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  1. Rob

    Yea, just purchased the Webdock 100 for a RazrMax and thought it was a good deal for $99! Now all I see is that it’s an battery charger/external screen and keyboard tool! Just plain stupid of Motorola and Google to be so hap-hazard, but that’t the technology snowball sometimes!

  2. Dogs

    Damn, I love the webdock idea, and even though it’s functionality is limited it is perfect for what I need as a pc companion and as a battery/screen/kbrd when mobile.

    • Big Al

      I completely agree. In addition Motorola could have been more aggressive with the launch of the Lapdock 500 & LD100 and the Webdock. The ATRIX 2 (MB865), DROID X etcetera are good products with reasonable functionality, however none of these products were ever properly placed in the global market sector. Poor timing, no celebrity backing and higher than expected price points when introduced to global market vendors. There’s always hope. Now it’s going to be up to Google to reinterpret some of these products in order to facilitate a stellar next quarter into the family holiday season as it approaches. Versus the latest flavor IPhone available, Google better be on it’s A-Game. After all Google, to whom much is afforded, from whom much is expected.
      Respectfully yours,
      Big Al.

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