How to Set Up Your Kindle Fire HD

Did you get a Kindle Fire HD for the holidays? If so congrats on the reading, gaming and video watching tablet you’re holding. If you don’t know what to do after you get it out of the box, we’re here to show you how to set up the Kindle Fire HD and get started.

We’ll walk you through setting up the Kindle Fire HD, Turning on security and parental controls, tips on using the Fire HD and some apps to get you started.

The Kindle Fire HD set up should only take 15 to 30 minutes, so it’s easy to get the Kindle Fire HD up and running before traveling for the holidays.

How to Set up the Kindle Fire HD
Learn how to set up the Kindle Fire HD.

In addition to setting up the Kindle Fire HD it’s a good idea to pick up a great Kindle Fire HD case to protect your new device and add a stand for watching hours of Amazon Instant Video.

Kindle Fire HD Setup

The Kindle Fire HD walks users through the initial setup, but be prepared to take the following actions.


Pick your main language. This is something you can change later, but unless you’re multi lingual pick your main language to avoid confusion.

Connect to a WiFi network when prompted. Scan for your home network and enter the password if needed.

WiFi Kindle Fire HD
Connect the Kindle Fire HD to a WiFi network.

The next step is to sign into your Amazon account. If you purchased the Kindle Fire HD from the account you want to use it should be set up already. If you received it as a gift, you may need to change it to your account. This keeps your data and purchases in sync.

Select your timezone and confirm the Amazon account.

The Kindle Fire HD should then prompt you to set up Twitter and Facebook accounts. This makes it easier to share updates on social networks. Enter the username and passwords for these accounts to sign in. It’s possible to do this later. To see updates on Facebook and Twitter users will need to download the specific apps.


Kindle Fire HD Security

It’s a good idea to set a password on the Kindle Fire HD so others can’t access your Amazon purchases, read your email and gain access to apps. The video below shows how to set a password on the Kindle Fire HD.

Tap on Settings -> Security -> Lock screen password -> On. 

Choose a PIN or a word password.

Parental Controls

It’s a good idea to set up parental controls on the Kindle Fire if you’ll be giving it to a kid or sharing it with a kid.

  1. Pull down from the top of the screen and tap More on the right.
  2. Tap Parental Controls and tap On
  3. Pick a password, not the same one as the device password.

From here parents can control app purchases, video playback, email web browsing and more with simple to use toggles like those below.

Kindle Fire HD Set Up Parental Controls
Set up parental controls on the Kindle Fire HD.

The Kindle Fire HD also supports FreeTime, a means of allowing kids to use certain apps and perform select activities for a limited amount of time.

Kindle Freetime app
Kindle FreeTime offers enhanced parental controls.

Open the Apps section and look for the Kindle FreeTime app. Open the app and create a password.

Add a child profile. Pick a name and photo for the account. The Kindle Fire HD supports up to 6 profiles.

Kindle Fire HD Setup
Set up a FreeTime account.

From here parents can tap on Manage Content, and add apps, books and movies to a child’s account.

Kindle Fire HD setup Freetime
Manage content for a FreeTime user.

Parents can set screen time limits by opening the Kindle FreeTime app by swiping down from the FreeTime app and tapping on More. Enter the FreeTime password and then tap on Set Daily Time Limits.

Parents can set the total screen time for a profile and specific content activity times to allow for unlimited reading, but only an hour of apps as one example.

How to set up Kindle Freetime
Set up Kindle FreeTime screen limits.

Using the Kindle Fire HD

To install apps, visit the Amazon app store. The Kindle Fire allows users to swipe through apps, books and videos in a carousel on the home screen.

Setting up Email

  1. To use email on the Kindle Fire HD, pull down from the top of the screen, tap on More.
  2. Tap on Applications.
  3. Tap on Email, Contacts, Calendars.
  4. Add an Account.
  5. Enter the proper username and password for popular accounts or full details for other accounts.

The Kindle Fire HD should now be set up for Email, Contacts and Calendar events.

Kindle Fire HD AppsThe Amazon App Store offers a large selection of apps, and the first apps you need to download when you get your Kindle Fire HD will vary from user to user, but here are some of our top apps to install on the Kindle Fire as soon as you get it set up.

  • Plume & Facebook – The social network connection in the Kindle Fire HD setup only lets you share, these great apps let you see what others are saying on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Angry Birds Star Wars HD – Fling Star Wars themed birds at pigs in this fun, outers-pace version of Angry Birds.
  • JetPack Joyride – A never ending side-scroller with jetpacks and machine guns, JetPack Joyride is tons of fun.
  • Pandora – Listen to your favorite radio stations based on the music you already love. Free to download and use.
  • QuickOffice Pro – In case you need to edit a document on the go, or just without getting off the couch, check out this office suite.

