count down…… Open your eyes before you criticize

  2. ive been trying since 1201am and nothing but ERROR stuff from the AT&T wireless website, and nothing still from

  3. when you showed messaged ‘maintainance” keep refreshing until web work
    it worked me
    i refreshed morn 100 times unti get my order

  4. Use the Apple Store App – I just bought 3 of them trouble free in about 10 minutes with no waiting whatsoever!!

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