iPhone 5 Battery Life Reviews

Apple claims the iPhone 5 battery lasts longer than the iPhone 4S despite a larger display and power-hungry 4G LTE connection.

Now that the first iPhone 5 reviews are up, there are finally a good number of iPhone 5 battery life reviews to highlight how long we can expect the iPhone 5 to last.

The following iPhone 5 battery life reviews should answer the burning question, ” Will the iPhone 5 battery last all day?”

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iPhone 5 Battery Life Claims

iPhone 5 Battery Life Reviews

The iPhone 5 battery.


Apple doesn’t share the rating for the iPhone 5 battery, but it’s clear that the iPhone 5 battery takes up a large part of the thin and light device. Apple’s battery life claims are usually close to real world use.

The iPhone 5 should last as long as the iPhone 4S for talking, and longer than the iPhone 4S when it comes to browsing the web.

  • Talk time: Up to 8 hours on 3G
  • Standby time: Up to 225 hours
  • Internet use: Up to 8 hours on 3G
  • up to 8 hours on LTE
  • up to 10 hours on Wi-Fi
  • Video playback: Up to 10 hours
  • Audio playback: Up to 40 hours

Here’s how Apple tests the iPhone 5 battery to come up with the battery life ratings.

iPhone 5 battery life is of particular note because there is no way to replace the battery when it runs down. We expect iPhone 5 battery cases, but most users will want to use the iPhone 5 without a battery pack case.


iPhone 5 battery life is also important because spare Lightning to USB cables are scarce.

iPhone 5 Battery Life Reviews

Based on the early iPhone 5 reviews, battery life looks promising, though we are looking forward to seeing more iPhone 5 units in the wild before proclaiming Apple’s battery claims on the mark.

Tim Stevens at Engadget

On our standard battery rundown test, in which we loop a video with LTE and WiFi enabled and social accounts pinging at regular intervals, the iPhone 5 managed a hugely impressive 11 hours and 15 minutes. That’s just 10 minutes shy of the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx.

Jim Dalrymple at The Loop

I use my iPhone 5 to make phone calls, iMessage, text, Web browsing, email, Twitter and generally keep up-to-date with what’s going on around the world. I unplugged my phone from the charger at 10:00 am, used it all day doing the things described above and then waited for it to run out of battery.

It wasn’t until about 7:00 am the next morning that it finally died. I didn’t watch any movies or intensive things like that, but I had Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on. Basically this was real-world usage testing for me. It was a normal day.

iPhone 5 battery life

The thinner iPhone 5 boasts long battery life.

John Gruber at Daring Fireball

Battery life seems good, exactly on par with my 4S.

David Pogue at The New York Times

In practical terms, you encounter fewer days when the battery dies by dinnertime — a frequent occurrence with 4G phones.

Walt MossBerg at All Things D

The iPhone 5’s battery lasted between 9 and 12 hours every day, in mixed use. For most people, the phone would last the day without recharging.

MG Siegler at Techcrunch

While it’s hard to judge against a year-old iPhone 4S, the battery seems to be a bit better than it was a year ago (though there were some iOS issues as well). Apple claims 8 hours of 3G and LTE usage, and that seems about right.

Luke Peters at T3

In our testing, real-world battery life doesn’t seem to have changed much since the iPhone 4S, which could be seen as a good thing considering the iPhone 5 is a more advanced product, but you’ll still need to charge it every night to give you enough juice for the next day.

You can watch a couple of films on a flight or listen to hours and hours of music on one charge, but talking and 3G surfing take a heavier toll, and 4G connectivity could be even more of a drain.

Overall it looks like the iPhone 5 will last a full day of use for most users. Heavy users may need to plug-in, especially if they rely on 4G LTE throughout the day. For these users, an iPhone 5 Mophie Juice Pack is high on the wishlist.


  1. Matt Holdrege says

    The iphone 5 I got here in France has way worse battery life than my two year old iPhone 4. Maybe it is a different batch than what you guys got in the US.

      • dnorm says

        Always a bug somewhere with the s3, wich is to phones what Hyundai is to cars…..full gadgets, short term eye (and fish) catching, does not last.

