Griffin Survivor+Catalyst Waterproof iPhone 5 Case Handles Drops & Dips

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Griffin showed off a new waterproof iPhone 5 case at CES 2013 today. The Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof iPhone 5 case can survive up to 10 feet underwater and survive drops of up to 6 feet to concrete according to the company.

The new waterproof iPhone 5 case from Griffin takes on the LifeProof iPhone 5 case which arrived late in 2012. The Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case includes a hand strap and is available in multiple colors.

Griffin Waterproof iPhone 5 Case - 5

Griffin Survivor + Catalyst waterproof iPhone 5 case.

The Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case keeps the water out with seals and port covers, but doesn’t require users take the iPhone 5 out of the case to make calls, record videos and use the phone. The idea is to wrap the iPhone 5 in a case that is thin and usable, but capable of protecting the phone from damage.

Griffin Waterproof iPhone 5 Case - 4

The Lightning port is accessible behind a sealed port cover.

A small port cover keeps the iPhone 5′s lightning port covered in water and a screw in headphone cover keeps water out during normal use, and an adapter plugs in to provide headphone use while keeping things dry on the inside.

During our short hands on with the Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case it felt solid and well-built. The clear shell makes it easy to make sure the seal is in place, keeping the iPhone 5 safe.

In addition to keeping the iPhone 5 safe during day-to-day use, the Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case turns the iPhone 5 into an underwater camera.

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The Survivor + Catalyst iPhone 5 case is a direct competitor to the LifeProof iPhone 5 case, available at Best Buy for $79.99.

Griffin didn’t announce availability, but interested users can sign up to be notified when the $79.99 case goes on sale later this year.

$80 is expensive for an iPhone 5 case, but it could save your iPhone during day-to-day use. Like the Lifeproof we expect the case will appeal to sports junkies as well as parents looking to keep their iPhone safe around kids.

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