iOS 6 Release Time Still Not Clear

Apple announced that iOS 6 will be available today, September 19, but the company has yet to release the software or told anyone when it will be available to download. With millions of iPhone and iPad users eagerly awaiting the iOS 6 update, those who want to avoid any logjams should wait for the iOS 6 downloading hoards of to clear out before updating their devices.

Apple technically has until the end of today to make good on its iOS 6 release date. The company made the iOS 6 release date announcement at its San Francisco iPhone 5 event and typically base release dates on Pacific Time, which makes sense as that’s the company’s home time zone. Some iPhone users in time zones far ahead of Cupertino, such as those in Australia and New Zealand, may have to wait until sometime on September 20 to download iOS 6. It is possible that Apple may stagger iOS 6’s availability depending on locale to lighten the load on its distribution network.

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The lack of an official release time thus far indicates that Apple doesn’t want millions of users to attempt to download and install the software all at once. Though Apple has robust infrastructure in place to distribute iOS updates and other digital goods, the company’s services still buckle under some loads, such as the iPhone 5 pre-order.


We can certainly appreciate Apple’s possible concerns, but it would appease a lot of its customers by simply telling them whether iOS 6 will be released morning, noon or night in their respective time zones.

iPhone owners who’ve pre-ordered the iPhone 5 may want to simple skip upgrading their current devices to iOS 6, especially if they’re set to get their iPhone 5s on Friday.

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iOS 6 brings many new features to the iPhone 4S, new iPad  and older iOS devices.  Apple is boasting more than 200 new iOS 6 features, but users may not notice many of them right away. Amongst its most anticipated features are Facetime over 3G/4G, panoramic photos and Apple’s all-new Maps app.

iOS 6 can be installed over the air, which means there’s no need to plug iPhones and iPads into computers to complete the upgrade.


Siri is much more useful in iOS 6 than it was in iOS 5 since it can now open apps, post Facebook statuses and perform many other tricks.

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iOS 6 is the first version of Apple’s mobile operating system without Google’s YouTube and Maps app. Apple’s introduced its own Maps application, which provides 3D views and driving directions, two features that were sorely missing from the old maps app. Google’s released a new YouTube app that can be downloaded and installed on iOS 6 devices, though the lack of a bundled app will surely cause confusion for those used to having the YouTube app pre-installed on their iPhones for years.

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iOS 6 is receiving generally good reviews, but there will surely be bugs. While it’s always nice to get so many new features for free along with the update, it’s very tempting to dive into iOS 6 feet first. But we recommend waiting a little while if possible to avoid headaches and give Apple a little time to publish fixes.


  1. its a pretty poor excuse i work in IT all you do is push a button and away it goes im sure apple has plenty of bandwidth and the capabilities for every one to have at especially if its up in the cloud flash based technology

    • Cadbane, could you please tell us what you mean by “I work in IT”, since I am pretty sure that you are at least not a software developer. You don’t always just “push a button” to push out a software release. You have to take great care that your customers will have a positive experience when upgrading their software. Sometimes you notice problems right before releasing, and you have to fix them or else face another release very soon.

        • So Andrew, why then do most companies release software patches to fix bugs? Errors are part of software development because humans are involved. If you have a good testing team, they will catch most issues before the release, but there is always a chance of something begin noticed shortly before a release. I prefer my software suppliers to be careful rather than rushing to get a release out.
          Also, there is always the chance of making a mistake in the server config, preventing your customers from effectively downloading the upgrade.

          • I have been using the Beta 4 Release of iOS 6 since its release and so far I haven’t found any bugs.. The maps app Is a little off when it comes to locations of things but it has an option do suggesting changes.. I am giving Apple the Bennifit of doubt that there will be little to no bugs with this release.. I’m sure they have enough bandwidth but if you reminder when Siri came with the release of iPhone 4S the servers were overwhelmed an as a result crashed for a few days.. Apple is just being cautious about this release. And you know that once people get their hands on this new release they will want to see what Siri can do!

    • By “work in IT” that probably means you are a Level 1 Time Warner guy who probably doesn’t know jack shit about infrastructure and package deployment…. OTA deployment is not the same as SCCM or LanDesk… If you even know what those are… Have fun power cycling since its probably your only troubleshooting step you know, plus, your idea of deployment is no different then you pushing a button to send a tech to the location…. you are pathetic :)

      • Wow! AJ! Such vitriol!
        Why are you wanting to be so
        Aggressive ? Or do you think your the only one who knows anything?


    • yeah man too eager for it just can’t wait 4 it making me madder as it is getting late …’s now evening time and still these Apple have’nt told us when they will release it !!

  2. is any body know what time iOS6 will release??? expecting & waiting for long time today since morning.. plz update

    • …. If your mother hadn’t smoked crack while she was pregnant with you, you might have the IQ and mental capacity to read the fucking article above. It clearly says in the FIRST SENTENCE: “but the company has yet to release the software or told anyone when it will be available to download.”
      So, no. “Any body” doesn’t know what time it’ll be released besides Apple and its employees.

  3. If current iPhone users don’t upgrade to ios 6 before getting there new iPhone 5 and do a cloud back up then when they receive the new iPhone 5 the cloud back up will be no good if was backed up on ios 5 as it in compatible

    • It will be compatible no matter what software version you have. iCloud doesn’t require a specific iOS version to backup your information.

      • according to apple and the information i have received iOS 5 back up will not transfer to iOS 6 , either way i wont be taking the risk and its two whole days before iPhone 5 arrives , so iOS 6 will at least give us all something to do until then !

    • If you would stop huffing paint thinner every other hour you might have enough brain cells to allow you to read the first sentence of this article. “but the company has yet to release the software or told anyone when it will be available to download.”

      We know the “updates not showing” and no one but Apple knows “how much to wait”.

      Comments like this degrade my faith in humanity.

      • U must be a sad pathetic lonely guy who lives on apple’s every word, people are just asking about ios 6 no need to shoot them down, I think your mum has been smoking crack while she was carrying u and I don’t think u are human

  4. If you look at every image of devices on the apple website for ios6, their time clocks are set for 9:41am… Wonder if this is a clue

    That has been the time of every single major update for the past could years.

  6. even if they don’t release it until 11:59 pm– is it going to ruin the rest of your lives? Have some priorities.

  7. All of you people are so fucking lame! Does anyone even read what they are spewing out on these comment boards? Get off apple’s dick and wait… Or you could blow your brains out and do the rest of is a favor.

    • Reading the idiotic comments on here is passing the time until my 3 am release. People must learn to read and be patient.

  8. Jeez, all of you just tricking stop. It will get here when it gets here. You’ve waited a year, so what if it’s the end of today, or tomorrow for that matter. Get a real life!

  9. while all you idiots have been arguing, i’ve updated in the meanwhile. looks like it will take about half an hour to download though

  10. @ JD. Must be scattered times, still nothing here in Aus. I can wait and read more dickheads bitch about this, it is quite amusing

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