    • Scott says

      Take a look at some of the websites that discuss adjusting settings to improve battery life. I find my iPhone 5 far out performs my iPhone 4 and 4s. IOS 6 allows one to really fine tune settings. If everything is “on” you will burn through your battery. If you adjust your settings to suit your style, you will probably be pleased. Try: 1) change “push” and “fetch” to “manually” in email settings. 2) Turn off wifi when away from home so the phone stops searching for new connections, 3) turn off LTE unless you need it, 4) turn off blue tooth unless you need it, 5) turn on only the notifications you need, 6) turn off compass and maps unless you need them, 7) adjust auto-brightness to a dim but comfortable level. Importantly, run your battery all the way out and then recharge it fully to 100% several times these first few weeks to condition it. Your battery could last close to two says if you follow these steps. This is a tiny, very powerful device. It is unreasonable to expect to run every feature all the time all day long. Think of your phone as a little ecosystem with limited resources you need to manage. I have used my iPhone 5 vigorously for two days on a single charge, and I still have 60% battery. The device is brilliant! Good luck!

      • Doug says

        You must work for Apple to have an attitude like that. I had an Iphone 4 and it would last a day and a half w my regular usage.That’s with all features turned on and brightness all the way up. Now I have most things turned off and brightness at less than 50% and my battery doesnt even last a full day!!! Why would you want to own a phone that you had to manually get push and email. What’s the point of having conveniences on a new phone if they arent convenient. You sound like a pc user that doesnt mind putting up with microsofts bs. If Steve Jobs were still around he wouldn’t put up with this crap.

        • Anthony says

          Agree 100%. I am having exactly the same issues. The 4 lasted a day and into the night, the 5 is dead by 4pm. Pretty much over it.

      • Steve says

        Maybe I could turn everything off and use it as a paper weight. Not much point in having all these features if I have to turn them off. The battery life sucks on this phone, it’s not remotely close to that of the iPhone 4

      • dont worship smart phones! says

        So, the iPhone 5 battery last a long time only when you don’t use the features of the phone…
        Hay here is an idea; buy a cheaper lower spec phone and get the same result!

  2. John says

    I’ll have to agree with you Matt. I’m here in Australia and only judging based on two charge cycles – I’m still a little skeptical. I expected it to outlast my iPhone 4 battery very easily but perhaps my expectations were a little high?

  3. Darryl says

    We have 2 iPhone 5’s in our house and we love everything about it except the battery life. Watched some utube for 45 mins and it used 35% of the battery on wifi. Not as good as the iPad (which I think is an exceptional battery) my 3GS is on par with iPhone 5 for battery i gotta say or maybe I need to get a replacement already because its not lasting the day

  4. Kiki says

    Yep in Australia too and im not impressed with battery life at all. Loses about a percent a minute! Can literally watch the percent lowering as using the phone. Also lost about 20% when in standby not even being used. Will def be taking it further with carrier I purchased from. Disappointing 😓

    • Eve says

      I phone 5 battery sucks. Went to apple store and I didn’t get any answers. Basically make me feel like an idiot. Why should I have everything turn off what is the point to have if I can’t use it. I’m not happy with this phone. Have tu go I run out of battery:(

  5. Heather says

    Agree completely- terrible battery life…. Not near as good as last Iphone. Battery dies after 4 hours of average use. I have most battery draining items turned off, and still makes no difference.

  6. Janis says

    I’m in the US and I can tell you the iPhone 5 battery is terrible! I left my phone at 98 % for about an hour, ( nothing running on it), came back and it was already down to 90%. I talked on it this morning for about 30 min. it had been at100%, then when I ended the call it was at 48%. Not liking this battery at all.

      • dnorm says

        Yes exactly but she said nothing running on it……what is the point to have the phone on standby for 12 hours?

  7. Kevin says

    Seeing fast drain as well.
    Today my phone was at 93%. I took a call that lasted 36 minutes and my battery dropped to 48%
    The only thing syncing on my phone are Photos (iCloud is still restoring photo albums). all other background apps are closed and push for mail is disabled.

  8. Mauricio Nieto says

    Same thing here, just 4 hrs of standby mixed with 3 short phone calls.
    The worst battery life of all iPhones. Very disappointed.

  9. Dan McFall says

    Dan 09/22/12 at 4:55pm Very disappointed!!! This Battery Sucks… I think Apple should be more honest with there reviews!!! I am going back to my HTC eve.

