Galaxy Note 3 Said to Up Note 2 with a Massive 6.3-inch Display in 2013

The Galaxy Note 3 will reportedly dwarf the Galaxy Note 2 with a 6.3-inch display that may cross the bounds from phablet to tablet in 2013.

The Galaxy Note 3 rumor comes from the Korea Times, which claims Samsung is working on a larger Galaxy Note for 2013.

If the Korea Times’ source is correct, the Galaxy Note 3’s display is a full inch larger than the original Galaxy Note. The Galaxy Note 2 features a 5.5-inch display which is already quite large, though not too large to use as a phone.

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Galaxy Note 2 getting bigger with Galaxy Note 3
The Galaxy Note 2 is already bigger than the competition, but could go larger with the Galaxy Note 3.


Other than plans to use a 6.3-inch OLED display in the Galaxy Note 3, there are no rumored specs for the phone. There’s always a chance Samsung will opt for a flexible or unbreakable display previously rumored for the Galaxy S4.

Given the rumored large size of the Galaxy Note 3’s display it’s possible this device could be it’s own Note brand, as a mid-sized tablet to compete with the iPad mini and Nexus 7, both which offer cellular connectivity.

The Note 2 sales hit 5 million recently, after launching internationally and on all major U.S. carriers, providing the backing Samsung needs to push forward with the Galaxy Note 3. Competitors like HTC are launching attacks on the Note 2 with the Droid DNA, a large screen smartphone that HTC doesn’t want to call a phablet. The LG Intuition is another Galaxy Note 2 competitor hoping to cash in on the demand for larger screens. Not to be left out, Huawei is planning a Galaxy Note 2 competitor.

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The secret to Samsung’s success, in addition to keeping the phone thin and relatively light, is that it focuses on allowing users to do more with the large display of the Galaxy Note 2. Owners can use Multi-Window view to see two screens at once. This makes it possible to watch a video while reading email or combine two other apps.


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Samsung also includes pop up video and pop up browser apps that places a small video or browser window on top of another app, so users can do more with the display.

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  1. @Bigmouth speak for yourself. Im 6 foot 3 inches tall with very big hands. Most phones feel like a toy because they’re so small in my hand but 6.3 inches would be beautiful.

  2. I personally think the 5.5 inch is perfect for the phablet category. There tablets that are 7in and the closer they get to that, the further they get away from the phone category. Keep it 5.5 inches and focus on making the phone even better.

    • 5.5 is big enough. It would be nice of they actually put better cameras in and enough glass to keep them from shattering. So tired of all this “on par” stuff. Faster processors, better cameras, and more storage would be a nice start.

  3. Yeah. Can’t wait. New Note 3 6in screen quad core 3.9 24MP cam 128GB storage 16GB ram out June 3…. US will get some pathetic excuse like 6in screen 1.0 dual core 8MP cam 8GB storage 1GB ram possibly by December. Thank you Verizon and Samsung will say SOON… believe it when I see it. 64GB Note 2 in the US first PLEASE…

    • LOL then verizon will put their logo all over the edges of the phone and put on the annoying wifi in the drop down menu and just ruin the phone wish i had the verizon international version, oh and be slow on updates

  4. Shit im 6 3 with large hands and sometimes the note 2 feels like its going to fall out of my hand if i dont hold it the right way i think 5.5 is perfect 5.7 would probably be the max for a phone i would go after that its just too damn big

  5. I hope that I could just use a Tablet and my blue tooth. So if they go 6.3″ or even 7″, I would be on board and get rid of my tablet and just carry the 6.3 Note III. If they would only let us turn our tablets into phones I would b3 so happy. I hate having to carry so many devices, and if it is a 24mp camera that is one less thing I need to carry as well. I really hope the just say screw it and make it an 8″.

  6. Small hands, hung like a weasel too but have zero problem with my Note II. Guys just need to be more in touch. Wives wud appreciate it more too.

  7. In my opinion the current size of 5.5” is just ideal for the Galaxy note. If the Note 3 goes to 6.3 then you can expect to find the Note 4 at 6.7” and the Note 4 at 7.3” and the Note 5 at 8.3” and so on.When will it ever be big enough?
    Samsung, bigger isn’t what necessarily makes a better phone. You created a new market when you introduced the original Galaxy Note at 5.3” and you even got away with pushing it to 5.5”. Now you’re slowly pushing the Galaxy Note out of the phone market into tablet market.
    If this trend continues with the whole Samsung range of phones there will be no further need for tablets and we’ll all eventually end up carrying phones the size of a flat panel tv.
    Enough is enough. What we need is improved features and software not phones the size of a tv.
    Thank you.

  8. there’s already an 8″ note out there, but they’ve placed under the tablet catgory. the international version has a simcard slot though.

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