How to Fix Wi-Fi Issues in iOS 6

iOS 6 is now available for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and while we’ve been hearing good things for the most part, it appears that some iPhone and iPad owners are unable to connect to Wi-Fi after installing the new iOS 6 update. Fortunately, there appears to be a fix for the issue which should return things to normal if they haven’t returned to normal already.

iPad and iPhone owners are seeing an issue where their device can’t connect to their Wi-Fi network, even though the network is available. Users are saying that after trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, the cellular data pops back in and they are taken to an page that oddly enough can’t be found.

According to The Mac Observer, this has to do with a sever outage that disrupted Wi-Fi for many users. It knocked them off of Wi-Fi and would not allow them to reconnect.

For most, if not all, the issue should be fixed. But for those that still can’t access W-Fi, here are a couple of fixes to try.

A user on Apple’s Support forums, courtesy of Twitter user Scott Radcliff, posted a supposed fix for the Wi-Fi issues.


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iOS 6 users have been experiencing Wi-Fi issues.

The temporary solution lies in adjusting a Wi-Fi setting within the iPhone or iPad’s general Settings. Here is what you should try if you’re unable to connect to Wi-Fi.

1. First, head to Settings.

2. From there, go to Wi-Fi.


3. Click the blue arrow that rests to the right of your preferred Wi-Fi network.

4. Scroll down to the bottom and find HTTP Proxy.

5. Set it to Auto.

This is working for many people it seems and it’s definitely worth a try for those that are experiencing issues with Wi-Fi after installing iOS 6.

We’re also seeing another possible fix and it involves turning off Cellular Data, connecting to Wi-Fi and then turning Cellular Data back on.

1) Head to Settings.

2. Go to General.

3. Click Cellular, which should be on.

4. Flip Cellular Data to Off.

5. Connect to Wi-Fi.

6. Turn Cellular Data back On.

Again, this is obviously a temporary fix but it’s definitely worth trying if you’re still having problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

This issue joined a problem iPhone users are having with Passbook in which some users are not able to connect to the Apple Store once they enter the new app.

iOS 6 is Apple’s latest operating system and it comes with over 200 new features from iOS 5. It’s currently available for iPhone 3GS and up, iPad 2 and up and the iPod touch fourth generation.


  1. Neither of those worked for me. Funny thing is, I updated both iPhone and iPad to iOS6, and the iPad connected fine to my work and home wifi. My phone however works at home with wifi, but keeps popping up with “unable to connect to network “chiro”” at work.

  2. I have the same problem, the wifi I have connected to for over 1 year at work, suddenly blindly just says “cannot connect to the network” no matter what I type in password, correct or wrong. REALLY annoying. (iphone 4S)

  3. Can somebody please help me. I have to be sitting on top of the wi fi router in order for my 3gs to work. Before updating software, i could connect to signal all over house. I tried the suggestions listed, but none work. Helllllppp.

  4. Updated to IOS6 yesterday. No longer able to connect to my home WiFi router. Tried the two fixes above but still not working. Also notice that other devices on my network slow down when my IPad is switched on.

  5. Have to go through safari to get emails, email icon not updated since before updating to ios6, don’t know what to do, it is an absolute pain!!!

  6. I followed both of your solutions, but the problem stayed. I switched my iPhone 4S on and off repeatedly. And I also ensure the Wi-Fi parameter is correct. It was not appear at first and second attempt. As it eventually showed up, the problem solved!
    Now my iPhone is able to connect to Wi-Fi, but another problem emerges: it can not connect to cellular data. Doh!

  7. my iphone 4s cant connect to wifi , not only this , i cant put on or off in the WIFI screen , i tried everything but without anything , any suggestions ?

  8. Hi, i have updated my iphone4 to ios 6 and it worls fine but when i updated my iPad 3 to ios 6, my wifi works fine but my cellular data is not working and says No Service. I have tried everything like resetting and restoring my ipad and still no service…can someone help me with this frustrating issue, thanks =)

  9. Hi Guys,
    To my opinion the most useful tips to workaround the forzen wifi connection after 45 minutes on ios6 are related to the configuration of the router wireless settings, move from WPA to WEP and changing the channel to whatever it is now to automatic. This information was retrieved from:

    I guess a permanent fix will be delivered on the next release by Apple.

    It’s unfortunate that we as customers need to struggle so much to get basic wifi connection working with our smartphones/tablets. Sorry for saying that but next time I will think twice before choosing Apple.

  10. @John
    WEP is not a secure connection. It is very easily hacked, and you should NOt use it unless absolutely unavoidable. For connection to the network, WPA2 AES is the best. WPA second best. WEP last resort.

    • Hi Visitor,
      Thanks for your reply but I prefer a non secured working connection than a secured not working one, anyway this is no a solution for N Routers since WEP is not an option for them.

  11. The change to auto worked for me for now, mines would take a while to load then load now it’s smooth. Thanks!

  12. Fixed mine after hitting “renew lease” (under my home wifi network… click blue arrow, then look at bottom, it should be right above HTTP Proxy tabs.

  13. Yep IOS6 on 3GS is not wifi friendly. Same problem. Called O2 and they knew about the problem and told me to put the phone next to the router which worked or works when I have no signal. It’s a bit of a solution from the 80’s lol but it’s true.

  14. I couldnt believe it was so simple guys, goto GENERAL > then CELLULAR > and turn OFF 3G , now go back and hit connect …… This worked for me

  15. I had to reenter my homes network password. Went to other network. Put in network name and security. Worked.

  16. This worked for me: go to your wireless router settings on your computer and set security setting to WAP2. Good luck.

  17. can some one help me i have iphone 4s and wont connect to wifi, my wifi is on but its not fingin my home wifi it just keeps saying searching network? ive tried syncing with itunes and turning the hppt proxy onto auto and its still the same :-(

  18. After so much suffer (Thank you apple) I managed to get my router working also with my Ios6 device (iPhone5). Just for the record, my router is TP Link TL-WR841N and with the latest firmware worked awesome with all other devices in my house such as Sony PS, 3 computers and 1 iPad (ios5).
    After reading many blogs this worked for me:
    Disable WMM – WMM function can guarantee the packets with high- priority messages being transmitted preferentially. It is strongly recommended enabled.
    for me disabling it did the trick.
    Good Luck to you all as well!!

  19. I have a problem with accessing wifi from my iPhone 4S. The problem is that the wife-button has somehow “frozen” – I can’t move it to “on”. I’ve tried all the steps suggested above plus I’ve restored my phone as well, but it won’t work. What do I do?

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