iPhone 5 Deal War Heats Up, Fry’s Offers $126 iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 deals keep coming this holiday season as Fry’s fires back with a $126 iPhone 5, beating out Walmart and Best Buy for the lowest price for an iPhone 5 with a two-year contract.

The 16GB iPhone 5 is $126, the 32GB model is $226 and the 64GB model is $326. All of these represent $74 in savings over the iPhone 5 direct from a carrier or from Apple.

Unlike Walmart’s iPhone 5 deal, Fry’s is selling all sizes of the iPhone 5 at a discount, but there is no discount on the iPad. Fry’s cannot sell the iPhone 5 online, so users will need to stop in at one of Fry’s retail locations.

iPhone 5 deals Frys Walmart

The iPhone 5 deal war heats up with Fry’s undercutting Walmart.


The latest iPhone 5 deal is part of a holiday price war on the iPhone 5, which started when Best Buy knocked $50 off the price of an iPhone 5 in early December. Target, RadioShack and Apple fired back, price-matching the iPhone 5 deals for major carriers. At $149, the three-month old iPhone 5 was tempting, especially considering it matched the refurbished iPhone 5 pricing.

Walmart joined the iPhone 5 deal war on Friday dropping the price of the 16GB iPhone 5 to $127, and offering the iPad 3rd generation for $399. + a $30 iTunes gift card.

The Fry’s iPhone 5 deal beats Walmart by $1, but it’s not a better deal for most shoppers. Fry’s can only sell the iPhone 5 at this price in its retail locations. Fry’s only operates stores in nine states.

It’s surprising to see this many iPhone 5 deals this soon after launch. Apple appears to finally be caught up with demand for the new iPhone, with online orders shipping in days and the iPhone 5 available at most stores without a wait.

The iPhone 5 is now only $26 more than the iPhone 4S, making it the default choice for any iPhone 5 shopper and a tempting choice for users considering an Android smartphone like the Galaxy S3 or Droid RAZR HD based on price.


  1. soundenhanced says

    These are not the same iPhone 5s you get at the Apple Store. They are a different model number. Some have limitations. I got an iPhone 5 at Frys and could not get the personal hotspot feature to turn on. After 5 days of support with AT&T and Apple, Apple finally figured out that I had a Canadian model iPhone 5, which doesn’t allow data tethering in the US. After trying to exchange it I was told they only sell the Canadian model there. Returned it and went to the Apple Store to get a real one. Worked perfectly.

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