  10. Matt says

    After draining my phone yesterday I charged it to full and used it earlier for about 20 minutes to 80% then put on standby. A couple hours later I picked up a hot iPhone with 15% left on the battery.

  11. AM says

    Here I’m HK and just upgraded from a iphone 3G. Battery life has been woeful! Since unplugging this morning, am down to 15% on a Sunday when I barely use my phone. Have been on our home Wifi more than LTE as well. Love the phone, but battery is a huge let down

  12. Jeremy says

    Battery at 92% last night when I went to sleep. 75% when I woke up in the morning. Immediately had a 45 minute facetime call over wifi, and now at 42%. I’m concerned. Not sure if I have a defective phone or if this is normal…

  13. Lisa says

    My daughter and I just got the iPhone 5 and are having similar issues. We have only been using it to text, Facebook and search the web and noticed that the battery on both phones were almost dead after only 6 hours. This is very concerning.

  14. Tony says

    US user and this is the worst battery life of any apple product I have or do own. I was streaming music on my boat yesterday and it ran out of power in less then 2 hours. I would never have gotten the 5 if I had known this.

  15. Bp says

    The drain is much worse with LTE enabled. Apple should consider make a software update that disables LTE when the phone is locked. I use to have a jailbreak app that did this and it helped battery life a bunch

  16. Chris Falla says

    Seems we’re all having the same problem, thinking of going back to my old 4 or maybe trade for the Galaxy 111!! Not happy!!!

  17. jorge says

    i have the same problem with this fhone no happy at all i lose alot of money to get this phone hopping get good iphone n the batterie is bad

  18. Kevin says

    I agree with everyone here! iPhone 5 battery not so good! It declines rapidly! I was out with a friend who had the 4S and she was on Facebook and SMS and had twice the battery life that I did with the same usage!

  19. Uii says

    Yeha im thinking of returning the phone and getting my money back. Maybe the reason because I have location services, maps etc running so it works with Siri well. But the battery is very dissapointing.

  20. Venecia says

    Here inJapan and my battery sucks too! I’ve turned everything else off- few push notifications, most location enabled apps turned off, yet everytime I browse the Internet or send a text it sucks up a lot of battery!! I used my iPad to browse the Internet and to watch videos for an hour and the battery hardly moved. I’m SO disappointed. I had an iPhone 4 before and I didn’t have this problem!!!

  21. Kirb says

    Been using iPhones for 4 years and never had to concern myself with battery life. Now I have to budget my usage because it dies 12 hours after unplugging in the morning

  22. Winnie (Hong Kong) says

    I hope Apple is seeing all these messages about the Iphone 5 battery issue. I unplugged my phone this morning at 7:40AM with 100% and it is now 11:36AM and the battery is at 53%…I hardly used it but just checking several emails with no downloads. I just changed from an Iphone 4 and it would have been still in the 90%+ range with the same useage….very disappointing with the new phone.

  23. Johann says

    What kind of reviews are we getting? My iPhone 5 has the worse battery ever! It keeps draining! I turned off all notification already! Locations off! Sometimes even data is off! And still getting drained! I asked a friend who also got an iPhone 5 and she’s says it’s pretty bad, too. Worse than her iPhone 4.

  24. Phil Samson says

    Battery loses about 1% every two minutes while doing nothing. Who are these professional reviewers with their lies about long battery life? I sold my iPhone 4S for this? It came with only 50% battery out of the box. It charges fast but depletes even faster. Seems like an ios6 bug. My iPhone 4S and new iPad under iOS 5.1.1 only lost 2-3% a day on standby. Needs to be fixed immediately. Also, another bug: I don’t have tethering on my phone but my cellular usage under settings said I had used 374638263TB. Then I hit reset and it said 124TB. Then I reset again and it said null. Then I hit reset again and it said 1.0KB. What the hell is going on? And another bug: the processor speed goes from blazing fast to slower than the 4S whenever it feels like it. Another bug: often web pages won’t load and says can’t connect to server and I have to close Safari and reopen it ten times before it will load. Full of bugs. Fix your mess, Apple, or you’ll be having an onslaught of returns. Piece of junk so far. And why is the iPad screen more natural color wise? The iPad has a warmer, more natural hue while the iPhone has always had a cooler, bluer tint. The iPad now seems to be suffering a similar battery life problem since the iOS 6 upgrade, but not quite as severe. I would not call this a successful launch for you guys at Apple, regardless of how many you initially sold to your crowd of followers. The negative press will bite you in the ass.

