T-Mobile iPhone 5 Possible with Nano SIM in October

A leaked document indicates that T-Mobile is preparing to offer Nano SIM cards for use with Apple’s new iPhone 5, a device which employs a Nano SIM slot.

TMoNews unearthed a document that appears to show the carrier’s plans to offer the Nano SIM card sometime in mid-October. No device in T-Mobile’s lineup uses a Nano SIM card and no other phone in the U.S. uses Nano SIM so it’s clear that this is going to be aimed squarely at T-Mobile users who wish to bring the iPhone 5 to T-Mobile’s network.

Those who want to get a T-Mobile iPhone 5 up and running in October on T-Mobile’s network will have some options. One of those options is to order an unlocked iPhone 5 which comes with a steep price tag and an unknown release date.

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Those looking to get a Nano SIM for the iPhone 5 will be able to get one through T-Mobile in October.

Apple will sell the unlocked iPhone 5 for $649.99. And that’s for the 16GB model. The models with more storage space will check in with much steeper price tags. An unlocked 32GB iPhone 5 model is $749.99 while the 64GB iPhone 5 will cost $849.99.


That’s a pretty steep cost but for those that are willing to pay it, T-Mobile’s network awaits. Of course, we don’t know exactly when the unlocked iPhone 5 will be released in the United States. Verizon told us that it will have the unlocked iPhone 5 available on release day, but we’re still unsure if that’s true considering Apple said it wouldn’t launch until a few weeks after September 21st.

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Another option is to buy an AT&T iPhone 5 or a Canadian iPhone 5. As we pointed out yesterday, the network bands that Apple launched with the new iPhone 5 match up perfectly with the ones that T-Mobile is planning for its new 3G and 4G networks.

T-Mobile already began shifting its HSPA+ network to 1900 MHz and the carrier says there will be a much larger footprint by the end of the year. In addition, the AWS spectrum that is supported by the iPhone 5 is the same spectrum that T-Mobile will use with its 4G LTE network next year.

Those line up exactly with AT&T’s network making an AT&T iPhone 5 an option as well.

Anyone going to buy a Nano SIM for use with a T-Mobile iPhone 5?


  1. This is exactly my plan. The hardware costs are steep, but there is no other provider offering $50/month plans with good data. It works out in the end anyway: you’d pay $300 for a 32gb with AT&T, but with a $100+ monthly bill. Instead you pay $750 up front for an unlocked phone, and save $600 in monthly charges in the first year alone (12x$50). The fact that t-mobile is GSM is a bonus too.

  2. I just went from an iPhone to a Galaxy 2. I’ve had it one day and hate it. Will TMobile take back a phone

  3. $30@T-Mobile will get you: Unlimited 4G Data (First 5GB@4G Speed), Unlimited Text, 100min Talk
    $50@T-Mobile will get you: Everything Unlimited
    No extra fees and tax $30 is exactly what you need to pay.

    $20@AT&T will get you: Unlimited Text Plan ($10/1000Text, $5/200Text were removed by AT&T early this year)
    $20@AT&T will get you: 300MB 4G LTE Data
    Huge amount of fees and tax

    Even a 3-yr old kids know which one to go with.
    I am using the Google Galaxy Nexus + $30 T-Mobile Monthly 4G Prepaid plan.

  4. I confirmed with my local T-mobile in Utah and they confirmed they will have the nano sim mid October for the iPhone 5. Here’s hoping apple releases the unlocked sooner than later.

  5. Right, T-mobile doesn’t charge for hardware.
    If you a Verizon or AT&T customer, they charge for hardware even if it had been paid off.

  6. So it seems the cost effective option would be to buy from ATT and cancel your contract after 3 months or so. The early termination fee would be less than buying the phone unlocked in the first place..

  7. This may be a late post because from wht I am reading the nano sim for tmobile came out in the middle of this month but if its not out of even if it is a little information to you guys is that you could have just used a tmoble sim card cutter and cut the sim card and make it a nano sim card. They sale sim cutters on ebay for like a 10 bucks, thats what I did last month andI have been using tmobile on a verizon iphone and this sim is a sim I have had for like four years just cut it thats all. The cutter comes with an adapter that you can put your cut sim in to put it into a iphone4/4s and also another adapter to put it in a regular sim slot.

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