The New iPhone 5 Musical: All Up To You

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Here’s some weekend fun for iPhone 5 fans. Android fans may well be using fudgesicles as a curse word. It didn’t take long for the folks from Majek Pictures to put together a new movie musical about the iPhone 5, shot and edited entirely on the iPhone 5 of course. Majek Pictures also did the first movie shot and edited on an iPhone 4. Called All Up To You, the short features Siri, the iPhone 5, and dancing icons. Yeah, I said dancing icons. I’m not sure the dancing icons would make any choreographer’s call back list, much less the young singer, but the video is a bit of fun and demonstrates what can be done recording and editing video on the iPhone 5.

Oh, and I wonder if that black iPhone 5 got any scratches on it during the shoot?


Warner Crocker is a professional theatre director, producer and playwright and also a Tablet PC enthusiast. He is also a Microsoft MVP for Tablet PCs. Send email to Warner. You can follow him on Twitter or Google+

1 Comment

  1. FesTival

    10/01/2012 at 7:46 am

    Oh a cool iphone commerical.Is the lady stepping out of an i-car with SIRI number plates

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