Verizon to Sell iPhone 5 Off Contract on Release Date In Stores

According to Verizon Customer Service, users looking to buy an iPhone 5 off contract can walk in to their local store on Friday September 21st and pay iPhone 5 off contract prices to pick up the latest handset without singing a new two-year agreement.

This means users like myself can buy the iPhone 5 without waiting a month to purchase through Apple, and without adding a new line, which looked like the only option to get the iPhone 5 on release day.

Lat last night the Verizon Customer Service team on Twitter confirmed the ability to buy an iPhone 5 at off contract prices on September 21st in Store.

I remain skeptical as Apple is not selling unlocked iPhone 5 devices until weeks after the release date. I’ve reached out through other channels to confirm, but there is no official response yet.

iPhone 5 off contract Verizon

At least one user claims he was able to buy the iPhone 5 at off contract prices on Apple’s website last night despite being in the middle of his contract. Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest was not able to pre-order at off contract prices on last night.

This morning I am able to pre-order the iPhone 5 at off contract pricing on, but it is for delivery 2 weeks after release date. That does give me hope that Verizon will sell the iPhone 5 at off contract pricing next week.

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Best Buy and Radio Shack offer in-store iPhone 5 pre-orders and reservations, but there is no confirmation if they will sell an off contract iPhone 5 on Verizon or on AT&T and Sprint.

With online pre-orders pushed out to 2 weeks, expect big crowds at Apple stores and at carrier stores on Friday September 21st.

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  1. Now we just need to find out if AT&T will do the same. Because Apple stores will not be doing that. And since the phones are not identical, if you are AT&T you may be in for a month+ delay.

  2. I believe it is likely that the FB user misunderstood the $250 penalty “Early Upgrade” price. I would really like to know if they paid +$250 (includes contract reset) or $450 (actual off-contract, unlock eligible, off contract pricing).

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