If you have an Amazon prime subscription you can watch tons of free videos and TV SHows, so you may not need to install the Netflix app. If you use Netflix it’s another top pick to install.

From there, check out the Best Selling Kindle Fire HD apps list to see what other popular apps are worth trying.


  1. I amhaving connection issues. I have it hooked up via USB cable to my computer but I still can’t connect.

    • You would need a WiFi connection available to you. If you don’t have WiFi in your house, that would be the issue. If you do have WiFi, then review the steps in the article above to connect.

    • That is kind of stupid do you have a password for your internet because if you do than there should be two different set ups and you will have to put in your password

  2. I believe that I have “locked” myself out of my new Kindle Fire–I have transferred all my items from the other Kindle and now can’t access anything!!!

  3. I got a book downloaded and have started reading it but now I can’t seem to be able to get to other parts of the kindle, like the apps or how to get another book, it just stays onthe page I am reading

    • try tapping at the bottom of the screen to get the nav bar to show up. then tap the home icon or the back button. the nav bar is hidden while you read to give you maximum screen real estate

    • Tablets like the Kindle Fire HD do not replace a computer, Maybe an iPad or a mini iPad, But Kindles,Nooks are not built in with wireless like iPads with cellular data. Most tablets don’t even have Adobe Flash which makes it unable to replace a computer, There are several ways it is similar to a laptop not really a computer. At the moment NO tablet replaces a computer. Maybe in the future but not at the moment.

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  5. hi ive bought an app for my kindle fire hd and it isnt showing up although ive paid for it ive tried a restart and nothing can any1 help pls?

  6. I cannot watch or use any web page that needs adobe. I have attempted to download adobe, but says not compatible— help?

  7. i have wi fi at home but when i try connecting the kindle to it it says authentication failed or if i try “Add Network it comes up network not in range please help

  8. My kindle will not let me set up e-mail. Says i am using either the wrong password or e-mail address. Tried about 8 times. have had the same e-mail and password for years. Any cluse?

  9. le limpié la pantalla y estaba encendida y ahora no me quiere encender??? le presiono el power botton y no enciende?? que le pasó

  10. In trying to set up my gmail account, it asks for a description. I typed in email and it won’t continue from there. it just doesn’t do anything nor does it describe what it means by ‘description’!

  11. i have wifi in my house but it dose not require a password and my kindle will not go online in order for us to use it or put any apps on it. Is there away around the password? i have 2 computers online by wifi and a 3rd connected to my router by hard line. with our newest computer all we had to do was reset the router but it dose not work for the kindle.

  12. I have wifi and I was able to play words with friends on my cell phone (verizon) and also have it on my kindle fire. Now I can not get it on the Kindle. Can you help me to be able to play the same games on both. thank you

    • I am having trouble with the kindle fire reading books I can read just so far then it looses my place and also the book I am reading I also can’t get the print larger then it is now all kinds of problems with it right now and I have no instruction book inside the kindle that is what I need..

  13. I have tried connecting my friends Kindle fire to her WiFi but it will not connect it keeps saying failed and asked for security password, could you tell me where the password would be, we have loads of numbers on the back of the router but the numbers we put in dosent seem to connect to the kindle.

  14. I am overseas a lot and when I go to Netflix it says it is not available is there a different Netflix for international this is on my kindle fire that I get this message.

  15. I have two lines appeared across the screen of my Kindle fire hd, I can not remove them. What have I done?

  16. why cant i watch sky go on my kindle. sort it out .you even have sky tv adverts on this site, yet you cant watch it on your kindle.i think i should of bought a ipad what a waste money dont

  17. Can I download java on my kindle fire HD .. I want to play but it keeps telling me to download Java and I can’t seem to do it

  18. I can’ t find the status bar. How do I go about bringing it up?? I should say I have the battery symbol and wifi symbol but do not see the notifications and/or quick settings symbol.

  19. My daughter had hers for 6 months and all of a sudden it wont come on. It won’t even do anything when we put the charger on it. What do I do?

  20. If you go More –> Language & Keyboard –> Keyboards –> English (Unisted States), … then turn off your auto-correction.


  22. I cant get adobe flash player downloaded onto my kindle fire hd, keeps saying tht it cant be open, n cant watch or play games

  23. Why does it say Authentication problem on my WiFi Network when I’m trying to register my Kindle? Do I have to uninstall my WiFi and then reinstall? This is so confusing!

  24. I’d like to know how to install my news stations app. It is “” I’m new to this kindle fire h d. I’m not very tech minded. I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.

  25. My granddaughter has set up freetime on her granddads Kindle fire but has now forgotten the parental control password . Grandad opened the freetime app and now can’t use anything other than the granddaughters freetime setting –any way of getting back to his Kindle Fire account without this password?

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