  25. johnny555 says

    Im in Australia and am shocked at how fast the percentage goes down, when im texting you can see it drop every few minutes, these needs to be sorted out!!!

  26. bob hawke says

    yeah apple u guys suck, my phone dies after 4 hours of usage time in my settings, this is going to be your last big iphone unless u pick up ur game

    • Mike says

      Same problem here in San DIego CA. As I’m talking on the phone, I can literally look at the battery percentage and it goes down quickly before my eyes, perhaps 3% every 10 minutes on it. I thought it was a defect so I was thinking of exchanging, but looks like I’m not alone. Guess we need to deal with it or return the phone completely.

  27. Jason Kam says

    whats wrong with every ones phones? I am finding my iphone 5 battery life to be at least 20% better than my iphone 4. I have had the phone since friday. maybe only people with issues are replying? my iPhone 5 has great battery life.

    • Nick says

      Exact same here. I got my iPhone saturday and I took it out of the charger at 100% at 1:20 something and I used it non stop until 7 something. It was only at 36%. I used it all day at my high school. the high school lasts 6 hours. The battery was at 60 something %. That is astounding battery life. Either these people have really bad luck or, We have really good luck. LOL!

  28. Mike says

    There’s something different for sure. I’ve had iPhone since the original and I have never noticed a decrease like this in battery life. 1st time I’ve ever had to monitor my usage based on battery life. Terrible and my friend says he’s experiencing the same thing. Also, I know two people so far that have had their phones damaged straight out of the box. One of them showed me the dent.

    Anyway, I’ve had the phone Since Friday. Maybe it needs a few more charges to get better???

    • Brian says

      Welcome to having a 4G phone lol… I knew Apples claims on 4G were bogus! I am sorry but with how small the battery is in the iphone 5… I wouldn’t expect to get that resolved…. just sayin

  29. Ron says

    I had the 4 and it was great for battery life. Now with all the “extras” disabled my iPhone 5 still doesn’t last half as long as my old iPhone 4. What happened? Hopefully they fix the issue soon with IOS 6.1 or something because I may have to go back to my 4 and look elsewhere for a quality phone.

    • Doc says

      The original “4g LTE” phones were sucking battery life was because the LTE radio was its own separate chip.
      That’s not the case here with the 5.
      This same problem happened previously to apple with prior iPhones. It seems the fix will be in the iOs..

  30. Rch says

    Few tips to have a long lasting battery life:
    1. Always charge using apple’s charger. Your computer’s USB port produce less watts than Apple charger. If you charge it using your computer’s USB port, the battery will be charged up to 80-90%, even though it shows 100%. Charging using Apple’s iPhone charger will have up to 20% longer than comouter’s USB charger. Charging with iPad’s charger is not recommended. Ipad charger will charge the iPhone very quick but it kills the battery life very quick as well.

    2. Rather than switch back to 4S, go to General>Cellular> and disable LTE.

    Please check the LTE coverage in your area on your network operator’s website. The biggest problem that consume lots of battery is when the phone try to search for LTE and keep switching between 3G and LTE.

    if you don’t have much LTE coverage in your area, I would recommend you to disable LTE and you’ll get 3G connection only, just like 4S. If you live in the city and has lots of LTE coverage, make sure you do charge your iPhone using the charger that comes with it and test it again for couple days.

    I used to have Blackberry 9000, has a menu to disable 3G and rely on EDGE or GPRS. If I switch 3G to automatic, it drain the battery in half a day. If I set the cellular to 2G (edge or GPRS), it will last a day.

    I believe this issue can be fixed on the next iOS update. Stay tune.

  31. SJ says

    Guys, you have to disable LTE. The battery life is way better without it. Give it a shot before considering returning

  32. Marilyn Leland says

    I got my new iphone5 on the first day it came out and I was terribly disappointed in the battery life, but then I looked at all of the notifications and location services that were turned on and I turned off everything except for the apps that actually needed to know where I am. That helped. But I’m also traveling at the moment and there’s no LTE where I am, so I disabled that as well. Now that the phone isn’t constantly looking for notifications, where I am and an LTE signal, the battery life is vastly better.

