iPhone 5 Jailbreak Success with Cydia Running on iOS 6, Claims Video

An unknown source claims success for an iPhone 5 jailbreak, showing off Cydia and Installous running on iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 in a short video posted to YouTube.

The iPhone 5 jailbreak, and an untethered iOS 6 jailbreak are still not available to the public and the teams which typically release jailbreak software are still working on getting past Apple’s security measures.

In a the video titled, “JailBroken iPhone 5 Cydia running JAILBREAK” posted to Twitter last Sunday, we see what the user claims is proof of a working iPhone 5 jailbreak.

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The video is shaky and lighting is not ideal, but we can make out a few details. In the opening shot Cydia appears to be installed on an AT&T iPhone 5 running iOS 6, and Cydia 1.1.6. In earlier photos of an iPhone 5 jailbreak, we see iPhone 5,1, iOS 6 and Cydia 1.1.6×2. The unknown hacker, walks through using Installous, an app that offers illegal free downloads of iPhone apps, and plays a game in the video shown below.


The video is posted by YouTube user sambojag, who emailed GottaBeMobile claiming that he is posting this on behalf of the creator, who, “does not want the hassle of 1000’s of emails asking when will be ready.”

If the iPhone 5 jailbreak video is legit, it is great news for iPhone 5 owners looking forward to using jailbreak tweaks on the iPhone 5. The Chronic Dev Team and hackers like pod2g recently said that an exploit could be uncovered in the coming weeks. The creator of the video is reportedly waiting to hear from the well-known names in the hacking community before revealing details.

iPhone 5 jailbreak video

Claimed iPhone 5 jailbreak proof.

The shaky, low quality video upload, as well as the link to a picture reposting blog, do not inspire confidence in the authenticity of the video, but the on-screen content may be legit. In the opening portion of the video, Cydia is not taking up the full screen as it did in a post by chpwn shortly after the iPhone 5 release.

iPhone 5 jailbreak

iPhone 5 jailbreak proof from chpwn shortly after release.

If the iPhone 5 jailbreak is successful it could point to a faster iOS 6 jailbreak release for newer devices, if the creator is willing to share with the existing community. Stay tuned for more jailbreak news and updates on this video’s authenticity.



  1. Scott Gulino says

    The reason it’s sorta of two different cydia is because the unknown hacker is using cydia 1.1.6 and chpwn is using 1.1.6×2 or whatever which is optimized for iPhone 5 screen

  2. robbi says

    Hooray!!!! Can’t wait to jailbreak my 5. I’m still using my jailbroken 4 at the moment.

  3. Osmar says

    Hey unknow hard worker, if you release it to the public and only charge $9.99 per device, every iPhone 5 user will pay you and can you imagine how much money you’ll make? Think about it…

    • rich654321 says

      @ Osmar, If they start charging money, I am sure the army of Apple’ s legal team will come down on them with a huge law sue and slam them with millions of dollars of damage,
      is that what you want to see?

  4. some guy says

    hey osmar wiht your thinking like that you dont belong here go off to some othere place.

    jailbreak for ios is somthing that is done for the community by these wonderfull ppl not for money but for the freedom of these device. to give ppl choices in stuff that apple wont allow.

    so if your thoughts are about money begone with you

    • Osmar says

      I just was trying to give some incentive to that guy, sorry and YES, I’m a jailbreak user since iPhone 1st. generation.

        • Jakub says

          I wasn’t commenting on your post, I was replying to the guy above you!

          Btw, it’s “I’m a 7 ‘year’ old kid with more ‘brains’ than you!”

        • Ted says

          That would make you about2 years old when the first iPhone came out. I doubt you jailbroke it then and you probably have no clue what your talking about.

  5. Marc Gallo says

    Watching the video three-four times, it looks and feels 100% authentic. This kind of stuff is difficult to fake. And if you fake it it’ll cost a lot of money to do, what would be the point?!?

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