Google Maps Street View Arrives on iPhone & iPad

Street View, Google Map’s real world look at locations across the world is now available in the web browser for iPhone and iPad users.

This new move makes it easier to use the Google Maps webpage to find locations and plot out the last step of a trip.

Apple recently switched to Apple Maps on the iPhone and iPad in iOS 6, delivering voice-guided turn-by-turn directions, but users complain that it’s missing business information, streets and the Street View feature many mobile user love.

Google Street View iPhone 1
Google Street View is now in the iPhone and iPad browser.

We showed how to use Google Maps on the iPhone, and now the experience is enhanced with Street View. Street View shows in the browser of the iPhone, so user in the Maps app can’t access Street View.


Google Street View iPhone 2
Tap the small person to enter Street View.

For running in a browser Google Street View works surprisingly well, with fast and fluid panning and moving throughout the environment.

Unlike in a desktop browser, there doesn’t appear to be a way to zoom in to Street View level or to drag a Street View icon into the map.

To activate Street View on Google Maps for iPhone, sers must search for a location then tap on the small person icon in the listing of addresses or businesses. Unlike Google Maps for Android, there is no option to show Street View when approaching the last part of a trip.

Street View remains one of the features many users, including myself, miss on the iOS 6 Apple Maps app. Street View of the destination makes it easier to find business drive ways, parking entrances and get a better idea of where the last turn of a trip is. I routinely use Google Street View to find out more about the neighborhood I’m visiting when I travel to a new area, it’s also helpful in figuring out if there is on street parking.


While initially excited about Apple Maps for iOS 6, some users are troubled by the lack of complete mapping information and missing business or point of interest information.

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One of the biggest omissions is the lack of emergency room information. As shown in the video below, Google Maps on the iPhone finds several emergency rooms and hospitals, but Apple Maps fails.

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  1. Annoying ad get “the free app” is deceptive – looks like it refers to google street maps. Just pisses me off so much that i would never load ther hotel booking app which is what the link is actually to. Also makes me think twice of returning to your website!

  2. If Apple doesn’t make peace with Google re street maps, I am going to get an android or blackberry. The Apple Maps are ridiculous.

  3. Thanks for showing how to make street view work on google maps on iPhone with new iOS 6 but I can’t make it work on iPad with the new iOS. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. I purchased iPad2 primarily for the purpose of using streetview only to find some few weeks after my purchase that it had been discontinued. Not a happy camper!!!!!
    Was looking at a Samsung tablet with android. Perhaps made the wrong choice.

    • I hate apple maps and the I pad after mine year runs out I getting the android tablet and its freedom pluse you got goggle street and street view. The ipad is overhyeped and its a very expensive toy

  5. Google maps for iOS6
    Apple accepted our latest app, ‘Sparkling Maps’ this weekend after a long review period.While waiting for google to launch their maps app on iOS6, check out ‘Sparkling Maps’. This is basically the familiar google maps, runs on iOS6 and iPhone 5, and has the added feature of turn by turn navigation, something that was never offered on google maps on Apple devices.’ See

  6. Can’t get streetview, what wrong with IPad people! The doctor says an apple a day keeps the doctor away! Well no more apple for me.(rubbish)

  7. It seems I’m not the only dissatisfied Google street view user. Having this IPad for only a few months, I fell in love with street view. It would take me to places I couldn’t have ever imagined going. Even inside some establishments! Thanks to Apple’s meddling, no more easy street view. HUMBUG!!!

  8. really pissed off! bought a mini ipad JUST to be able to “travel” along streets using street view, only to find out we can only get a static view and no motion along a street.
    makes me want to return the ipad to the store!

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