    • Marilyn Leland says

      And when I returned home and had a good LTE signal, the battery life was vastly improved. It is now lasting up to two days if I’m not using it for much more than occasionally checking e-mail.

  33. David says

    Battery life sucks on iPhone 5 , no way around it. Hope it’s a software issue that can be fixed

  34. Shahrukh says

    Same with me. I live here in Australia and I used my iphone 5 for talking consecutively for 4 hours and phone turned off automatically due to battery gone fully. Not happy at all.

  35. Moahsin says

    Initially my battery life on the iPhone 5 seemed to be rubbish however by changing the settings such as notifications and locations as well as LTE to only when needed has really improved my battery life! So just leave on what you need & do not have many things running in the background, this will help your battery life..
    After tweaking the iOS 6, I can report that the battery life in this iPhone is much better than the new iPad. I was happy with the iPhone 4S battery life but this is wayyyyyy better! :-)

    Well done apple for launching a truly brilliant iPhone!!

  36. Denis says

    you need to let the battery cycle through a few times before it will be at full potential. just like with any other phone or device

    • rch says

      please check and manage your running applications, notifications and location services well. Switch off your LTE (if you dont have good LTE coverage in your area) and you’ll get 3G or 3G+ signals. Charge using the charger that comes with the iPhone.

  37. BV says

    I am also having problems with battery life. It’s 11:51am and the battery is 29% – I need it to last all day!

    • rch says

      please restore your iPhone as a new phone. do not restore from backup. check and manage your running applications, notifications and location services well. Switch off your LTE (if you dont have good LTE coverage in your area) and you’ll get 3G or 3G+ signals. Charge using the charger that comes with the iPhone. iPhone battery life will gradually increasing on the first week.

  38. johnny555 says

    I found out what the problem was with my battery on iphone 5 was when i initially plugged it into itunes to start the phone i started it to sync with existing apps and setting etc and found the battery to be getting very warm and draining fast. I then erased all phone back to like new erasing everything and re plugging back into itunes and starting up phone as a new phone, problem solved and battery great!!! add the apps through the phone and not from your itunes back up.

    • MarioGV says


      What sort of battery life were you getting with your iPhone 5 before you started over again?

      And since you started your phone as a new phone, how long as it lasted?

      I ask this because I was told to do this too and I am considering this line of action too.

      Thank you!


  39. MarioGV says

    My iPhone battery will be at 100% charge-then only to have it last about 5 hrs & within those 5 hrs I haven’t used it much, been outside for good reception. I even went inside an Apple store to have it checked out, which they verified all is well with the battery and such!!

    The iPhone 5 battery is terrible!!! I think I am going back to my old iPhone 4, at a time when the “Steve Jobs” era of building products properly worked!!

    Bottom line, the iPhone 5 battery is terrible and it’s a real shame since this should have a priority with this new Apple leadership!

    • rch says

      please restore your iPhone as a new phone. do not restore from backup. check and manage your running applications, notifications and location services. Make sure you switch off unnecessary notifications and location services. Switch off your LTE (if you dont have good LTE coverage in your area) and you’ll get 3G or 3G+ signals. Charge using the charger that comes with the iPhone. iPhone battery life will gradually increasing on the first week.

      • mariogv says


        Thank you for your suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!

        I turned off the LTE option & focused on using only 3G. So, far my results are looking positive!

        The challenge I see with the complete reset & re-adding the applications all via the phone is the time involved. But, I would as last resort, of course.

        In the end Apple needs to address such issues ahead of time and focus on eliminating the possibilities of setbacks ( as much as possible) ahead of time. A possible iOS update was suggested. Perhaps this would help?

        Now, how about that purple haze when taking photos … ? Hmmmmm

        • rch says

          restoring backup usually cause problems and bugs. thats what i’ve experienced since iphone 2G. so, since installing apps are easier on iOS 6, I would recommend you to restore your phone as a new phone and then setup icloud and apps manually.

          There is no iOS fw update yet at the moment.

          I think there is a possibility to fix purple haze with software update. even though it looks like hardware problem, but i think it is still fixable on next iOS update. in the mean time, try to take pictures on safe angle, which is not towards the light source.

    • mariogv says

      I have made a few comments already on this forum, having my battery be completely drained after only 4 hrs.

      What has worked for me is to simply turn off LTE in the settings, so the iPhone 5 is not always trying to connect with 4G. It has done wonders for my battery life, which is now lasting up to 1 1/2 day to almost 2 days to total.

      Also, if you can deplete your battery completely for at least 3 times the first few weeks you own the iPhone 5.

      It would seem its software related with the constant need to connect to 4G, and this is draining the battery completely much faster.

    • Peter Fun says

      Check my iPhone 5 again. After 1 day, it has 40% of battery power after vigorous usages. Thanks.

  40. Gord says

    Battery sucks 6-8 hrs max. My iPhone 3 first iPhone I still get longer then 15 hrs on a charge.

  41. Julie says

    Very dissatisfied the battery life is terrible, had 5 for 2 days, charged twice, I phone 4 still has 40% haven’t charged it for 3 days, really annoyed and unhappy with Apple!

  42. Peter Goh says

    The iPhone 5 battery life is just crap. No manufacturer worth it’s salt should make a new product with a key function that’s worse than its predecessor!

  43. Linda1126 says

    Battery life sucks! Apple needs to address this issue ASAP! I returned it thinking it was a defective phone, got a new one and the battery life still drains at same rate! I’m so angry and can’t believe I waited for this crap phone! Should have gotten the note 2

  44. Bones says

    Where are they getting the statistics claiming that the iPhone 5 battery is lasting longer than the 4s or any other smartphone on the planet? I unplug my iPhone5 from the charger around 6am every morning and by 2:30pm (sometimes even earlier) I am in desperate need of charging this thing. I listen to some music, send out a few text messages, check Facebook, and do slight web searching. Nothing that warrants this thing dying. I am more than disappointed in the battery life of this phone. I took it to Apple and they ran their “disgnostics” on it, which came back that this phone was ‘Normal” for battery life. I spent $300.00 with a new contract and need to charge this thing 2-3x per day. That is ridiculous. There is either something wrong with my personal product or Apple is pulling a fast one claiming better battery life. The article states they people are getting between 8 and 12-hrs of USAGE…the best USAGE output that I have gotten from this phone (I received it the first week it came out) was 6hrs and 37mins.

  45. Tim S says

    To be honest: It’s worthless as a business phone. I got one last week as a company phone. I unplugged it from the charger this morning @ 7.30. It’s now 9:23 and I’m at 58%. At this rate I won’t make it untill noon. Just by going through my mails while in the car btw. Yesterday it went dead before 5 in the afternoon making a single 15 min. call and reading mails on a couple of occasions. Priced at €790 in Belgium you would expect a lot more. And don’t get me started on the Wifi reception…

      • rch says

        I finally understood about battery issue on any smart phone. mobile phone company will try to make it better but sometimes the environment affecting the battery life. there are few things that affecting your mobile phone’s batt life. you have to check and keep it in mind:

        1. crowd/number of people in your area. nowadays we can consider almost each person has a mobile phone. so, if you’re standing in a middle of a big crowd, your phone will struggling to connect to your service provider because not only you who struggle. but other people’s phone also will be struggling to connect to data.

        there is one time I was queuing up for tickets in a middle of big crowds. at that time I couldn’t even able to browse internet. I’ve decided to walk out 10 meters from the crowd and my phone can connect to internet and browse easily.

        I use Telstra, one of the best network providers that should have reception through out Australia, better signal reception than others. But then there’s one time I went to concert. in that concert stadium, my iPhone was struggling to get better reception. I’ve restarted my phone and make it even worse. I can’t get any signal through out the concert. once I walk out from stadium, it works fine.

        in Perth (less population), WA, my iPhone can last for a day easily. but when I’m in Singapore, I have to get portable chargers with me all the time. I have to recharge the same phone 2-3x a day. so this issue really depends on population in your area, network providers bandwidth, etc.

        2. signal quality. it depends on your nearest network providers in your area, building constructions around you, etc. low signal might causes phone to work harder to transfer a same data.

        3. running apps, especially for those who need to sync frequently.
        if you have more email account on your mobile ( especially exchange and IMAP account), it will consume battery more. depends on the settings.

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